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CNN Brian Stelter Upset Gov. Ron DeSantis Says People Should “Assume” Corporate Media Lies

CNN Brian Stelter Upset Gov. Ron DeSantis Says People Should “Assume” Corporate Media Lies

Nick Sandmann to Stelter: “Howdy”

This is one of the funnier things on the internet today.

CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted outrage over some comments by Florida Governor Rick DeSantis:

GOP’s anti-media streak summarized: Governor of one of the biggest states in the USA says citizens should “assume” news outlets are lying to them

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a regular on “corporate media” shows like Maria Bartiromo’s, says “we all know corporate media lies, OK? They do not tell the truth. Assume what they tell you is false and then figure out why they’re telling you a false narrative.”

To which Nick Sandmann, who sued and then settled with CNN based on falsehoods about his encounter with a Native American activist in D.C., responded: “Howdy”

CNN is so bad. It’s a punch line.


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Who cares what this bozo says?

THIS is more important:

Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson released a January 6th protester after several months from pre-trial incarceration after he is FORCED to disavow President Trump:

The Friendly Grizzly | October 26, 2021 at 8:47 pm

Brian Stelter: an airsickness bag in the airplane of life.

I don’t have to assume they lie — it’s been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Milhouse in reply to McGehee. | October 26, 2021 at 11:25 pm

    The point isn’t whether they lie at all, it’s whether any given thing they say is a lie. And since they’re not perfect liars (who are just as useful as perfect truth-tellers), the answer is you can’t know but you should assume it’s more likely than not, while being on the lookout for evidence to the contrary.

Real American | October 26, 2021 at 9:17 pm

not sure it even qualifies as a rebuttable presumption at this point. If they tell the truth about anything important, it’s an accident.

    If that were so we could simply rely on the opposite of everything they said, which is just as good as them telling the truth. What makes them difficult is that they’re unreliable liars;

    “If they tell the truth about anything important, it’s an accident”

    I would argue it’s much worse than that: if they’re telling the truth, you should immediately ask what that distraction is covering up.

It says a lot about CNN’s ratings that Spud has to go on Twitter for anyone to know what he’s lying about today.

Of course Potato Head Stelter doesn’t like it when Gov. DeSantis speaks the truth. Potato Head doesn’t like it when anyone speaks the truth.

Potato Head works for a propaganda organization that told its viewers that Joe Rogan took “horse de-wormer” to treat his covid. Rogan actually took his physician-prescribed ivermectin, the same drug that the WHO dispensed to over a hundred million Indian citizens in Uttar Pradesh as part of a covid “magic box” treatment. India was able to wipe out nearly all (98%) of the covid cases with the “magic boxes” in just a matter of weeks, but you’d never know about that if you watch CNN — one of the lying corporate media.

Funny how Brian just assumed DeSantis was talking about CNN and its allies. I mean, Fox consistently has double to quadruple the audience of CNN, showing CNN to be a sort of fringe news outlet.

Brian’s worldview suffers from a lack of awareness that the front lines of media combat have jumped over the traditional gatekeepers, much the same way as the Allies simply ignored and flew over islands fortified with Japanese troops, rendering them meaningless. Integrity is the one energy source for news media power, and CNN’s many recent scandals ( Covington kids / Avenatti / Toobin / Russia Collusion Hoax / Cuomo Brothers, etc., etc. ) equate to CNN cutting themselves off from their own supply chains.

Brian is the 1970s Japanese soldier holdout in the South Pacific, unaware the war is over and that his side has suffered total defeat.

And he’s a potato.

there is a reason they are known as “presstitutes”… i live in one of the bluest parts of Lost Angels, #Failifornia, and see “news” crews on the street all the time…

when i do, i always ask them “what are you out here lying about today?”

they get mad, and say “we don’t lie” and my response is “why do you call them ‘stories’ then?”

then i chime in with “russia gate” etc, and all the other fake news form 16-20, then they get pissed off and either look for security or go inside the van and close the doors.

2smartforlibs | October 27, 2021 at 7:35 am

Coffee boy when was the last time you didn’t carry the corporate line?

Steven Brizel | October 27, 2021 at 7:40 am

The corporate media is synonymous with the legacy media of which CNN is a member in good standing for decades

MoeHowardwasright | October 27, 2021 at 8:10 am

None of these cable news organizations would exist without bundling. Want it to stop? Call your reps, senators, state and federal and demand an end to bundling. Let the public choose what to pay for and cnn, msnbc, cnbc, etc, would all fold like a cheap suit. My guess is that fox would retain a much higher percentage of viewers, not all, but enough. The others, without the free money from cable and satellite, they would not exist.

They don’t always lie, sometimes they are just so ignorant and stupid they just don’t understand what happened.

Prof. Jacobson, I give up. I cannot comment here using my phone. The mobile version of this site is jittery and half the time it kicks my browser’s focus out of the text box while I’m typing — the other half, it opens a text box and my keyboard when I’m trying to scroll.

October 16, 2015: MSNBC Reporter [Ayman Mohyeldin] Caught Lying On Air About ‘Unarmed’ Palestinian Terrorist

He was caught lying because the terrorist he was describing was seen on video with a knife in his hand. This video played as Mohyeldin lied. He saw it. He lied anyway.

They lie.

Assume bias per chance prejudice, then increase the proportion of information to propaganda through signal diversity.

I guess the truth hurts

“Governor of one of the biggest states in the USA says…”

Barely but technically true, as Florida is the 22nd largest state in the US, behind such political powerhouses as Wyoming, North Dakota, Nevada, and Nebraska.