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“the most important Social Justice Warrior in Ithaca”

“the most important Social Justice Warrior in Ithaca”

Campus Reform reports how conservative student groups nationwide have trouble finding faculty advisors. At Cornell, I end up being faculty advisor to most right-of-center student campus groups because there is no one else to do it. Does this make me “the most important Social Justice Warrior in Ithaca”?

This is from the “but you already knew that” or at least assumed it, list.

BREAKING — from Campus Reform, Why so few conservative student clubs? Faculty are unwilling to sponsor them.

Conservative students across the country are facing difficulty when they attempt to start a right-leaning student organization on campus due to a lack of faculty members willing to serve as the advisor.

Most universities require prospective student organizations to obtain a faculty advisor before the school will consider recognizing the organization as an official on-campus club.

Texas A&M University, for example, requires every “recognized” student organization to have a faculty or staff advisor.

Campus Reform spoke to TAMU senior Cristina Bills who hoped to start a Young Women for America chapter on campus but was unsuccessful because she was unable to find a willing faculty member to serve as the club’s advisor.

“As conservative women we wanted to start a Young Women for America chapter here on campus at Texas A&M. To be affiliated with campus, we needed a campus advisor to be over our organization. Sadly, we could not find a professor or faculty member that wanted to be affiliated with us,” Bills said.

Bills admitted that she and her fellow officers searched for a faculty member for nearly six months before deciding to end the search and host the club’s meetings off-campus instead.

It’s a national phenomenon:

University of Arkansas junior Nate Harris also told Campus Reform that it is “difficult” to find conservative faculty and staff on campus.

“It seems that there are only a few conservative professors present on the campus,” Harris said.

Even if a prospective club’s founders find a conservative-leaning professor, there are still obstacles to overcome, according to Pummill.

“Unfortunately, the rare conservative professor cannot take on another club because they are already the faculty advisor for too many other clubs,” she said.

Harris echoed this when he told Campus Reform that “vocal conservative” faculty members are “typically advising multiple groups and have little time for new conservative groups.”

Providing a hypothesis for why this is the case, Harris revealed that there is an “effort to drive out the conservative faculty members.” …

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni echoed Pummill’s sentiment in a statement to Campus Reform.

“Unfortunately, on most campuses, conservative faculty and administrators are on the verge of extinction,” the statement read. “While one’s political beliefs should never be the basis for hiring decisions, institutions must address when students do not have equal access to educational opportunities.”

At Cornell, I end up being the faculty advisor to many, if not most, if not almost all right-of-center student groups. While sign up season is not over, it looks like this academic year I’ll be the faculty advisor to the Cornell Republicans, Cornellians for Life, Cornell Review, Cornell Chapter of the Network of Enlightened Women, and the Cornell Independent Freedom Caucus.

I’d like to think they choose me because I’m so special. But the reality is that there is no one else to whom they can turn. Whatever the reason, it’s one of my most cherished roles on campus, and I have met many great students in that capacity.

Does this make me “the most important Social Justice Warrior in Ithaca”?

[Featured Image: 2017 Cornell Faculty Take-A-Knee Protest]


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In a way, this is good. It teaches them to rely on themselves instead of on the authorities.

Next step, which they should do immediately, is to organize into cells. Underground and in secret.

I don’t know about being a social justice warrior.. but you sure are the nail, holding on the horse’s shoe…. actually a bunch of shoes.

I had a niece that graduated from Cornell.. I can only hope she met with such dedicated faculty.

TA&M use to be extremely conservative

The lefties aren’t going to like what will happen if/when the pendulum swings back.

I assume they suspect. Which is why they are so desperate to hang onto the power they now have and silence all dissent. For them whatever it takes is acceptable — no rules.

Failed Marxist revolutions can get messy.

Kudos, professor.

Does this sentence imply hope?

“Unfortunately, the rare conservative professor cannot take on another club because they are already the faculty advisor for too many other clubs,” she said.”

It says something to me that there are enough conservative student organizations to compose such a significant load.

I assume the students screaming FJB at college football games are not on board with the campus leftwing orthodoxy and its apparatchiks.

There’s hope yet.

But when the only place they feel safe to express their political views is in the anonymity of a college football game crowd universities have essentially moved behind an iron curtain we now know never really went away. It moved to the US and is being rebuilt all over the country — around universities and cities and even some states. And aound many mega-corporations, where the HR departments function as commissars.

    Sally MJ in reply to JHogan. | September 23, 2021 at 4:23 am

    Except the Iron Curtain kept people from leaving. The universities are not keeping conservative students from leaving…

Conservatives were non-existent when I was on campus: the big thing was to be a “radical.” A few of us unaffiliated liked to gather to watch sunsets. We formed GDI (The last letter is “Independent.”) We eventually became the largest unofficial fraroity on campus.

So, it’s ok to be an outsider. The revenge of the nerds is a good life.

Justice should be uniform, consistent, and principled, the antithesis of social justice.

Kudos and l’shanah tovah 5782, Prof. Jacobson.

No way to file a diversity lawsuit?

Everyone kneeling in that picture is white…. or at least no one is black that I can see. Speaks volumes about what is wrong. America has become a suicide cult.

Prof. J. is a true “social justice warrior.” Not the hollow, hypocritical, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, racist, Jew-hating, police-hating, free market-hating and totalitarian “social justice” mantra claimed by the Dhimmi-crats. True social justice. Standing up for free speech; for academic freedom; for Israel; standing against the goose-stepping, vindictive, Maoist “cancel” mobs of the Left; against dhimmitude, Islamic supremacism/totalitarianism and attendant, contrived victimhood propaganda mythologies; and, against the utterly dishonest, poisonous and corrosive racial narratives and tribal Balkanization being ceaselessly promoted by the Dhimmi-crats in schools, in corporate offices and Boardrooms and in the U.S. military.

Similar to how the self-styled “Liberals” and “Progressives” of today are anything but, making both of those self-congratulatory characterizations complete inapposite descriptors; the Dhimmi-crats are properly characterized as “Totalitarians” and “Regressives.” Conservatives are the true contemporary Liberals.

Thanks for all you do, professor.

Then clearly the left’s next move will be to limit the number of student organizations a faculty member can sponsor.

“the most important Social Justice Warrior in Ithaca”?

Professor, is this a trick question? Continued good luck!

Not a “social justice” warrior, just a justice warrior. I take it as a general rule that any kind of “adjective-justice” is unjust. I have yet to come across an exception.

    Whether 1/2 American, or a general exception, the hyphenated form sets up a relativistic frame of reference to rationalize diversity, inequity, and exclusion. That said, social justice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Watch your back, Professor. You are a high value target. But, you knew that.

The Boards/Regents could fix this “situation” quickly if they wanted to.

# the financial revenue stream you now enjoy from these roles must be satisfying

Possibly. You’re not quite in Jordan Peterson’s league for having all the right enemies, but if there were an awards dinner, you’d get an honorable mention.

BTW – No sane person wants to be Jordan Peterson. I don’t even think Jordan Peterson wants to be Jordan Peterson. Please don’t be him, he is going to die young from the stress he brings upon himself. That day will be a tragedy.

Dr. Robert Malone on Ivermectin, Escape Mutants, and the Faulty Logic of Vaccine Mandates

In the words of Dr. Malone:

“This is not about me. It’s not about whether my feelings are hurt by the Atlantic monthly or some junior journalist or somebody that’s fact checking me—I’m a big boy, I can withstand that.

What bothers me is not those kinds of things, it’s these underlying logic flaws that are tearing at the heart of the integrity of our public health system and trust and our body politic.”