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Senate Parliamentarian Rejects Democrats’ ‘Plan B’ to Insert Amnesty in Infrastructure Bill

Senate Parliamentarian Rejects Democrats’ ‘Plan B’ to Insert Amnesty in Infrastructure Bill

Accept it, Democrats. There are rules and you cannot get your way all the time.

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough struck down the Democrats’ Plan B to insert amnesty into the infrastructure bill. They tried to change the date when the immigrants in the US can apply to change their legal status:

Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, an official who advises the Senate on how its rules, protocols and precedents should be applied, rejected Democrats’ second argument after they submitted a memo Tuesday.

“This registry proposal is also one in which those persons who are not currently eligible to adjust status under the law (a substantial proportion of the targeted population) would become eligible, which is a weighty policy change and our analysis of this issue is thus largely the same as the LPR proposal,” MacDonough wrote in a response, which was obtained by CNN.

The source stressed to CNN they believed this fight for including immigration reform “is not over,” but this is — again — a huge loss for Democrats who want to include these provisions as a last-ditch effort for reform.

MacDonough rejected the Democrats’ first plan last week:

Democrats pitched MacDonough earlier this month on their plan to use the $3.5 trillion spending bill to provide 8 million greencards for four groups of immigrants: Dreamers, temporary protected status (TPS) holders, agricultural workers and essential workers. Getting legal permanent resident status allows an individual to eventually apply for citizenship, if they can meet other qualifications.

MacDonough described the plan as a “new immigration policy.”

The Democrats have to be so full of themselves that they thought changing the date would change MacDonough’s mind.

The Democrats want to use reconciliation to pass the bill without Republicans. They must abide by certain requirements, including “any provision in the bill has to impact the federal government’s spending or revenues and that the impact can’t be ‘merely incidental’ to non-budgetary intentions.”

The Democrats are ticked off:

Following the ruling from the parliamentarian, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin called it a “disappointment.”

“Unfortunately we can’t find the language to clear for the reconciliation,” Durbin said, adding Democrats plan to continue finding a way to include it in the bill.
Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey and another champion of immigration reform, also added to the disappointment from Democrats and called the decision “unfortunate.”

“I disagree with her, as I did from her original principle that she’s working from. I disagree with the principle she’s come out with,” he said, referring to the parliamentarian’s ruling that the budgetary impact is dwarfed by the significant impact of the policy change.

Menendez said now Democrats “will go to plan C,” but he wouldn’t elaborate on what that would entail. He said he doesn’t know when they’re going to meet with the parliamentarian again, but said, “We have a Plan C prepared, we just have to talk about executing it.”


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Elizabeth McDonough needs Secret Service protection, now! I’m a bit worried about what Plan C is, that they have it prepared and have no date when they’ll talk with McDonough again.

    Voyager in reply to artichoke. | September 29, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    Given the sort of plans they’ve been deploying, I’m not sure they would be helpful.

    If she needed a security detail it would be provided by the Capitol Police; they’re the ones responsible for protection details for anyone working in Congress. When the guy shot up the GOP baseball team’s practice, Scalise’s protection detail consisted of two plainclothes Capitol Police officers.

    (GOP won the annual baseball game last night, BTW, first time since 2016.)

      artichoke in reply to p. | September 30, 2021 at 4:27 pm

      Then she out to get it. Although with the control Nancy Pelosi is showing over the Capitol Police, I’m not sure it would make her safer.

Eastwood Ravine | September 29, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Plan C is to blow up the legislative filibuster.

Lucifer Morningstar | September 29, 2021 at 6:40 pm

Plan C is to remove the Parliamentarian and replace her with a more compliant individual that will rule in democrats favor on anything they stick into the reconciliation bill.

30+ million… and counting….voters waiting for the big payday as those that didn’t break in line are forgotten. But it will be sooo much better in a few years as all of those rocket scientists from poverty areas of Central and South America come out of the shadows.

They instead secretly added $70-700k fines “per incident” for companies who refuse to enforce their covid vax mandate.

“Accept it, Democrats. There are rules and you cannot get your way all the time.”

McDonough Didn’t Kill Herself.

Dems motto: By Any Means Necessary.

Question for you lawyer types. Will the official government policy of not requiring hundreds of thousands of illegals and “refugees” to be tested for Covid let alone be vaccinated AND still be given all the government goodies and support they could ever possibly want..not to mention other elite groups getting government a role in lawsuits US citizens have and will file about losing their jobs, pensions and not getting unemployment over Vax refusal?