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LSU Ready to Unenroll 78 Students Who Broke COVID Vaccine Rules

LSU Ready to Unenroll 78 Students Who Broke COVID Vaccine Rules

“The goal from the start has been to get everyone in compliance, but while the number has shrunk, those 78 are being contacted that they are being unenrolled from the university.”

Louisiana State University spokesman Ernie Ballard said that the university is getting ready to contact 78 students to unenroll them since they haven’t provided proof they have the COVID vaccine:

University President William Tate in August set a deadline for students to show proof of partial vaccination by Sept. 10 and full vaccination by Oct. 15, WAFB-TV reported.

Tate was among nationwide leaders who met with President Biden on Wednesday to discuss COVID-19 mitigation strategies. The university president said Biden selected him to attend the meeting to “highlight and better understand” how the university’s policies might work at other institutions, according to WAFB-TV.

University COVID-19 data shows there are currently 78 total active cases on campus — 65 students and 13 staff members. Approximately 543 students have tested positive for the virus since May 9.

Louisiana has reported more than 16,000 new cases and 403 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Slightly more than 43 percent of the state is fully vaccinated with more than 4.3 million doses administered.


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LSU had better lawyer up because the Mother-of-all-Lawsuits are coming down the pike.

I think the numbers are fake or at least mis-indexed. We’ve all heard about the hospital coding fraud.

Add to that, though, all of the “unvaccinated” minors who don’t have the option to get a vaccine. When they get COVID as is happening in schools, their case counts as an unvaccinated case. While this is technically true, this leaves the news media to rail on those people that refuse the vaccine (when many don’t have the option). There should be a separate category for cases from minors who simply can’t get the vaccine at this time.