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Joy Reid: Republicans Think About Ways to Drink COVID ‘in a Kool-Aid Cup’

Joy Reid: Republicans Think About Ways to Drink COVID ‘in a Kool-Aid Cup’

What a strange person: “A message to Republicans: Okay, we get it! Covid is the precious & you love it. You love Covid so much you want it to spread…You want it pumping through your veins.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is the worst person on television. Reid should not be anywhere near a television or radio.

If former President Donald Trump cannot use social media then Reid should not have the same access.

Reid’s deranged rabid rants about conservatives and Republicans get worse every single day.

Reid went too far on Wednesday night. Huge shout out to News Busters’ Curtis Houk. He has fantastic threads every day about Reid’s show. You should follow him on Twitter.


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Growing up, I didn’t think the dumbest of the dumb could ever flourish in this country. I’m not sure how long I thought that but I sure remember thinking that.

Boy was I wrong.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 16, 2021 at 6:16 pm

A fine example of quota hiring. In a merit based society, she’d be a cleaning woman at a motel.

This woman is bat shit crazy. Not to mention offensive as hell. In addition to being a liar and a scumbag. And that’s putting it politely.

Joy, you a crazy biyotch. Hope the vax gives you a third eye. A big yellow one, like Sauron.

And Comcast (MSNBC’s parent) is paying this dim-witted, vile, dumb-as-rocks demagogue-twit millions of dollars, annually, to spew her hateful, idiotic bile.

She has already forgotten she said this. It was just a noise she made to boost her ratings.

Tomorrow she’ll say something even crazier and meaner, not because she believes it but because saying stuff like that is where the money is.

That’s what it means to be a liberal in the media.

I always get a chuckle when Tucker Carlson calls this moron “The Race Lady”

This buffoon of a woman has absolutely no discernable critical thinking skills whatsoever. That may fly with the “low-fos” of the world (i.e. PMSNBC’s audience – all 10 of them), but for anyone with an IQ above room temperature, it most assuredly does not.

Gee whiz!

Reid is an odd duck. Between her history of homophobic rants and disparaging those who dare hold any non Reid approved viewpoints it is interesting that her network is allowing her such free rein.

I suspect that the blow up with Nicki Minaj will create more pushback than Reid and network are counting on. For better or worse Minaj has a massive social media following and is hugely influential in certain sectors. How ironic that it’s left to a rapper who espouses a non traditional view of morality to be the high profile voice against the Covid regime that might just tip the scale.

This Affirmative Action hire with an IQ approaching room temperature is a poster child for the race baiting Democrat party. It’s impossible to believe anything said as real or serious.

Joy Reid: F–k you, and f–k the maggots who hired you.

She is aggressively stupid–and proud of it. Some things can’t be cured and stupid is one of them.

She is doing exactly what she is paid to do. MSNBC is meant to give red meat (or tofu) to the Democrat leftist base. The more over the top the better. If the Democrats need Reid to claim that Trump supporters are murdering toddlers and drinking their blood she will do so enthusiastically. And MSNBC viewers will lap it up and cheer.

“Reid went too far on Wednesday night?” There’s no such thing for her or the network.

Look airhead: Those of us that have had it have no reason to get infected with your government serum.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | September 17, 2021 at 4:30 pm


Republicans are Jim Jones?

Even stupid people say “Damn, this bitch be stupid!”