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Israeli Study: Having SARS-CoV-2 Once Confers Better Immunity to Delta Variant than Vaccine

Israeli Study: Having SARS-CoV-2 Once Confers Better Immunity to Delta Variant than Vaccine

Meanwhile, Blue State workers with naturally acquired immunity begin filing lawsuits over draconian vaccine mandates

In light of Biden’s power-grabbing pandemic proposals, the Legal Insurrection team thought it might be a good idea to look at the protections offered from natural immunity after a coronavirus infection occurs.

A new Israeli study offers intriguing insights into the power of the human body to respond to infection. Data suggest that having SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) confers greater immunity to the Delta variant than the vaccine. I will note that the following information was published in Science, so I am going to assume our Big Tech overlords are not going to tag this as “misinformation.”

The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to a large Israeli study that some scientists wish came with a “Don’t try this at home” label. The newly released data show people who once had a SARS-CoV-2 infection were much less likely than never-infected, vaccinated people to get Delta, develop symptoms from it, or become hospitalized with serious COVID-19.

…The study, conducted in one of the most highly COVID-19–vaccinated countries in the world, examined medical records of tens of thousands of Israelis, charting their infections, symptoms, and hospitalizations between 1 June and 14 August, when the Delta variant predominated in Israel. It’s the largest real-world observational study so far to compare natural and vaccine-induced immunity to SARS-CoV-2, according to its leaders.

The research impresses Nussenzweig and other scientists who have reviewed a preprint of the results, posted yesterday on medRxiv. “It’s a textbook example of how natural immunity is really better than vaccination,” says Charlotte Thålin, a physician and immunology researcher at Danderyd Hospital and the Karolinska Institute who studies the immune responses to SARS-CoV-2. “To my knowledge, it’s the first time [this] has really been shown in the context of COVID-19.”

Natural immunity confers 10-13 times more protection from the virus and also prevents the development of more serious symptoms.

I would like to add one significant epidemiological caveat to this report: Opting for natural immunity instead of a vaccination does pose risk, as there are serious disease outcomes that do depend on personal factors (e.g., weight, age, and underlying health conditions).

However, people should be allowed to make the choice based on their own assessments of risk using information our press obfuscates.

Here is a great table from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that summarizes the risk levels for various age groups in comparison to the young adult cohort that should be highlighted often.

More and more public health officials are recognizing that COVID-19 cannot be contained and is transforming into endemic disease (e.g., chickenpox) that we will have to learn to deal with effectively. This is especially true because the virus appears to have been bioengineered to adhere readily to the tissues of the human respiratory system.

Due to the nature of SAERS-CoV-2, it is probable all of us will be infected with a variant of the coronavirus at some point, vaccinated or otherwise. Therefore, we are all eventually likely to acquire natural immunity.

Interestingly, blue state workers with natural immunity are suing over a proposed vaccine mandate.

Six Oregon workers subject to the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates are asking a federal judge to require Oregon to carve out an exception for people like them who have acquired some degree of natural immunity after they got sick with the virus.

They contend in a lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Eugene that the state must more narrowly tailor its school employee, healthcare worker and state government employee vaccination mandates to exempt workers who already have some immunity against the virus because they contracted and recovered from it.

In addition to the Oregon workers, a University of California professor is suing the school system’s Board of Regents and president over a coronavirus vaccine mandate.

“I feel like I’m being treated unequally,” Aaron Kheriaty, professor of psychiatry and human behavior at the University of California, Irvine, said, SBG reported. “If my immunity is as good, indeed, very likely better, than that conferred by the vaccine, there doesn’t seem to be any rational basis for discriminating against my form of immunity and requiring me to get a different form of immunity.”

Kheriaty, who serves as director of UCI’s Medical Ethics Program and is a member of the UC Office of the President Critical Care Bioethics Working Group, said he contracted the virus in July 2020 and had raised concerns over the vaccine mandate to school leaders. However, he said he was met “mostly with radio silence” before he filed the lawsuit.

Clearly, the virus impacts people differently based on a variety of factors. The one-size-fits-all approach to COVID19 is full of so much fail.


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TY Leslie, I heard that term endemic.. and this is what we will face.. but, on a personal note..

My husband and I downsized, we sold our home in Myrtle Beach… To say goodby to our neighbors, we took them out for lunch.. It was a Sunday in July… after lunch we hugged and kissed and haven’t seen them.. Tuesday they both were sick, they believe it was the Delta variant,, He ended up in the hospital…We moved on Wednesday… We are fine.. absolutely. He still has issues. I don’t have to mention who was vaccinated, and who was not.

Natural immunity… I think it really saved us… I could be mistaken.. There is no good way to know who is right, who is wrong, and who is working for the devil. A reasonable person just has to learn from their own life experience.

The definition of a “vaccine” used to include the word “immunity”. Now it doesn’t. The vaccinated can get and pass on the virus… whatever new mutant it is. The real issue is whether the “vaccines” compromise the immune system leaving the person “jab dependent”? Only time will tell. AIDS was politically off the table… Covid is the political force de jour.

    I’ve had that same thought: what if someone already immune to COVID from having already had it, becomes more vulnerable to its new variants because of the vaccine?

    It would be perfectly in line with every other Democrat response to the virus, which has had the effect every time of making it worse, putting more people at risk, and costing more lives. Ever since this virus emerged, whatever sound science would have advised, Democrats have demanded the opposite.

      henrybowman in reply to McGehee. | September 12, 2021 at 5:46 pm

      Early on, NIH was advising people who had already had COVID naturally not to also take the vaccine. Then, of course, they changed it, because that became politically incorrect.
      One mask, no masks, two masks, red masks, blue masks.

When a politician talks about science, he’s really talking about whatever flavor of pseudo-science will increase his power.

That’s why Biden wants everybody vaccinated whether they need it or not. If he can require the already-immune to take a vaccine, what can’t he require?

    henrybowman in reply to McGehee. | September 12, 2021 at 5:52 pm

    Eugenics was science. We even had Rassenkunde (“racial science.”)
    If you think washing your hands and wearing a mask is burdensome, wait until you find out what “racial hygiene” demanded of you.

    healthguyfsu in reply to McGehee. | September 14, 2021 at 1:07 pm

    Agreed science is not infallible and it needs to be apolitical to perform its best role in society.

Your not going to catch the regime of its tentacles saying that

As far as I’ve been able to sort out:
-Catching Covid has a certain risk of death, plus various respiratory issues and other things that can linger for years.
-Getting vaccinated carries a risk for the above, but FAR less than actually catching the disease.
-Getting vaccinated cuts down your chance of actually catching Covid and reduces the severity of (above) dramatically. It doesn’t take it to zero, but it moves the decimal point a few times.
-Catching Covid and recovering, THEN getting vaccinated doesn’t do much, but it does seem to stomp the XYZ variants better than just catching Covid and recovering. There’s zero real evidence that the vaccination removes your protection you got from recovering from Covid. That’s pure Blue Anon.

I had Covid for Christmas. (worst Christmas present from my relatives ever) I got my shots in March anyway. I’m about as contagious as a bottle of Clorox, but the current administration’s blind stupidity still wants me to wear a mask even alone in the car at work. If the Republicans want to use the current administration’s stupidity to take over the House and Senate, they better have some sort of realistic PLAN on what to do then, or they’ll look like the dog who caught the car, and the press will happily dish everything that goes wrong on them for the next few years.

    CommoChief in reply to georgfelis. | September 12, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    R plan for Rona? Simple, stop selling panic porn and instead tell the truth. Lay out the facts with humility leaving panicked, desperate messaging behind. A statement of purpose that goes something like:

    This is an endemic virus which has a survival rate of over 99%. Those with compromised immune systems, the frail elders, the overweight and the obese are the most vulnerable. There are multiple vaccines available which offer a high level of protection from developing severe outcomes from Covid. Many Americans have already had Covid and recovered meaning they have natural immunity.

    Studies show that the protection from natural immunity is just as effective and long lasting as the the vaccine. Perhaps more so. Covid has risks and no one should try to become deliberately infected but if you have recovered and developed natural immunity measured from an antibody test then the govt will accept that as equal to a vax.

    The percentage of Americans with either natural immunity or a full vax has placed the Nation into herd immunity with respect to the current variants. Therefore the federal govt is immediately shifting strategy to provide the resources to protect those Americans most vulnerable. We ask every American to make their own personal choices regarding masks and additional vaccines. The government will continue to make resources available. All of us should consult with our physician, review the facts and make the best decision for their own situation. No single approach or response is appropriate for everyone in a Nation of 330 million.

    Finally we demand that you respect the private healthcare decisions of other citizens. These are your family members, friends, co-workers and classmates. They are not your adversary. They are making the best decision for their own situation just as you are.

    This or something like that. Not very hard to do unless you hate individual liberty.

    henrybowman in reply to georgfelis. | September 12, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    “-Getting vaccinated cuts down your chance of actually catching Covid and reduces the severity of (above) dramatically”

    Nope. It does nothing to your chances of catching COVID, only increases the chances that your infection is asymptomatic or mild. Meanwhile, you are as much a spreader as an unvaxxed person.

    Catching Covid and recovering, THEN getting vaccinated doesn’t do much, but it does seem to stomp the XYZ variants better than just catching Covid and recovering.

    The study linked in this post says otherwise. WHY DO YOU HATE SCIENCE!!??

    (ahem) Sorry. 😉

    ruralguy in reply to georgfelis. | September 12, 2021 at 8:43 pm

    Good points. In some of the posts below, the posters are claiming that the risks to young people are greater with vaccination than without vaccination. This relates to Myocarditis which occurs at the rate of 12.6 cases per million after a second dose. This is remote. Yet, the long-term effects of permanent damage are still not known. Most of the risk of this virus isn’t the low death rate, but the long-term damage to the heart, lungs, and brain. This virus attacks ACE2-receptor cells, so the long-term effects are alarming, even in people who suffer mild symptoms. It’s best to follow the CDC guidelines and get vaccinated.

I’ve looked into test for detecting Covid-related anti-bodies and assuming that the research I found is the most current, there are no reliable tests for determining whether a person has the anti-bodies. If that is still the case, then that complicates the argument for mandating “vaccines” considerably, especially for those who were infected but remained asymptomatic.

I also read today that the odds of teens getting serious heart damage from the “vaccines” was 6 times greater than the odds of their dying from Covid (of course, those odds are near zero) so it’s a push.

It would be nice to know how many of the jabbed already recovered but were asymptomatic vs. those whose were jabbed but never infected. The data is so corrupted that it’s all a crap shoot.

I will continue to maintain that those of us who may have been infected but remained asymptomatic are much better off without this jab even if we were never infected in the first place. A 99.96% survival rate for people like me (never had the flu, no comorbidities, healthy lifestyle, etc…) is not something I want to throw away on a foolish politically-driven experiment.

Past research on mRNA “vaccines” tells me that I may live long enough to witness an epidemic of global catastrophe of horrible side-effects, the two biggest ones being fertility and major organ (brain and heart) damage.

    henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | September 12, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    “I also read today that the odds of teens getting serious heart damage from the “vaccines” was 6 times greater than the odds of their dying from Covid (of course, those odds are near zero) so it’s a push.”

    Not dying, just mere hospitalization… the “dying” statistic would be even more dramatic, assuming it was even a statistically significant occurrence.

Yes, the data from Israel and Britain is that natural immunity: cross-reactive and acquired through infection, is both more robust and durable on a population-wide basis.

This data shows conclusively that for anyone between 40 and 79 being vaccinated makes it more-likely for you to get Covid-19..

* The jabs are destroying existing immunity in that they have negative effectiveness in preventing infection among a wide swath of the population.

* The jabs do appear to continue to confer protection against hospitalization and death however this must be, on a public-health basis, compared with what they do to others.

* The trend toward failure in preventing death is one of deterioration. While this has not yet accelerated greatly it likely will. This is due to two problems; the sequencing in public databanks which suggests VEI is just a matter of time and waning antibody titers over time.

Mass-vaccinating non-morbid people kills the unable-to-be-vaccinated through intentional increase of their risk which exceeds the benefit to the non-morbid vaccinated person.

The conditional risk of infection and disease progression vs the absolute risk of vaccination and disease progression and transmission. Assess the risk based on known predictors, therapeutic treatments (complement normal immune function), behavioral adjustments, and choose accordingly.

There were few hayfever remedies available when I was a teen in the 60’s, except for a shot of cortisone when my symptoms were severe. The doctor refused to give me more than one shot for fear my body would stop producing cortisone on its own.

With that in mind, I have been wondering about the mRNA vaccines and whether they will supplant my bodies natural immune response and / or make me vaccine dependent. I’m particularly alarmed that the original recommendation of medical professionals for a single dose of J&J or 2 doses Moderna or Phizer now requires periodic boosters …

I’d hate to be a few years down the road with this only to discover that my body can no longer fight off disease on it’s own. But I fear that’s the road we’ve started down …

Never thought I’d say it, but I’m grateful my wife and I had Covid last April. And we will enjoin (?) any class-action suit against gov’t and medicine to protect the naturally immune from vaccine mandate(s).

An aside – we had quite the ordeal getting our MD (back home) to fax a blood test order to a local clinic for an IgG antibody test to prove our immunity. The local clinic also gave us quite the run around until finally we got it approved and scheduled. Hope to have the results before we hit the road for home in a couple weeks.

So, vaccination is correlated with less cases in younger cohorts where the risk is already low, but more cases in older cohorts where the risk is higher. This lack of vaccine-induced immunity in populations at risk is presumably why there is a renewed demand for the marginal effect and viable legal indemnity conferred by masks and similar mandates.

From the very beginning of this whole Covid circus, I was telling people that if I had a syringe of live Covid, I would plunge it into my heart Pulp Fiction style right in front of the health director. These clowns refuse to believe in natural immunity can’t still claim to be doctors with me and I will tell them so right to their face. To this day, I would take a syringe of live Covid before I would take any of the vaccines on the market today.

This study, lawsuits, along with the fact the UK is nixing the tax mandate will hopefully shut down ole Joe. But he is a tyrant on a mission.

I am particularly frustrated that there is a great lack of discussion in the mainstream re other treatments and preventatives. This is tremendous disservice to the people and a real failure of “public health”. Fauci is a total failure along with CDC’s Walensky.
Crimes against humanity for shutting that avenue down?