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‘Fact Checkers’ Play Word Games To Deny Biden Dozed Off During Meeting With Israeli PM

‘Fact Checkers’ Play Word Games To Deny Biden Dozed Off During Meeting With Israeli PM

Who are you going to believe, the leftstream media or your lying eyes?

Last week, I noted that it appeared that Joe Biden had dozed off during his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.  In the clip that went viral, Biden appears to slump down with his eyes closed toward the end of Bennett’s remarks.

Note the “manipulated media” tag that Twitter added to this tweet to help their good friends in the Biden administration.  The clip, however, is not manipulated in any way; it is merely the relevant part in which Biden appears to be taking an impromptu nap while meeting with another world leader.

If you watch the video of the entire meeting (below), you will see that Biden begins the meeting relatively alert, eyes open, leaning into the conversation, gesturing, speaking animatedly.

He spends a good part of Bennett’s portion with one hand on his face and the other on his knee, in a listening posture.  He nods his head from time to time (not in that old man nodding off way, but appearing to be responding to Bennett’s comments).

As he’s losing steam, he crosses his arms and sits upright in an apparent attempt to keep from dozing off. It is only toward the end when he clasps his hands in his lap, slumps his shoulders, lowers his head, and shuts his eyes that he appears to be asleep.

You will also note that Biden’s early comments, if somewhat word-soupish, are spoken with strength and some engagement, though it’s clear he loses his train of thought several times.

By contrast, when he finally wakes up, after Bennett says, “Thank you, Mr. President. I look forward to working with you now and for many years forward. Thank you.”, Biden keeps his head down and eyes closed through this concluding comment and only kind of jerks his leg and shifts in his chair on hearing the second “thank you.”  Then, in a markedly different tone of voice than earlier in the meeting, Biden kind of whispers his final comments, still seeming groggy from his little nap.

Of course he dozed off. It’s even more clear in the full video when you consider how he began the not-quite-twelve-minute meeting and how he concluded it muttering some garbled nonsense about Obama in a barely-discernible whisper. It’s only when he is wrapping it up that he seems to be fully awake again; his “thank you very much, folks,” to the assembled media is again strong and clear.

As the “manipulated media” (!?) clip made the rounds, the leftstream media began issuing the most bizarre “because we said so” fact checks in an attempt to gaslight people into not believing what they can plainly see with their own eyes.

The garbage “fact checks” range from “it’s just one still image when he happened to be looking down” from the AP to “but he was alert in the beginning of the meeting.” The first is ridiculous on its face since it was a video clip that circulated, not a still. And the second is a weak attempt to suggest that his being alert early on (and even responding after Bennett finishes speaking) somehow negates the part where he visibly fades out and dozes off . . . which he clearly did.

The Reuters fact-check explains that the clip is a “debunked altered clip” when in fact it is neither debunked nor altered.

The videos on social media, however, have been misleadingly cropped: seconds later, longer footage shows that Biden responds to Bennett.

Biden can be seen talking and engaging with Bennett throughout the clip.

The short segment isolated in the posts begins at the 12:42 minute mark. At the 13:14 minute mark, Biden continues speaking, but this has been cut out of the clips in the posts being shared online.

All of which is true, but no one claimed that Biden slept through the whole meeting, and an alert person would have opened his eyes and lifted his head upon hearing “Thank you Mr. President” and would likely have leaned forward to shake hands after Bennett concluded, “I look forward to working with you now and for many years forward. Thank you.” Just as they shook hands when Biden finished his rambling remarks at the beginning of the meeting.

Reuters also ignores that when Biden finally rouses from his slumber, he’s not “talking and engaging” with Bennett in the same way. In fact, and as you can see in the complete C-SPAN video above, you can barely hear what he’s mumble- whispering about Obama, though again credit to Bennett for being gracious here, as he says, “thank him [Obama] as well,” even though he has to know what Biden said made no sense as a response to Bennett’s remarks.

USA Today draws the same conclusion as Reuters (big surprise), but they apparently think that just declaring “Biden was in fact awake” is “fact check” enough.

But the full video of the meeting shows Biden was in fact awake. The viral clip selectively captures the few seconds Biden dropped his head during the press conference and misrepresents Biden’s silence to support the claim that Biden is mentally unfit for office.

You have to scroll way down the article to find their “evidence”: Biden twitches his hands while he’s taking his little snooze.

Closer inspection of Biden’s hands shows he moves his thumbs as Bennett spoke, indicating he is not sleeping when his head was down.

No snoozing person, particularly those sitting upright, ever moves their hands? Has anyone been on a red-eye flight? Or one to Europe, Asia, etc.? The whole cabin is full of twitching, snoozing people. Heck, has anyone seen Grandpa doze off in the living room? Lots of twitching while snoozing going on, and he will also just start talking when you rouse him as he pretends he had not been asleep (and was just “resting his eyes”).

We’ve seen Biden for forty-odd years, and he is not known to “listen” with his eyes closed, let alone slumped over with his hands folded in front of him. This is not a “listening” posture for Biden, it’s a dozing posture seen in nursing homes the world over.


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I saw an article that said it was manipulated. It had the “manipulated” video and the “original.” I watched both. I saw absolutely no difference. WTF is going on? This is scary. It can’t get more Orwellian. The world is watching and it most certainly doesn’t care about the conclusions of the “fact checkers.”


    ““We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” – Attributed to Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn”

    The “fact checkers” are commissars, telling us what speech is approved. The fact that it’s ridiculous doesn’t bother them. The point is to be obedient and support our Dear (Sleepy) Leader in all things at all times. Or else.

    It is completely Orwellian. You see the same exact video and are told to see one thing this time and to dismiss your seeing another (opposite) thing in the exact same video, there’s not much more Orwellian than that. Tip of the day: Believe your lying eyes every time and never ever back down.

      Fuzzy – on the Orwell beat.

      At least one real reporter is on it.
      > It’s the unspoken real story in our society.

      Progressives are the masters of “doublespeak”. Look at Biden’s speech yesterday about our “Great Success” – right out of Orwell.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | September 1, 2021 at 12:46 pm

      In other cultures, we’d be told to see the image of the Virgin Mary in a tortilla, or to hear “Satanic” lyrics in a phonograph record played backwards.

      On that second one, some James O’Keefe type of person kept playing the same garbled sound over and over until the audience members (a church group) were certain beyond doubt of the “Satanic” message they were hearing.

      At the close of his presentation, he played the sound as intended to be heard. It was Bing Crosby’s recording of White Christmas.

How fitting that right behind our installed White House Occupant is a bust of a man who was the very face of the 1950s-1960s protests to end illegal immigration. He has since become the very opposite. Biden is the leader of the opposite universe. Up is down, left is right, good is evil, stupid is smart….

Our media is the enemy of the people. Why do we let unelected, unaccountable people tell us how to feel, act, what to eat, where we can and can’t go?
This is ridiculous!

Obviously, one of those strength-renewing power naps …

Semantic games, straw clown apologies, and decaffeinated Joe.

    GatorGuy in reply to n.n. | September 2, 2021 at 8:59 am

    Never before has such an idiotic and morally depraved character — to be sure, even less than an empty suit — occupied the White House.

    Altogether and simply, the seated two comprise a perfect metaphor portraying a usually doddering, unconscientious, and, like here, nearly unconscious imbecilic fool vis-a-vis — at once — any other individual, foreign or domestic, and the rest of the world.

    Or, in a word, a continuously substantiated lie that we have in Joe Biden a national leader.

thalesofmiletus | September 1, 2021 at 9:57 am

“He wasn’t sleeping — he was just resting his eyes!”

His woke state is likely the result of the mask: a viral collector, bacterial petri dish, and droplet absorber. A mask and semantic games are also good for socially distancing (e.g. baby vs technical term of art “fetus”) oneself.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but right about now I would WELCOME some mean, smartass, over-the-top tweets from a bad orange president that was actually running this government, putting America first, and NOT PURPOSLY TRYING TO RUIN ITS STANDING IN THE WORLD.

    ChrisPeters in reply to Sternverbs. | September 2, 2021 at 11:00 am

    We (and the world, actually) were much better off and safer with a few so-called “mean tweets” than we are these days with “runny Cream of Wheat”.

what you’re saying, very politely, is that the media “fact-checkers” need a good purgative

fact-checkers, yeah!
Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I miss the directness of Orangeman Good. He would call out the lies in front of everyone listening. Boy that made the swamp critters mad.

Face it. The media will defend the guy they put into the White House up to and after he falls asleep in front of a White House grounds keeper’s lawn mower.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Neo. | September 1, 2021 at 12:49 pm

    If they run over his smartphone with the mower, will that result in Shredded Tweet?

    /sorry. wrong president…

I was willing to give the old codger the benefit of the doubt but after scrolling through the whole video with the sound turned off and just concentrating on the posture and movements like you suggest, he definitely nodded off. I looked at his eyes when he woke up. He couldn’t open his left eye and was squinting with his right. He clicked into REM sleep and was nudged awake, probably by the person on the other end of the earphone in his right ear. It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust.

What an embarrassment. Obama kept Bibi waiting for hours while he finished his dinner with Moooochelle and now Biden nods off with Bennett. This is how they treat our friends?

That’s why Kamala should always be by his side. That cackle would wake the dead. Her perpetual, reflective head nodding comes from years of servicing older men, even older than she is now.

Fact checkers is just another name for “we cover Biden’s ass.”

At least Xi-den’s slumber didn’t involve any “nocturnal emissions.” That would have been embarrassing. Although, the Dhimmi-crat media probably would have spun such an incident as proof of Xi-den’s alleged virility and good physical health.

Fact checkers are liars who couldn’t get a job with CNN.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 1, 2021 at 12:56 pm

My question is: if Biden nods off then dies but doesn’t fall to the floor, will the cameras slowly pan away and cover only the other person in the meeting, fade to black, and that’s it?

And, will that other person be as diplomatic as Bennett and not say anything even though what is there is obvious?

LOL…no Biden did not doze off with a pillow in a recliner with cartoon Z’s coming out of his head! This is false!

Anonymous Bosh | September 1, 2021 at 2:26 pm

Falling asleep in class (e.g.) is something with which I am intimately familiar–as are, I am sure, most lawyers. After careful study, here is my assessment:

Joe Biden was not full-on asleep (in the classic sense) at the end of the video. BUT, IMO he was dazed, dozing, in “microsleep” or “local sleep,” whatever-zoned out. In his defense (sort of), PM Bennett was a hypnotic snooze-fest. (Not germane, but that is the absolute smallest kippah *I* have ever seen. And what, exactly, is keeping it stuck to his head? Suction?) But as POTUS, I’d’ve been biting all the way to bleeding the inside of my cheek.

I did a detailed review, but not with the video above, so I’ve skipped most of the timestamps.

In general, Biden starts losing it immediately after he stops speaking. Dude, I’ve been there: The little re-positionings, the finger to the lip (to *appear* attentive), the looong time between blinks (microsleep!).

The first real “doze” is at 8:15 (in the above video), leading to the full repositioning (“Uh oh: must prove I am awake!”) After that, the eyes remain narrow, with periodic “softening” (muscle relaxation) and then a catch. He chuckles at the PM’s joke, then almost drops off.

At 9:50 he’s out for a sec then zones–then blink-blink, move-move, but he’s just not there, even as the PM speaks directly to him. This is the worst: I can remember nodding at someone speaking to me while hearing a mild roaring and focusing on *anything* (just like Biden: my tie, my hands, whatever–sports, plans for the afternoon, *anything*–to keep my mind from dropping to full-on theta wave.

After that, when Biden lowers his head, I don’t think he’s “asleep,” but his thoughts are, IMO, “somewhere else.” And, as others have said, his auto-response to the PM’s closing remarks are weak and come from the sleep mode.

But, hey: 41 million voters can’t be wrong!

“But, hey: 41 million voters can’t be wrong!”

Two people voted 20.5 million times.

Breathing in his own CO2, because of his mask, made Biden groggy,

We see you when you’re sleeping,
We know when you’re awake.
We know you’re just a Lefty hood,
So resign for goodness sake!

Oh . . .

I’m not so sure. I think Biden is way off the deep end but in this video if you look at his hands instead of his face, he moves his thumb and fingers during the time he’s allegedly sleeping. He was being praised at that point and lowering his head and closing his eyes could have been a gesture of humility.