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St. Joseph’s University Alumni Withholding Donations Over School’s Drift to the Far Left

St. Joseph’s University Alumni Withholding Donations Over School’s Drift to the Far Left

“They said they and others were willing to withhold possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations”

These alums are also angry about the removal of professor Gregory Manco, who we wrote about in May.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

Citing St. Joe’s increasing ‘wokeism,’ a small group of alumni say they will withhold donations

A half-century after they graduated, several St. Joseph’s University alumni returned to campus Friday with signs and a message: They said they and others were willing to withhold possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations because of what they perceive as the school’s move toward the far left.

In a letter delivered to university leaders at an alumni luncheon, the six alumni, spanning the graduating classes of 1968 to 1973, cited “the creeping illness that seems to be taking over the college where we learned important Jesuit values of being men for others.”

They were particularly upset that the university removed Gregory Manco, a visiting assistant math professor and assistant baseball coach, from the classroom after his anonymous posts on social media in February against reparations for slavery and race and bias training. The university ultimately did not renew his contract, even though an investigation found there was insufficient evidence to conclude definitively that bias was shown.

Collectively, the withheld donations of the six alumni are in the six-figure range, said James A. Henwood, 72, a retired Philadelphia city police lieutenant who graduated from St. Joe’s in 1971. Henwood declined to say how much he was withholding, but said he was taking the university out of his estate plan.

“I think it’s taken a leftist turn,” the Philadelphia resident said. “St. Joe’s used to be someplace special. Now, it’s fallen in line with the rest of higher education.”


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I’ve donated to my undergrad school every year for over 50 years. Last year, I noticed they had a yellow rating on, and I dropped the donation by half.

This year, they’ve hired a new Diversity VP and staff for hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and their rating on has dropped to red.

I’m still composing my letter to the school. If they can hire a new Diversity VP, they don’t need my money. And if they can’t respect individual liberties enough to get a green rating, then they aren’t going to get any money from me. I’m also deleting them from my will, which is where they expected to get the big bucks.

    drsamherman in reply to OldProf2. | August 31, 2021 at 6:51 pm

    Hey OldProf2–another retired faculty member here too. I faithfully gave to my medical alma mater for over 55 years, even in some years if it were just a gesture. Medicine has gone completely off the rails into such appalling ideas as withholding treatment to white people because of past instances in some crazy idea that denying critically needed care will somehow atone for the behavior of people that died before I was even born. The other things are related to the usual CRT delusional thought processes so present in whackademia—reparations, etc.

    I sent a formal letter telling the Dean of Medicine this year that I would not be giving a red cent to their socialist utopia. They had some idiocratic VP communicate with me personally to “educate…on current medical trends…”. She failed magnificently, and her speech was nothing short of a word salad of PC dressed with her own personal resentments and a dash of Marxism. She said she was “offended” I would not be sending a check. I told her where to put her resentment and asked if she needed a GYN consult.