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Some Colleges Requiring Notes From Clergy for COVID Vaccine Exemption

Some Colleges Requiring Notes From Clergy for COVID Vaccine Exemption

“require students to submit a statement from a religious leader in order to seek a religious exemption”

It would be fun to test the limits of this kind of policy. Would schools accept a note from a Wiccan priestess?

Campus Reform reports:

Religious exemption? Some colleges are requiring notes from clergy.

Some of the college students seeking a religious exemption from their school’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement are facing a new hurdle: the need for a member of the clergy to attest to their religious beliefs.

St. John’s University, South Carolina State University, Columbia University Teachers College, Hofstra University, Bennett College, and Massachusetts College of Law are among the higher education institutions that require students to submit a statement from a religious leader in order to seek a religious exemption.

The need for a clergy letter is not common: Most school policies reviewed by Campus Reform allow students to seek a religious exemption by writing a brief statement about how their beliefs preclude them from getting vaccinated. For K-12 students, states that offer religious exemptions for any kind of vaccine typically ask for a parent’s attestation about their religious views, but not confirmation from a third party.

A select few colleges and universities are asking for evidence from clergy to back up a request for a religious exemption, just as they ask for evidence from a doctor to back up a request for a medical exemption.

St. John’s University instructs students to have their clergy member describe, in a written statement, “the religious principles that prohibit vaccination,” as well as whether or not other vaccines are allowed by their faith. If only the COVID shot is prohibited by the religion, the clergy member is asked to explain why.


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The Friendly Grizzly | August 1, 2021 at 2:54 pm

I tried that, but the administration spotted the forgery. I guess signing it Monsignor Schmuel Mermelstein gave it away….

“Would schools accept a note from a Wiccan priestess?”

I sense another profit niche for websites that offer certificates to authorize “matrimonial officials.”

But seriously, lawyer folks… from Breitbart:

Last year, a judge presiding over an employment tribunal ruled that ethical veganism — where a vegan avoids all animals products, products that used animals in testing, or services associated with animal exploitation — was a “philosophical belief”, making it a protected characteristic like race, religion, or sexuality, with its adherents covered under the Equality Act 2010.

Referencing the case, a spokesman from law firm Lewis Silkin said, according to The Telegraph: “Some ethical vegans may disagree with vaccinations on the basis that they will inevitably have been tested on animals. Ethical veganism has previously been found by an [employment tribunal] to amount to a belief, capable of being protected.”

Note that this “philosophical belief” requires no imprimatur from a government-approved deity, nor justification by chapter and verse of a mystical rulebook.

Imagine being able to tell a faceless myrmidon to “begone, for I have a sincerely held philosophical belief in the primacy of liberty.”

Now the bad news: this is a British case, and not applicable in the US. So it still pays to be a bitter clinger for the time being.

On second thought, membership in the Church of Satan begins to look increasingly appealing.
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”
I mean, how can they argue? What isn’t covered by that?

    Yes, makes sense. But the ‘father of lies’ has other tacit rules, like, do all he says. And your will better coincide with his–or else answer to him and his legions. That’s why they get so big-eyed and jumpy and generally nutty….the law of GOD is written on their hearts, and that prevents a comfy camaraderie with the spirit of Satan… 😉

“I won’t tolerate forced medical experimentation on my body, except in the name of the great Biden/Xi administration” ought to be more interesting to atheist/communist administrations, than an appeal to a power beyond their own–they’re not really into that. But, really, why would you want to get qualifications to be a Marxist widget in an increasingly Marxist ‘system’? If true ‘resistance’ and insurrection is the goal, then just defy their illegal authoritarian measures, etc. ILLEGAL. Like everything the MSM=DNC=CCP proposes/does…