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Biden Blames Everyone but Himself for Afghanistan Withdrawal Fiasco

Biden Blames Everyone but Himself for Afghanistan Withdrawal Fiasco

Biden never addressed why it all went haywire this weekend.

President Joe Biden blamed everyone but himself in one of the worst political speeches in history.

But the fact is Biden did not address the issue at hand: What went wrong this weekend? The majority of people want a withdrawal. We are okay with that. People are not mad about the withdrawal. People are mad about how it all went down.

We are not okay with how it went down this weekend.

So, as I said, Biden blamed everyone but himself. He even through the Afghanis under the bus:

“We gave them every chance to determine their own future. We could not provide them the will to fight for that future. There are some very brave and capable Afghan special forces units and soldiers, but if Afghanistan is unable to mount any real resistance to the Taliban now, there is no chance that one more year, five more years or 20 more years of US military boots on the ground would’ve made any difference.”

Then Biden brought up Trump’s deal because it did not have a plan to withdraw. Um, dude, you had over six months to come up with a plan:

“When I came into office, I inherited a deal that President Trump negotiated with the Taliban. Under his agreement, US Forces would be out of Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, just a little over three months after I took office. US forces had already drawn down during the Trump administration from roughly 15,500 American forces to 2,500 troops in country. And the Taliban was at its strongest militarily since 2001. The choice I had to make as your President was either to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the Taliban in the middle of the spring fighting season. It would’ve been no ceasefire after May 1. There was no agreement protecting our forces after May 1. There was no status quo of stability without American casualties after May 1,” Biden said during his remarks from The White House.

Biden continued, “There was only a cold reality of either following through on the agreement to withdraw our forces or escalating the conflict and sending thousands more American troops back into combat in Afghanistan. Lurching into the third decade of conflict. I stand squarely behind my decision,” Biden said.

I wonder if Biden will still use the White House talking points. Pelosi passed them around. Someone gave them to the media.

The talking points try to dance around Biden’s Taliban remarks on July 8th. He said it is not inevitable that the Taliban will take over Afghanistan.


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Katy L. Stamper | August 16, 2021 at 3:43 pm

No excuse for this fiasco. President Biden must resign.

    kamala also; it needs to be impressed on her that she is not up to the job and a clear and present danger to the survival of the demorat party. … Next to resign pislowc …

    What a totally useless POS! My God, it is now time. Biden’s 15 minutes expired last January. See what the Criminals and Thieves have done to our Country in what, less than 7 months!! A newly joined Private could have planned a better exit strategy than all of those “highly educated” Marxists.

    So, they sent in 5,000 additional troops to enable Americans to escape…..what about the Afghani people who have spent 20 years trying to bring their Country into the 21st Century? They will be tortured, and will their entire family…cousins, aunts, uncles, children! All will be slaughtered. Most likely in public.

    It looks like the Democrat Party has just about totally destroyed America…inside and out! We can either sit back and let them finish the job, or, we can fight! I will NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT ONE HELL OF A FIGHT,

    First step: McConnell and your band of gutless Rhinos, you have sold us out for the very last time. We will begin removing all of you in 2022!

    From Don Surber:

    Can him.

    Impeach and remove him for incompetence. Kamala certainly could not be worse, and if she fails, then President Pelosi, followed by President Schumer, until Americans get so sick of Democrat presidents that they never elect another one.

    Next up is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a retired general.

    Austin said the biggest threat to America is carbon dioxide.


    The exact quote was, “Today, no nation can find lasting security without addressing the climate crisis. We face all kinds of threats in our line of work, but few of them truly deserve to be called existential. The climate crisis does.”

    Impeach and remove.

    Next up is Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, the first girl to hold the job. She said cybersecurity was the biggest threat.

    Can her. Impeach and remove.

    Next up is General Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

    He wiles his time around reading Mao and Marx and pushing the anti-American and anti-white Critical Race Theory, which was created by Maoists and Marxists.

    Milley said, “I’ve read Mao Zedong. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist.”

    True, but that does not mean he is not a communist. I really don’t care what his religion is. I do care that he blew the Afghanistan War.

    Press the new president to replace him with something better. A potted plant or an Alexa would do. I just want him out.

    Then there is General James C. McConville, the Army Chief of Staff. I don’t know much about him. Maybe he is competent. Maybe not. But when you are cleaning house, you dump them all.

    And we need to clean house.

    Which means CIA director William J. Burns must go because his agency failed to see that the Taliban would just buy off the opposition. Even I know that warlords change sides in Afghanistan with the weather.

    Finally, General Paul M. Nakasone is the Director of the National Security Agency, which is too busy spying on Tucker Carlson to do its job. When Carlson revealed the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional spying, the general should have apologized very publicly. He didn’t.

    Dump him.

    There may be others who should be canned but readers are smart (and I expect some suggestions will be forwarded).

    One or two of them may not be clowns, but who cares? America needs to send a message to the chain of command that failure has consequences.

      Honorable military leaders would resign over this. We have no honorable military leaders.

      If I remember correctly, Spiro Agnew resigned as VP in October 1973. Nixon then nominated Ford as replacement a few days later and the Senate approved him in November 1973. When Nixon resigned, Ford became president.

      There was no need for upgrading the Speaker of the House to any other position. That would only occur if both the President and VP are taken out at the same time.

      But, if Harris takes over – who is her replacement and can that person get through the Senate with a 50-50 split? I assume that President Harris would not be able to break any tie. But, some RINOs would probably agree to someone so that Pelosi would not be an option.

        The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Liz. | August 16, 2021 at 6:27 pm

        No need to worry about the 50 50 split with people like Collins, Murkowski, Romney, and McConnell around.

        Appointing a veep actually rquires both houses.

        What if Pelosi refuses to even hold a vote, just to keep her place in line? Then it wouldn’t matter even if Lisa Murkowski and one of the northeastern Republicans voted for GHarris’ nominee.

      Out vaunted – and outrageously expensive “intelligence” services share a large part of the blame as well.

      Add this to their list of Epic Failures, along with the collapse of the USSR, Saddam’s WMD arsenal and Trump’s corrupt bargain with Putin. Oops.

        bhwms in reply to NYBruin. | August 17, 2021 at 10:46 am

        9/11? For which you can also blame the FBI, and the person who changed the “promote from within” policy to “bring in my cronies” – Robert Muller.

    It was only a couple of months ago that terrorists in Gaza sent thousands of missiles over Israel. People died. And it was because of a weak American president who voiced tepid support for an ally as he renewed funding to UNWRA and rejoined the UNHRC.

    When he came into office one of his first acts was to publicly humiliate the acting rule of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman. Then last week he asked OPEC to pump more oil. Yeah, sure.

    Now he has betrayed allies in Afghanistan (including Afghans and members of the Coalition). How many thousands will die?

    Next he’ll capitulate to the Iranians (and blame it on Trump).

    Maybe China then takes Taiwan and Russian takes another bite out of Eastern Europe.

    Meanwhile, he is helping to destroy the US from the inside with insane spending and a porous border. (But excellent anti-racism training in schools and the military.)

    I pray he leaves office. President Harris would be completely incompetent, but she would not be supported as blindly as Biden has been. That should make her less dangerous.

“My son Beau was in Afghanistan. Blah blah blah. Ramble. Stumble. Forgets train of thougt. And so I say to you, no need to worry. All is well. And bless the American people.”

After the speech: “Where am I?” “This way Mr. President.” Joe goes the opposite direction and wanders off into the kitchen.

Katy L. Stamper | August 16, 2021 at 3:45 pm

Clearly, our self-appointed elite find it satisfying to make America look completely incompetent and impotent. Why?

The Friendly Grizzly | August 16, 2021 at 3:48 pm

I haven’t the heart to watch. :-{(}}}

“Biden returns to the White House from his vacation”

They must have promised him that a bowl of ice cream would be waiting.

On the bright side, they certainly have managed to keep the peace around the Capitol since that attempted insurrection. The powers that be are keeping their focus clearly on the greatest threats to their own power and security – Kabul is a really really long way from DC, so, not too many lobbyists are gonna be perturbed by this, right?

Dreams of Obama. That said, the questions to be answered will there be another transcontinental (world war) focused on central Asia and will Biden’s choice force catastrophic anthropogenic immigration reform, or will demos-cracy be aborted at the twilight fringe (darkness, under a veil of privacy). Progress to the past.

There you have it, folks.
It was all Trump’s fault.
It was all Trump’s fault.

It’s always Amateur Hour, when the vile, incompetent and narcissistic Dhimmi-crats are running things. You always need an adult in the room, to chaperone these children.

Hey, so, how much do our allies like us now that we got rid of that other President?
Boy, he was an embarrassment, huh?

What a POS !!

He exited that press conference almost as quickly as he pulled out of Afghanistan.

Biden is just doing what he does best — talking a mean game, and screwing up everything he touches. He has made it a very lucrative career for both himself and his family.

I’d love to know of even one country that isn’t either laughing its ass off at us or doing a face palm. America First to America Last? We’d have to do some climbing to get into Last.

20 years of lies isn’t all on Trump. Every President in the past 20 (30+ if you count Iraq) years, Every Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, every Joint Chief, every Secretary of Defense, Every member of Congress who voted to authorize and reauthorize these missions, every member who voted to fund these never-ending wars and “nation-building” craziness.

They are all at fault.

    UserP in reply to geronl. | August 16, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    “Let’s just close all the bases in Afghanistan and take our troops home. Everything will be fine.

    Oh wait. We forgot to evacuate the civilians before we closed Bagram Air Base that we needed for military flights. Maybe we shouldn’t have closed that base. Oh well, we’ll just send the troops back to Afghanistan and try to use the civilian airport where there’s no security. We’ll tell people to shelter in place till we figure out what to do.

    It will take awhile. Hope the Taliban doesn’t hurt anybody in the meantine. But it’s not our fault. Every Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, every Joint Chief, every Secretary of Defense, Every member of Congress who voted to authorize and reauthorize these missions, every member who voted to fund these never-ending wars and “nation-building” craziness is responsible. They are all at fault.”

      UserP in reply to UserP. | August 16, 2021 at 5:29 pm

      P.S. Not referring to the responsiblity for the entire time over there, the lives lost, the cost in blood and dollars. In all of that I agree with you and your assessment of the responsibility. It is the method and manner of the withdrawal from Afghanistan I believe that this administration is totally responsible—the fiasco that immediately took place because of very very poor prior planning by incompetent Biden-appointed people.

    gran2ten in reply to geronl. | August 17, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses=Bush+Obama+Trump+the end-run Biden. The Cadaver in chief in the O.ofc resides in a litter box. Where’s Biden now, like another mentally ill leader, IN HIS BUNKER. 8.17.2021 News Conference WH taking questions from all press IS JAKE SULLIVAN MAKING EXCUSES IS NOT THE PRESIDENT, BUT Jake Sullivan!!! That DAMN Sandwich PRESIDENT in the bunker, Lies, Damn Lies, Lies on dry bread!

Everyone probably knows this by now, but this is a prelude to World War.

If there’s one thing history loves doing, is repeating itself.

Those two morons Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley should be the first to leave in disgrace.

He described an isolationist policy regarding future military engagements. Positively Trumpian, but dismissive of his own history and Obama’s.


As President Trump demonstrated, much can be accomplished by taking out very specific personnel. Were Trump still in the saddle, this debacle could have been nipped way, way up in the organization, leaving the cretins in the field to take their pleasure with one another.

Clearly, Taliban follows O’Biden’s senile schedule and was patently aware that he would be “in disposed” for many days. What better opportunity to execute maneuvers than when the already feeble Geezer In Chief was too far out of it to even care.

America can not afford to risk sovereignty under the misguidance and dereliction of a greatly impaired, diminished and failing old fool.

They should have spent the past 20 years arming and training every 8 year old girl in that country, and building the world’s first all-female army. Take the young girls out of the homes and put them into camps to turn them into soldiers that are more than happy to use a disparity of force to wreak vengeance on true misogynists.

    Sanddog in reply to jhkrischel. | August 16, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    I said the other day they should have focused on training and arming the women of Afghanistan. They have more to lose than anyone and are the least likely to be able to escape.

The only thing Biden inherited is an extra chromosome.

Not only did he not take any questions, he immediately left to return to Camp David. You can’t make this shit up!

“But you see, it was the strawberry ice cream. That’s where I had them. I was able to prove by geometric logic that it was all Trump’s fault.”

Biden didn’t bother to consult or even give a fair warning that he was about to order an immediate pull-out to shut-down all operations. It’s only after everything collapsed that he ordered 6,000 troops to secure the airport enough to allow safe passage for some to escape.

He also left behind billions of dollars of military equipment, missiles and ammunition which is now in the hands of the terrorists. This is even worse than our exit from Iraq.

Congress needs to call in the generals for questioning. Everyone except Biden swears that they were warned by military intelligence that this would happen if handled this way. This includes Trump, senators, congressmen, advisors from the Obama administration, etc… Any claims by Biden that he was fed faulty intelligence is BS.

This address probably made things much worse for Biden and the US.

    Edit: “Biden didn’t bother to consult WITH or even give a fair warning TO OUR ALLIES that he was about to order an immediate pull-out to shut-down all operations…”

    CommoChief in reply to Pasadena Phil. | August 16, 2021 at 7:32 pm


    No offense but our erstwhile ‘allies’ especially in the Islamic Nations would gladly steal our very souls. I have worked with FR, Dutch and German military. Their Soldiers are good people, their govts though….no high level of trust for them. The only Nations I would trust not to stab me in the back on an op are GBR, NZ, AUS, CAN. They are part of the 5 eyes because they have earned it. Extremely professional troops, best in the business in some respects.

      We convinced allies to contribute troops and equipment to the cause. I am not talking about Islamic Nations but Britain, Germany and others. There is no way to rationalize away not telling them that we are pulling out the way we did. How can anyone ever trust us again? We are snakes who NEVER win wars. We just wage never-ending wars even when we have no national interest at stake.

      As to the Islamic Nations, has anyone noticed that the Abraham Accords are surviving through all of this? Has everyone already forgotten Trump’s biggest of his many major accomplishments? The prime beneficiaries from this horrible debacle are Iran, Russia and China who immediately jumped in to consolidate a new Middle East terror base. Thank God for the Abraham Accords. What they need is for Trump to return.

      The ramifications to this are broad but there is one good thing about this. After doing everything he could to destroy our newly re-established energy independence (fail), Biden turned to the Saudis on his knees last week begging them to pump more oil for us and told him to get lost. Suddenly, our energy independence has become a top national security priorities again. Let’s see what Comrade McConnell does to kill the two Marxist “infrastructure” bills he orchestrated. We need to stay focused. This disaster is rippling through everything and as bad as it is, this is also a major opportunity to take down the Marxist machine in our own country.

      There are no friends or enemies between nations. There are only shared or conflicting interests. Nations are not people.

    henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | August 17, 2021 at 12:44 am

    “Congress needs to call in the generals for questioning.”

    Congress can’t even call in a sitting Attorney General by holding him in contempt of congress. All flapdoodle, no followthrough.

So are they going to impeach Trump a third time for this?

I can’t believe our intelligence agencies gave China their opium fields. Budget is gonna be hard hit..

The First Slut approved; but now is trying to cut and run:

‘You Will Not Pin This Sh*t on Me!’ Kamala Harris Refused to Face American People as Afghanistan Collapsed

A well-placed source inside the White House informs Becker News that Kamala Harris objected to addressing the nation on Sunday. The source reports that Kamala Harris could be heard screaming, “They will not pin this s*** on me!” Furthermore, the source reports that Jill Biden was at Camp David deflecting calls being made for Joe Biden.

The report is corroborated by OANN’s Jack Posobiec, who provides the account that Harris objected to addressing the American people.

While Kamala Harris wanted no blame for the collapse of Afghanistan, she boasted in April about the White House’s decision to do a precipitous withdrawal against the advice of generals.

“President Biden always said that he wants you to be the last person in the room, particularly for big decisions, just as he was for President Obama,” CNN’s Dana Bash said. “He just made a really big decision, Afghanistan.”

“Yes,” Harris replied.

“Were you the last person in the room?” she continued.

“Yes,” she answered.

“And you feel comfortable?” Bash followed up.

“I do,” she responded. “And I’m going to add to that. This is a president who has an extraordinary amount of courage.”

Both President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made the decision to precipitously withdraw U.S. troops in Afghanistan against the advice of generals.

    henrybowman in reply to | August 17, 2021 at 12:48 am

    That’s our girl. First in line to take credit for all the yum, abandons the field at the first hint of yuk. Now if she could only tune her sense of smell to tell yum from yuk before other people do.

The Afghan men were thrown under the bus, thrown off the plane, and thrown in front of execution squads, while the Afghan women/girls are forced to serve life sentences in solitary confinement in their homes. The American taxpayers, meanwhile, have to pay the $2 trillion of waste in failed nation building.

Now’s the time for “W” to step forward with some comforting words…. (hint…please don’t)

I like the classic… “we must put this behind us and move forward”…..

Will someone please send Pres. Biden to Kabal … think of all those young girls there… add two scoops of doped ice cream. He’s never want to come back.

Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech is considered to be the gold standard of bad presidential speeches. Joe Biden may have just won the gold medal.

    henrybowman in reply to JLT. | August 17, 2021 at 12:51 am

    To be fair, a strong second place goes to Jerry Ford for “Whip Inflation Now,” complete with lapel buttons.

Funny the number of Trump policies that Biden has overturned but on this one ol’uncle Joe says he can’t do anything!

China, Iran and Russia will most likely move to recognize the Taliban as will Pakistan. Islamic Jihadists now know they have a welcoming “home base” to train, promote and export Islamic Terrorism to the west! China will now ramp-up the “belt and road” program and extract hundreds of millions of natural resources which includes lithium (gee, the green energy folks ought to be proud), petroleum and natural gas (Russia will be happy), coal (soon to be shipped to China), gold, gemstones (ought we not see this as akin to “blood diamonds”), copper and oh, yeah. . .those poppy fields that have continually funded the Taliban!

We could’ve maintained a small force that did nothing but keep the Taliban in check but instead. . . .we’ve walked away and allows the Taliban to retake not only the space but all of the resources available. Moreover how is Hong Kong or Singapore feeling today that America maybe won’t support them long term! Frankly this is the most despicable move by any US POTUS in my lifetime. Biden has done nothing but make the world a more dangerous place. China will use this decision to continue to diminish the standing of the USA in the world.

Clearly Biden and his regime think this will blow over. And they’re probably right.

The Dem-media propaganda complex is going through the motions for now. Because the mess is so bad they can’t ignore it. Even their moronic followers might start to suspect something ain’t right in the press room.

But all they need to ‘move on’ is some new outrage from the ‘far right’ to obsess over. They might even have to fabricate one. Again.


The fubar situation is mostly on Biden. I’d give it 60/40. Biden gets the lions share because it’s his call. The remainder is on the DoD, State Dept, Intel community and the revolving door of grifters and the cheerleaders in Congress for nation building.

By all means blame Biden and hold him to account. I would caution you not to overlook the actions of the uniparty establishment elites who aided and abetted this folly of nation building. There’s plenty of responsibility and blame to go around. Don’t let the architects of this folly and their pay master defense contractors skate.

If you focus only on Biden and absolve the rest of them then you invite a repeat. Be very wary of appeals to help out via continued military presence the Afghans. They will definitely bear the brunt of their own folly, incompetence and lack of commitment. The photos and stories will be horrendous. The Afghans made their corrupt bed over the last two decades, now they can lay in it.

Don’t get sucked into that attempt to guilt you into sending American Service Members back to that hell hole. Unless of course you are personally committing to pick up a rifle and accompany them.

Milley needs to be fired.

Subotai Bahadur | August 16, 2021 at 7:39 pm

OK, at the beginning of this comment thread there is the discussion of the chain of succession to the Presidency*. As if the desires of the American people have any bearing anymore [if it ever did] on who is president. There will be no changes unless the UniParty wants them, and the official Republican Party will go along with it. The same way that they go along with the theft of elections. We no longer have a social contract.

Subotai Bahadur

It was caused by a combination of systematic racism and climate change.

Dear AOC: Now you know what a real insurrection looks like

Look at the situation carefully, re-read the speech and read this article. In the very unlikely event that Biden manages to pull this off and get all the Americans and a large number of Afghans who had helped us out of the country, he will be a hero, and legitimately so. Everything that the United States built in Afghanistan over the past 20 years turned out to be a flimsy sham that that country can’t support and doesn’t deserve. But in the more likely event that some Americans get trapped and thousands of Afghans who’d helped th US are slaughtered by the Taliban, this should be the end of any hopes that Democrats have to retain power in 2022, and quite possibly could result in a few currently in Congress crossing over to the Republican side to save their own political futures. But anyone who thinks that Biden or Harris or Pelosi will resign over this is smoking something that still is a controlled substance.

What is so frustrating and sad is that it didn’t need to happen. We had 2600 troops there, 18 months w/o KIA, a smooth-running operation.


I am nauseated. Ashamed. Upset. There is nothing here that is good.

I guess the pull-out of Germany, Cuba, Japan, Korea…let it all go right?