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Georgia State to Celebrate Constitution Day With Events Promoting Liberal Activism

Georgia State to Celebrate Constitution Day With Events Promoting Liberal Activism

“importance of advocacy, activism and understanding of law and policy”

This makes perfect sense because so many college students today think the whole point of going to college is to participate in liberal activism.

The College Fix reports:

Georgia State plans to celebrate Constitution Day with events promoting liberal activism

Georgia State’s Perimeter College has plans to commemorate Constitution Day this September with a series of presentations geared toward progressive activism, according to an email obtained by The College Fix.

The email, sent by Senior Political Science Lecturer Barbara Robertson, details a number of events to be hosted by the college between September 14 and September 17 to celebrate ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

Among these events are talks on racial and social injustice by Teresa Hardy of a local NAACP chapter, a presentation on immigration policy and issues by attorney Danielle Claffey, a presentation on the redistricting process, and a potential discussion of the “importance of advocacy, activism and understanding of law and policy” with Georgia State Assistant Dean of Students Jaray Mazique.

In her email, Robertson encourages faculty to push their students to attend the talks, suggesting they offer extra credit for students to attend.

In addition, Robertson recommends “Creating a Constitution Day events assignment such as a written assignment, research, etc. as you work on your course prep this week.”

In addition to the speaking events, Robertson urges faculty to encourage students to visit a voter registration site created by the university.

Robertson declined to answer multiple requests to comment for this story, instead referring The College Fix to a campus spokesperson who also declined to comment.

The 2021 Constitution Day events are ideologically in line with the offerings in past years.

In 2020, for instance, the celebration included a presentation called “American Women’s Rights 1776-1920,” a talk by Amy Steigerwalt on women in politics and women voting, a discussion of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave women the right to vote, and a talk by a representative from Fair Districts GA, a progressive group that objects to gerrymandering of legislative districts.


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Constitution Day this year is September 17. Eight days later, on the 25th, Georgia State plays football at Auburn University. I hope they enjoy the usual patriotic themes of events on campus, especially at the game. If they don’t, nobody will care; we’ll enjoy the game anyway.

Somebody pass the smelling salts for the wusses.