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Will the Last Person to Leave San Francisco Please Turn Out the Lights?

Will the Last Person to Leave San Francisco Please Turn Out the Lights?

“more than 40 percent say they plan to move out of the city in the next few years”

Rising crime and dissatisfaction with the quality of life are steadily driving people out of San Francisco. It makes perfect sense. Why would people want to pay San Francisco prices if they don’t even feel safe walking down the street?

The number of people leaving or planning to leave should alarm city leaders.

According to a recent poll, more than 40% of those asked have plans to move elsewhere.

CBS News in San Francisco reports:

Poll: San Francisco Residents Consider Relocating As Crime Worsens, Quality Of Life In A Decline

As San Francisco tries to bounce back from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, crime and homelessness now rank among the highest levels of concerns among local residents, many who are contemplating relocating, according to a new poll.

The poll was released by the SF Chamber of Commerce and based on feedback from more than 500 San Francisco residents who are registered to vote.

It found that more than 40 percent say they plan to move out of the city in the next few years.

Lindsay Stevens just finished moving out over the weekend.

“There’s nothing worse than seeing such a beautiful place in such disarray, and I really thought I was going to be sad when the movers loaded up the last container on Saturday, and I have never been more relieved,” said Stevens.

After more than 12 years in San Francisco, Stevens recently sold her place and moved to the Palm Springs area.

“I honestly think in the last three years, we’ve seen a massive decline in the quality of life and that was only enhanced over COVID,” she said. “The homelessness has been a severe problem, people are not feeling safe walking their dog… the number of break-ins seem to be constantly on the rise.”

Target stores in the city recently announced that they have had to alter their hours based on theft.

How is the city responding to this? Well, according to one person in the city’s far-left district attorney’s office, concerns about rising crime are evidence of racism.

Peter Hasson reports at FOX News:

San Francisco DA official says crime surge fears linked to racism

A senior official in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office linked fears of a crime surge to racism in a tweet that raised eyebrows Sunday evening.

Kate Chatfield, a senior director in far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office, downplayed safety concerns amid a nationwide crime spike.

Chatfield was reacting to a Twitter user who said that “every single one of my friends right now is considering leaving” San Francisco due to crime fears. “My friends are scared for their children, and their husbands are scared for their wives,” the user wrote.

“‘Husbands are scared for their wives’ —-your reminder that the ‘crime surge’ crowd shares the same ideology as The Birth of a Nation,” Chatfield fired back, referring to an early 20th century White supremacist film.

See the tweet below:

Why are you worried about crime, racist?


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Will the last person please turn out the lights? I think the lights are already out and that is why they’re leaving. Few places on earth are darker than San Franciso.

    Ben Kent in reply to UserP. | July 6, 2021 at 5:20 pm


    Thanks to Biden’s bailout of the cities and states – the can has been kicked down the road. The blow up will not be 3x to 5x worse than if it has just been allowed to correct.

    DeBlasio’s NYC City budget is the same size as the entire state of Florida which has 3x as many people. This is unsustainable. Everyone I know is looking to leave or for a way to leave.

    Who knew real democracy requires voting with your feet. But the one-party state in NY gives you no other choice.

    NYC will be bankruptcy will be worse than Detroit’s. Today, Detroit is merely a shell of what it once was. That is NYC’s future.

Lucifer Morningstar | July 6, 2021 at 11:37 am

Why do I not have any sympathy for these people. They are the ones that most likely voted in all of these liberal lunatics that are currently destroying San Francisco. And now that their city has become a crime ridden third-world shithole they’re abandoning it like rats fleeing a sinking ship. So nope, y’all voted these assholes into office and now you need to reap your justly earned rewards. Too bad, so sad it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. But how could it end any differently.

    Old Patzer in reply to Lucifer Morningstar. | July 6, 2021 at 1:18 pm

    The younger ones have been indoctrinated all their lives that there is only one acceptable opinion on any given topic and it is handed down from above. I don’t think that they vote _for_ all of this destruction so much as they evince a childlike desire to be “nice” and let those in power decide what to do. There is a radical fringe that is pro-destruction and wields an outsized influence, but they are in the minority.

      Lucifer Morningstar in reply to Old Patzer. | July 6, 2021 at 8:48 pm

      Sorry, not buying the “indoctrination” excuse. The people that voted in the lunatic liberals in San Francisco thought they’d produce some kind of Utopian paradise where everyone gets along with everyone else and all is rainbows and unicorn farts. And now that it’s obvious that utopia ain’t gonna happen any time soon, if ever, they’re abandoning the city like rats on a sinking ship. So nope, y’all voted these lunatics into office and now you need to reap your justly earned rewards. T0o bad, so sad that it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would but it couldn’t have ended any other way.

    MattMusson in reply to Lucifer Morningstar. | July 6, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Remember when we had to point to Venezuela when we wanted an example of Progressive Disasters?

    Kinda tough to vote better people in when none are on the ballot … that’s been SF for decades.

The Friendly Grizzly | July 6, 2021 at 11:54 am

“A senior official in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office linked fears of a crime surge to racism in a tweet that raised eyebrows Sunday evening.’

What other reason would there be?

    Of course it’s racism. If a criminal is going to do some robbing, the victim will be selected according to the type of loot they are hoping to loot. If they’re looking for drugs they will pick one type of victim; or expensive accoutrements another type. It often boils down to race. On days when they’re not robbing they will most definitely pick someone of another race to beat up for recreation.

I was in SF for a conference in November 2019 and we staying in a hotel in one of the supposedly cleaner, safer, districts (to protect tourism). There was a Walgreen’s near my hotel and it was surrounded by zoned-out derelicts who were clearly doped up on something, and they panhandled everyone coming by, Stayed at the same hotel 10 years earlier and there was nothing like this. The signs of decay are all too office.

    John M in reply to John M. | July 6, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    was, not we in the first line. fumblefingers.

      Ben Kent in reply to John M. | July 6, 2021 at 5:12 pm

      I was also there in Summer of 2019. Was previously there in 2008. I saw a fully naked man asking people for food or money. Cops came – gave him a piece of cloth to cover with and then left. 10 minutes later he was naked again.

      My 2 kids were on the trip and we decided to never go back to SF.

      The inmates run the asylum.

The person in the DA’s office has now made her Twitter account protected, access by permission only. Oh, and there’s the disclaimer that her thoughts are her own right alongside stating she works for the DA.

The twitter thread made by the SF resident and the subsequent response probably would have been kept to twitter and various right-leaning websites if it wasn’t for the fact the DA employee had to stick her two cents in. Always a good idea for “I’m a law-abiding citizen and I’m worried about crime” to be countered by someone in a position to do something about it with, “The problem is with you.”

    henrybowman in reply to p. | July 6, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    “Oh, and there’s the disclaimer that her thoughts are her own right alongside stating she works for the DA.”

    Gee, is that kind of disclaimer also available to cops or off-campus students?
    Asking for a bunch of people we all know.

Chatfield seems to be suggesting that concern for rising crime is borne of ‘racial’ concerns. I wonder if Chatfield would be willing to more clearly explain why she believes that to be the case. After all she is the one linking criminal activity to ‘race’.

Perhaps the simplest explanation is that this is nothing more than yet another d/progressive engaged in projecting their own ‘racial’ animus onto others?

Didn’t Obama (the shadow president) say he was going to manage the decline? This is all part of the plan and it is going well. The Democrats and the GOPe own this plan and the voters gave them a green light.

The end state of SF is federal police and no further reporting on crime or racism. Utopia, at least for the elite.

Ghost Rider | July 6, 2021 at 3:09 pm

If only San Francisco wasn’t in California and San Francisco I might consider moving there. /s Even the sheeple are leaving this dystopia.

Think of all the enjoyable movies filmed over the years on location in San Francisco: Vértigo, Bullitt, Play It Again Sam, Mrs Doubtfire, Dirty Harry, etc

Those days are long past . . .

They haven’t learned a goddamn thing from this slow motion train wreck. A whole bunch of liberals are whining about what’s happening, before saying that they just need more ‘understanding’ and they need to work harder to eliminate ‘systemic racism’ causing this insanity.

They have learned NOTHING.

MsKateSully | July 6, 2021 at 4:33 pm

The sad truth is that black and brown “bodies” to use the hideous SJW language. Will be most likely to be left behind to live in the squalor and live in fear of crime. But as we all know in 2021, blurting out the charge of “RACIST!” Gets people, especially guilty white liberals to be intimidated and immediately shut up if not grovelingly apologize. My advice to fellow liberals (although I’m starting to be embarrassed to call myself one) is 1) Look inside yourself, ask if you believe any race is inferior to your own. 2) If the answer is no tell anyone who calls you such a name is using shame and bullying and that quite frankly they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Then ignore the false accuser and move on. They’ll know you know the game. People on the center left MUST stop capitulating to these threats because when you give in the mob is emboldened and goes on to destroy someone else’s life. Stop being cowards!!!

    Ben Kent in reply to MsKateSully. | July 6, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    Ms. Sully. Liberals have been fooled. People with bad intentions carefully studied them to understand their weaknesses. They know who ever yells “racist first and loudest tends to be considered “the good guys.” They have mastered the art of virtue signaling to appear to be “the good guys.” They know most people will listen to those they consider “the good guys” and will discount all others. Consequently, liberals and many independent-minded Americans have tuned into these monsters. They pretend to be anti-racist when in reality they have a full-blown racist agenda. Only this time the target race is white – not black. Maybe next year the target will be Asians. They further use this racial agenda as cover for Marxism because every solution they propose has a socialist aspect to it.

    They have twisted this terrible agenda to make it appear to be a liberal agenda. It is not. Proof that it is not can be found in the results, which include: (1) more racism and worse race relations; (2) thousands of black and brown people murdered – not by police – by criminals, most of whom are also black and brown; (3) greater and greater dependence upon the government for sustenance by the very people Dems claims to want to help. Dependence is itself a form of slavery.

    These fake liberals have done immeasurable damage to race relations, to America and to the Democratic Party, I know, I was once a center-focused Democrat/ independent, like you are, and I finally saw that the Dem Party is not the Party it was. I was like most people – coasting along and not thinking much about politics or government – just living my life focused on work, family and friends. But things have taken a turn in the last few years that caused me and many others to pay attention. And now I cannot rest until this menace is defeated. I believe America is a noble cause and one worth fighting for. But victory is far from certain. The

San Francisco striving to be the Baltimore of the West Coast. Stiff competition with Seattle, Portland and LA in the same conference.

    PODKen in reply to ghost dog. | July 6, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    I live across the bay and to the south. I haven’t been to SF in about two decades … not even passing through. I hate that place.

danvillemom | July 6, 2021 at 7:40 pm

Our house is 30 miles away from SF. We refuse to go anywhere near the city.

Why assume there will still be lights still working?

Those running SF are OK with this – those 40% won’t affect them – they are wealthy enough that they don’t have to deal with the mess they’ve created. To them, losing the 40% means they get to enjoy their life more, not having to worry about the rabble.

traderjoe91 | July 7, 2021 at 10:08 am

Too bad. One of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    C. Lashown in reply to traderjoe91. | July 7, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    ‘…beautiful cities’. they come and they go. Wise cities are far and few between. Nineveh was also an evil city, cursed by God. BUT, they proved themselves wise and repented, for a time anyway, and prospered as long as they lived in accordance to their repentance. Most cities seem to love death though and their beauty fades as they grow more grotesque in their evil.

Subotai Bahadur | July 7, 2021 at 9:51 pm

I don’t think that all 40% will leave. Most will stay and hopefully suffer the consequences of their actions. Leftists do not understand either reality, or having to exert themselves.

Subotai Bahadur

Sweet Kate Chatfield, a senior director in far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office, downplayed safety concerns amid a nationwide crime spike…and in the process implied those who disagreed with her were racist! This is the catch-word for the ethically depraved, those who do not reach her high standards of social perversion. Loving order and peace is racist? Only an over-educated fool could marry their thought patterns to such foolishness. She sounds like an elite who has never birthed a child, wanting safe prosperity for her family. Hope she has a place to hide when the homeless enter her living space. Some things can only be learned through trial and tribulation.