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Indiana University Uses Student Fees to Paint BLM Mural on Campus

Indiana University Uses Student Fees to Paint BLM Mural on Campus

“painted on one of the most trafficked streets on IU’s campus”

The College Republicans at IU should insist on using student fees to paint a campus mural with a conservative message. That would only be fair, right?

Campus Reform reports:

IU uses student fees to paint BLM mural

Indiana University recently committed student fee money to the creation of a massive mural on the school’s main campus.

The mural, unveiled July 8, was painted on one of the most trafficked streets on IU’s campus, Jordan Avenue, and simply reads “Black Lives Matter,” as reported by The Crimson Post.

The project was conceived by Joa’Quinn Griffin when he was a member of the IU Student Government Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee during the previous IUSG presidential administration. Initially, Griffin, who now leads the DEI committee under the new administration, wanted to pursue the project in partnership with the student government.

Griffin then partnered with a group at IU referred to as Black Collegians, which is led by IU Tiera Howleit. Together they brought a project proposal before the IU Funding Board, an organization tasked with distributing student fees to groups on campus.

According to a student who wishes to remain anonymous, the board approved the proposal, allotting student fees to commission three professional artists to design the mural and to pay for paint and other required supplies.

Notably, a number of other BLM displays were already present at IU, including a large flag outside the student union and multiple exhibits within the union. When asked why his project was necessary given these other showings of support for BLM on campus, Griffin told The Crimson Post that he didn’t feel the other displays were visible or substantial enough.


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“That would only be fair, right?”

Fairness is racist!

This was conceived by members of a couple of student government racialist pandering groups and the administrators went along with it? Who’s running the university (he asked rhetorically)?

henrybowman | July 31, 2021 at 6:36 pm

Naw, they’ll just say that “Black Lives Matter” is an expression of humanitarian ethic, and not a political or partisan message at all.

Just like they say, “We don’t teach CRT here, we use three entirely different letters.”

George_Kaplan | July 31, 2021 at 7:48 pm

How would the university respond if students demanded a White Lives Matter andor an Asian Lives Matter message be given equal treatment? : )