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UC-Davis Holds Segregated Anti-Racist Training for Resident Assistants

UC-Davis Holds Segregated Anti-Racist Training for Resident Assistants

“Racism is still prevalent and deeply ingrained in the fabric of our country”

Young America’s Foundation found out about this from documents obtained through a FOIA request.

From the YAF blog:

EXPOSED: Internal Documents From Segregated RA Training At UC Davis Show Racism On Full Display

Resident Assistants at University of California Davis were taught how to “disrupt racism and white supremacy” during mandatory segregated trainings, according to internal documents obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation.

“Racism is still prevalent and deeply ingrained in the fabric of our country,” one of the documents states. RAs were forced to answer how they have “navigated the Black Lives Matter movement in light of the continual murder of Black Folx [sic]at the hands of police,” in addition to choosing a song that “sparks” their “confidence to engaged in social justice.”

YAF obtained these internal documents and training materials from their summer sessions through a Freedom of Information Act request.

In every segregated group, leaders were told to ask students, “what about your identity do you take pride in?” Only in the “Critical Whiteness” group were leaders specifically advised to NOT ask them this question, signaling that white people should be ashamed of being white.

The schedule advised leaders that “student staff should only participate in an affinity group if they hold that identity. These groups are not for those wanting to learn about that identity or to explore curiosity in that identity.”


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Are the Black RA’s also getting racist training??

The Friendly Grizzly | June 28, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Segregated antiracist training. An interesting phrase.

29 years ago Summer 1992 Brown U, v similar experience as pre-frosh

“When I arrived in 1992, my first experience – before even classes started – the dorm RAs segregated for an exercise “perceived as white” students from the rest and invited them to ponder their privilege while the other were invited to share how oppressed they were and make the white students feel bad. I know this because the RA thought because of my deep tan that I was a 3rd world student, so I was put in the ‘oppressed’ group. I thought I had stepped into a madhouse.”

I think that they are reacting the same way the plantation owners did in the 1800s, right before the civil war. Keep the blacks and the whites separated. and basically for the same reason. Don’t let them talk to each other, don’t let them see that each other is the same, that they are both human and have feelings and emotions. That they are both human beings, From the RACE of HUMANITY.