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Students at Juilliard Protest Rising Tuition

Students at Juilliard Protest Rising Tuition

“institution’s leaders announced this spring that undergraduate tuition for the 2021-22 academic year would rise to $51,230 from $49,260”

Juilliard is a private school, and they can do what they want. Isn’t that what we keep being told?

Inside Higher Ed reports:

Juilliard Students Protest Rising Tuition

Students at the Juilliard School danced and sang along to protest songs on the sidewalk in front of their campus in New York City last week. It may have looked like an impromptu street performance from a distance, but up close, passersby could read the demands on the signs the students held.

“Actors and musicians all demand you freeze tuition,” one sign said. “What’s outrageous? Tuition raises,” said another.

Juilliard students were shocked to learn recently that tuition at their renowned performing arts conservatory was going up by nearly $2,000. When the institution’s leaders announced this spring that undergraduate tuition for the 2021-22 academic year would rise to $51,230 from $49,260, many students worried about having to pay more and started calling for a tuition freeze.

“Students are really, really pushing for this cause that matters a lot to them, especially during COVID, when $2,000 could mean two months of rent in New York City or it could mean several months of groceries,” said Sarah Ma, a freshman music student at Juilliard.

Administrators have responded to the protests by pointing to a growing pool of financial aid dollars that will be available for students to offset the 4 percent tuition bump.

“Juilliard’s teaching, coaching, and performance opportunities are unmatched, and great care is taken to offer this education at the lowest possible cost,” a Julliard spokesperson said.


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So tuition up, financial aid up => using the Financial Aid office to reallocate wealth from one student (or student’s family) to another. This is so abusive, no other product gets to set its prices like this and discriminate among its customers so easily.

Albigensian | June 20, 2021 at 3:18 pm

Many businesses engage in price discrimination. Thus, grocery stores offer “loyalty cards” as they know some are more sensitive to price than others. And restaurants offer early bird specials” because it’s a slow time anyway and they know that many of those who use these specials might not go to the restaurant if they had to pay full price.

And so it goes: every business would like to charge those who don’t much care about price whatever they’re willing to pay, while still offering lower prices (so long as these are above their marginal costs) to those who’d probably not buy at the higher price.

Yet businesses still must be somewhat clever to implement price discrimination strategies and won’t actually deny a lower price to anyone, as customers conveniently sort themselves. Whereas only colleges and universities get to demand you (and your family!) how much you can afford to pay before they’ll quote you a price.

henrybowman | June 20, 2021 at 7:15 pm

Just transpose your bank account into a higher key.
Do we have to explain everything to you kids?

texansamurai | June 21, 2021 at 9:30 am

juilliard is and has been for over a century the pinnacle in music education–only berklee, eastman and north texas rank near ” the juilliard ” in prestige and quality of instruction

in comparison to the cost of an md or a jd, $200k or so in tuition is not outrageous for the best in the country–the problem with juilliard(or the others) is that real talent IS discriminatory–you are literally standing in the presence of the best of the best and it can be a humbling experience indeed–on the upside, if you’re mature enough to comprehend the experience, you can see at once that the idea of ” equity ” is preposterous–there are those among us who are truly gifted, truly talented and the idea that EVERYONE is equal to THEM is absurd