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Psaki Confirms Harris Will Visit U.S.-Mexico Border on Friday

Psaki Confirms Harris Will Visit U.S.-Mexico Border on Friday

El Paso? How about McAllen? Laredo? How about going to places where the Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed?

Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday with Home Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Psaki did not provide many details. She said the trip “is part of the coordinated effort between her office, her work, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, to continue to address the root causes and work in coordination to get the situation under control.”

Biden picked Harris as his border czar over 90 days ago. She has literally laughed off any suggestion or questions about her visiting the border.

Former President Donald Trump announced last week he will tour the border on June 30th with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“We made an assessment within our government about when it was an appropriate time,” said Psaki when asked if Trump’s visit had an impact on the date.

Let’s talk about El Paso. You know Robert O’Rourke will make an appearance since it’s his hometown.

You all know I try to cover the border crisis as much as possible. I covered points of the border. I remember reading about El Paso getting 19 new processing coordinators, but that’s it.


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4+ months after being appointed by Biden as point-person.

Why even bother now? It’s obvious she doesn’t give a shit. Over 750,000 have illegally crossed since she was appointed. Dem plan is open borders and pretending to care about the border crisis is insulting the intelligence of the American people.

Harris: “Don’t come.”

PDJT: “I’m coming!”

AOC: “Can I come too??”

Hunter Biden: ” Wait – I got the poppers!”

Deadbeat Trump still owes El Paso over $570,000 for one of his idiotic hillbilly rallies. Maybe she can cut a check on his behalf.

Only “coordinated effort” is coordinating with news to make sure the cameras don’t show over crowded units and coordinating with the patrol units to make sure they don’t bring in any detainees.

“Get situation under control” indeed! If by “situation” you mean “right wing making noise”

It will be a drive by

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Immigration Reform (CAIR) has consequences and produces collateral damage at both ends of the bridge and throughout?

Where’s the pride in normalizing nonviable, once politically congruent, solutions?

henrybowman | June 23, 2021 at 4:44 pm

El Paso? My calendar is open.

I knew she was going to try to beat Trump to it.