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New York Education Official Calls Parents Who Support Specialized High School Tests ‘Bigots’

New York Education Official Calls Parents Who Support Specialized High School Tests ‘Bigots’

“Just more ‘Bigots’ on this thread trying to justify the soft intellectual genocide of black children.”

This social justice insanity needs to be stamped out of education. It’s hurting students. It doesn’t serve anyone but the virtue signalers.

The New York Post reports:

NYC DOE official called parents who support specialized high school tests ‘bigots’

A Department of Education official lashed out at supporters of the specialized high school entrance exam, calling them “bigots” in an online screed.

The accusation was leveled in the comment section of a since-deleted Facebook post of a New York Post article about Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross-Porter’s call to end the tests.

Ross-Porter called the current test — which is overwhelmingly aced by Asian students — “unacceptable.”

Some members of the Ozone Park Residents Block Association group on Facebook called for Ross-Porter’s resignation, claiming she was unfairly attacking the “hard working,” “low income” Asian minority group.

Queens Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at NYC Department of Education Alain Berrouet claimed that sentiment was biased against black students, who represent just a small fraction of those who passed the exam.

“Just more ‘Bigots’ on this thread trying to justify the soft intellectual genocide of black children. We see you,” the black official commented, in response to those defending the test, according to screenshots reviewed by The Post.

In response to a user who wrote, “The secret is study hard,” Berrouet, who goes by Alain Bee on Facebook, retorted, “So are you saying that Black students are lazy and don’t ‘study hard’? Stop with the coded language and just admit to your bigotry and belief of Stereotypes.”


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“Intellectual genocide”

You do have to hand it to leftists. They have a real talent for inflammatory language. And the flagrant dishonesty of it never bothers them a bit.

    UJ in reply to irv. | May 3, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    And contemplating this kind of racist nonsense for too long is de facto “intellectual suicide”.

The Friendly Grizzly | May 3, 2021 at 5:03 pm

Regarding the New York education official: which private schools are her kids in? And, do they have hyphenated names, too?

You have to hand it to this parent.

‘“What is unacceptable is the targeting of one particular group,” said activist Wai Wah Chin. “Especially with what we see happening on the streets of this city. What is unacceptable is telling Asians that they don’t belong in these schools despite their hard work.”’

henrybowman | May 3, 2021 at 8:08 pm

““Just more ‘Bigots’ on this thread trying to justify the soft intellectual genocide of black children.”

You mean, justifying the entire history of the welfare and education establishments? Because the intellectual genocide has been a fait accompli for quite some time, and you’all Democrats committed it.

Gremlin1974 | May 3, 2021 at 8:25 pm

Yes, let us make the test easier, instead of expecting people to actually rise to the standard and improve themselves!

Now you know why public education is failing.

How can Black students hope to compete, when all their leftist educators and politicians tell them they will fail because of “systemic racism”?

Telling kids they are victims and unable to succeed makes them dependent on the government and removes their sense of agency.
The attitude of the Asian (and Jewish, and most of the White) students’ parents is: “You can do anything you want if you work hard at it.”

I remember one of my Asian students explaining to his mother why he did badly (grade of B) on an exam. His mother’s response was: “No goofing off!” “Study, learn!” “You’re going to dental school!”

He did go to dental school, but I wonder if he would if his mother had the attitude, “It’s not your fault. It’s because of systemic racism that you can’t succeed.”

charlesw04 | May 4, 2021 at 8:10 am

Marxism can not succeed unless the general populace are a bunch of dummed down droids. Basically illiterates not educated enough to ask semi-intelligent questions and no reasoning skills to understand what’s happening to their pitiful 3rd world lives.

Someone should teach Mr. Berrouet how to spell d-e-f-a-m-a-t-i-o-n.

As a proud graduate of The Bronx High School of Science (Class of ’70), which is one of those schools, I can say very plainly that claims of “racism” or any type of unfairness are absurd and complete nonsense. There is no more a fair test and admission system than the one the students must undergo for entry into those schools. The test is a variation on the SAT, containing questions on a wide variety of academic and general knowledge subjects. There is no outside influence regarding the admission process; i.e., no extra credit for your skin color or ethnic group, or if you live in poverty, or if your parents attended the school, or if some powerful politician is a family friend, and so forth. If a given specialized school has space for 1,000 students in the entering class, offers are made to the students who received the 1,000 highest test scores. For each of those students who then declines to go to the school, an offer is made to the next one on the list. It’s that simple. Every student who sits for the test has the same chance of scoring high enough to be offered a place. Those who don’t score high enough should have spent more time learning and studying during their school years prior to taking the test and less time goofing off.

    jb4 in reply to chocopot. | May 4, 2021 at 11:30 pm

    You are correct. However, IMO the best solution is competition for the worthless inner city schools and union run schools everywhere – the dollars follow the student, for every single one. High-performing Asian students from poor families are inconvenient for their “racist” narrative – and suggestive of which nation will dominate the world down the road. It is tough to fix a lousy culture and the USA is running in the opposite direction of personal accountability.

    My two grandchildren for the last 1+ years have gone to a Catholic elementary school in a “fancy” suburban town – full time, regular hours, every day. The public schools have a hybrid program, with perhaps 1/3 the normal in-person instruction hours and closed many days altogether.

I could not agree more, but the Communists – er, I mean the Democrats – and their teachers’ union friends will never allow any children to escape their clutches.