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Biden Discovers California Democratic Stars Not as Competent as Advertised

Biden Discovers California Democratic Stars Not as Competent as Advertised

Calls start for Biden to replace Kamala Harris as Border Czar. Biden supposedly blasted HHS chief Becerra over migrant children.

The American media has been robustly ignoring Kamala Harris’s apparent dereliction of her “Border Czar” duties. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich described her response as abysmal and asked Biden for a replacement.

He’s calling on Vice President Kamala Harris to be replaced as the “border czar,” claiming she’s done nothing to help with the border crisis. But, not all officials agree there is a migrant crisis.

It’s a call to action to the federal government from Arizona’s top law official. “This is wrong, and if V.P. Harris is not going to come to the border or is not going to address this issue, then someone else needs to,” Brnovich said.

Brnovich sent a letter to President Joe Biden Wednesday asking him to replace Harris as the “border czar,” writing in his letter “to date her response to the border crisis has been absolutely abysmal” and that she’s “failed to articulate any plan.”

Young Kim, a newly elected Republican Congresswoman from California, said burying the administration’s collective heads in the sand only allows the border crisis to grow. She invited both Harris and Biden to come to the border.

“I have gone down to the border in Texas, the southern border. I also went down to the California-Mexico border. What I have seen is definitely the security crisis, humanitarian crisis. We have a crisis at the border, yet this Biden administration refuses to see it for what it is,” Kim said.

She said those who make policy should see with their own eyes the reality of the border.

“I urge the Biden administration and also Vice President Kamala Harris to get down to the border to see for themselves, and maybe they (will) change their mind,” Kim said.

Legal Insurrection readers had a sneak preview of Harris’s capabilities when I reported she replaced Barbara Boxer in the US Senate. But, truly, she did turn out to be worse than Boxer.

But I also extensively reported on our former Attorney General Xavier Becerra. He constantly sued former President Donald Trump’s administration. Yet, he received the top spot in Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services.

New reports indicate Biden “lashed out” at his HHS chief over the agency’s handling of migrant children during the ongoing border crisis.

Biden had harsh words for HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra when he reportedly failed to provide answers to his questions about how HHS was dealing with the surge in unaccompanied migrant children at the border in late March, according to sources cited in a report by the New York Times.

The Biden administration has seen a surge in Central American migrants crossing the Mexican border in the last few months, with thousands of unaccompanied children being placed in HHS facilities in different states.

Becerra’s defenders say his cautious approach to border issues is the root cause of his struggles with the current administration.

His insistence on a more cautious approach to immigration policy has, moreover, contributed to his shaky standing with some quarters of a fast-paced White House where senior aides have spent weeks pressing the Health department to speed its intake of thousands of children at the southern border, and bristled at what friends and skeptics alike described as Becerra’s at times deliberate manner.

“He cares about raising the caps — but let’s take one challenge at a time,” one person close to Becerra said of his mindset. “Emotionally, he’s there. But he’s always a pragmatist.”

I am sorry the rest of the nation is now enduring the level of incompetence Californians experienced for many years. But, at least those who read Legal Insurrection had some warning about the potential magnitude for failure.


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henrybowman | May 21, 2021 at 2:54 am

The job requirement was never competence.
The job requirement was always “little brown girl.”
Biden admitted precisely that, on the air.
Remind America at every opportunity.

I imagine Becerra ‘cautious’ approach would be solved if there were 200 immigrants looking for his hairy butt, with their attendant machete’s. Fear can do wondrous things when solving problems

There is no crisis on the border in the marxist democrat eyes. It’s all going according to plan.