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Students at Columbia U. Issue Demands After Noose Found on Campus

Students at Columbia U. Issue Demands After Noose Found on Campus

“The NYPD is investigating the matter as a hate crime; so far, no arrests have been made and the police have no suspects.”

Here we go again. This same scenario has played out on so many campuses it seems like parody at this point.

The College Fix reports:

Noose found at Columbia-affiliated seminary conveniently keeps race/hate narrative alive

A little over a week ago, a noose was discovered on the roof of a residence hall by a staff member of the Columbia University-affiliated Union Theological Seminary.

According to the Columbia Spectator, the noose was hanging from metal pipes in an elevator room. It’s unknown how long it had been there.

The NYPD is investigating the matter as a hate crime; so far, no arrests have been made and the police have no suspects.

Spectator reporter Zachary Schermele says the UTS noose is but “the latest in a string of racist incidents […] that have challenged the University’s capacity to keep its students and faculty safe.”

If you’ve followed The College Fix for even a little while, you can probably guess what happened next as these types of situations follow a pattern.

First, UTS President Serene Jones put out a statement condemning the noose: The community was “deeply disturbed and devastated” by the news, and the evil symbol is “directly antithetical” to the seminary’s core values.

Next, a Columbia spokesperson invoked the Derek Chauvin trial and “other national events” when pointing out the university would make “additional mental health counseling resources” available to students.

Then, using critical race theory-based “logic,” a group of black seminary students issued a letter criticizing UTS/Columbia for its response (or lack thereof) to the noose. This was followed by several demands, including:

— An apology from UTS President Jones which recognizes the “lack of pastoral and spiritual care” in her initial announcement about the noose. In addition, “substantive support and acknowledgment […] of the trauma that […] Black students, faculty and staff are sitting with and have experienced during this horrific time.”

— Nixing the involvement of the NYPD as its involvement only “reifies the American police and surveillance state in which we currently live.” In its place, a new security firm should be hired with additional (security) measures put in place.

— Exam extensions as students “have been devastated” by news of the noose and other events.


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Another attempt to “raise awareness.” Conveniently, the “students demand” the police NOT try to find out who perpetrated the so-called crime. It’s almost as if they already know who did it and why and want to ensure that there are no consequences except an increase in their power to make demands.

The Friendly Grizzly | April 26, 2021 at 11:14 am

Is the demand for oppressed minority people to stop hoarding?

/ Didn’t think so…

How long till this one is officially determined to be a hoax?

I notice the original story did not carry a photo of the alleged “noose” so we have no idea what it really was. Presumably, access to the roof of the building and to the elevator equipment room is limited, so the possible suspect list should be fairly short.

This incident smells like little more than a hoax, being exploited, if not perpetrated by a group of racialist students to justify their demands.

As an aside, their web page ( is celebrating the return of Dr. Cornel West to the faculty, and also recognizing alum Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock’s election to the U.S. Senate. Draw your own conclusions.

    And why would someone interested in perpetrating hate and fear with display of a noose put it in such a very, very out of the way place?

      kyrrat in reply to GWB. | April 26, 2021 at 10:22 pm

      Why do they never worry it is a suicidal student? Out of the way, would not be found for awhile, just haven’t gotten to the circumstances that make them fully commit yet.

So one of these leftist pukes knows how to tie a noose. I guarandamntee you this is yet another hoax. Just like soooo many other times.

Absolutely has to be a hate crime. There has never been a single BIPOC person known to have either the manual dexterity or the IQ to tie a noose.

What time is it kiddies.

Why, it’s racial hoax time again.

Tying a noose is very complicated. It is a specialized knot designed to hold the weight of a human being hung.

It is illegal in Virginia to display a noose to intimidate people: VA Code § 18.2-423.2. Displaying noose on property of another or a highway or other public place with intent to intimidate; penalty.

Making a rope loop to help pull a hatch or a garage door is simple. Do people know the difference? In one recent case, the national media mischaracterized a rope loop as a “noose.”

The Democrat Party: keeping racism and hate alive since 1828.

This still a play being presented. We’re in the middle of Act II. If you remember the script, the next development (depending on the author) is either the discovery that this is not in fact a noose but rather something perfectly innocent (a door pull, a retaining strap for pipes or wires, whatever) or it will be revealed that this was a hoax designed either to raise a fuss and hurt the University or get an inconvenient exam postponed or canceled.

After that plot development comes Act III where the snowflakes and goofy Leftists insist that even though this wasn’t an actual threat, it needs to be treated as though it was a real threat, and as though it was done by evil Republicans/white people/Christians/Jews/conservatives/whatever group is targeted by wishful thinking as the perps — almost always without evidence. Usually this is the point where I leave the play to its own devices.

It isn’t even good fiction.