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Leslie Eastman Reviews Potential Pandemic End-Points on “The Rod Arquette Show”

Leslie Eastman Reviews Potential Pandemic End-Points on “The Rod Arquette Show”

Discussing the goals our politicians, “experts,” and media don’t want to define.

This Tuesday, I had the privilege to represent Legal Insurrection on “The Rod Arquette Show,” based on 105.9 KRNS out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

I discussed with Rod when we should define the end of the pandemic.

Rod was extremely engaging during the segment. We both decried the fact that no political leader or scientific “authority” was willing to come forward with a well-defined end-goal to officially transition to a new phase in dealing with the disease.

As I pointed out on the show: I don’t see our elite media trying to obtain information on a clear goal, either. But that’s why I donned a pair of pajamas 12 years ago and began blogging.

Rod and I spent a good portion of the segment reviewing my post on the pandemic end-point, which analyzed the following three potential endpoints:

* Drop in Hospitalizations
* Reproduction Numbers Below 1 in All States
* Solid Vaccination Levels


I noted that waiting for a zero-death end was useless. Chickenpox, another highly contagious virus with a vaccine, is not normally lethal and is endemic (a regularly found disease among particular people or in a certain area). However, it still kills 100 people annually in this country, and none of us are hunkering down because of the potential for a lethal case.

Monica Gandhi, an infectious-disease specialist at UC San Francisco, suggested a 100 deaths or less per day level, which is the same number used to declare a flu pandemic at an end.

“The end to the emergency portion of the pandemic in the United States should be heralded completely by the curtailing of severe illness, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19,” she said. “Fewer than 100 deaths a day—to mirror the typical mortality of influenza in the U.S. over a typical year—is an appropriate goal.”

However, classifying deaths as COVID19-caused seems to be based on influences other than science.

Money could be involved, however, in a different way. Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen, who is also a physician, said Medicare reimburses hospitals differently if their patients have COVID-19.

USA Today confirmed hospitals get a lot more money if a patient has COVID-19 or needs a ventilator than if they have a stand-alone case of pneumonia. Since pneumonia and COVID-19 have a similar effect on the lungs and often occur together, Dr. Wayne theorized that a hospital administrator could try to change a patient’s discharge summary to get a larger reimbursement.

We both expressed our disdain for the leadership of Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci. I had the opportunity to try out my “Lord of the Rings” inspired joke regarding Fauci! Listen and let me know if you laughed!


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I strongly question whether this was a “pandemic”. By the loose definition the media is touting, every single flu season can be considered a pandemic. Yes – a lot of people caught the Wuflu and some died, and people all over the world also were infected. But quite honestly the death rate from the Wuflu is not that different from past flu seasons – and we don’t shut the country down every year to fight the flu.

At any rate, when it comes to the Wuflu I think discussing milestones and definitions of what constitutes the end of the “pandemic” is useless. What really happened is that the Communists saw an opportunity to panic politicians and the public into giving up their civil liberties – and they took it. Remember that we went from “fifteen days to flatten the curve” to over a year of lockdowns and draconian restriction with no end in sight.

What is likely to happen is that Wuflu lockdowns will morph smoothly into lockdowns to fight “climate change”. Or suspending the Bill of Rights to combat “racism”. There are DoD and other Federal officials who are openly calling for a MILITARY crackdown on those whom they consider to be white supremacist groups. The pattern is now established: shriek ”CRISIS!” loud enough, muzzle the opposition, and enough people will gladly obey.

I laughed, but not the way you intended; I thought you said “ALF” and envisioned a mashup between that old TV sitcom and LOTR. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Recently I saw a graphic that put the Covid 19 in ‘pandemic’ in perspective. Scroll down at

The visual makes me mindful of a ‘burn’ that was popular when I was a kid: “if we took a Democrat’s brain, enlarged it a million times and stuck it in the ear of an ant, it would still roll around like a BB in a box-car”. That’s what the chart makes Covid-19 look like on the grand scale of historical pandemics.

Countries able to focus on something other than vaccines are doing pretty well. Uttar Pradesh, a State in India with 240 million people, has 1/60 of our mortality – due to mass distribution of Ivermectin, a cheap anti-parasite medicine which was shown almost a year ago to work for Covid-19 as well.

Subotai Bahadur | March 24, 2021 at 4:08 pm

The current regime, which to be honest is now immune from being removed by electoral means, has no desire or incentive to end the “pandemic”. It is a basis for power outside the consent of the ruled, so there will not be an official end point.

Subotai Bahadur

Your third of three endpoints seems irrelevant to me. If hospitalizations are down and reproduction numbers are down why do I care about vaccination rates? People didn’t stop having immune systems just because it’s politically useful to claim they don’t. This push for universal vaccination for a disease that’s pretty much harmless to most of the population has no medical basis, so I wonder what the real reason for it is.

    I saw a guy, obviously a tourist, at the Circle K today, and he was out there huffing and puffing near his bike. He had his mask, I kid you not, down under his chin, but he was just trying to catch his breath before he masked up and hopped on his bicycle. I thought about saying something, but then I knew that nothing I could say to this freak who had at least five maskless people walk by him to enter the store (while he had his mask under his chin) would stop him from then riding his bike, alone, while wearing a mask. This is a special kind of stupid.

    Seriously, I was one of the five or six people who walked right by him (within three feet since he had his stupid bicycle right near the store’s doors), and he just stood there, huffing and puffing, mask around his flabby neck, trying to catch his breath and cool down. It was kind of sad. But how sad can you feel about a middle-aged lunatic fat person who wears a mask to bike but stands outside a store with unmasked normal people carrying on their business? So truly bizarre. But I will not be at all surprised to learn that this fat dumbass dropped dead biking alone and while masked in the 80 degree Florida spring.

    Clearly this guy was not from here, so he probably flouted whatever his own state’s rules were to travel here to Free Florida. But my goodness, did I feel for this guy. How stupid do you have to be to bike alone while wearing a mask and then stand outside a store with maskless normals streaming by and your own mask is around your neck as you gasp for breath? Sucking in the maximum whatevers are floating by? But yeah, when this dude drops dead, it’s so totally Gov. DeSantis’ fault.

    People are stupid. This does not surprise me. Seeing some fatass hanging on to his bicycle and sucking the air of every maskless local who wandered by did surprise me. How do you bike, while masked like a lunatic, to the store and then stand there panting in all the cooties of the locals who are passing by? Shrug. Tourists are dumb, and people who mask when alone (biking, driving, showering, etc.) are ten levels below stupid. But good for a laugh!