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China Weaponizes Social Justice Warriors and Black Lives Matter In Covert War Against the U.S.

China Weaponizes Social Justice Warriors and Black Lives Matter In Covert War Against the U.S.

Beijing wages all-out campaign to sow chaos and discord in the US.

With President Joe Biden in the White House, Communist China is waging a vicious campaign of sowing chaos and discord in American society.

The opening salvo in this all-out campaign was fired at the U.S.-China summit in Alaska on March 19. The Chinese delegation, besides publicly humiliating the Biden administration, used the summit to accused the U.S. of “deep-seated” racism. Chinese representatives referred to the propaganda put out by the BLM movement to accuse the U.S. of ‘slaughtering’ Black Americans.

The same day, China used the floor of the U.N. General Assembly to make similar claims. China’s deputy U.N. Ambassador Dai Bing accused the U.S of “deep-seated problems of racial discrimination, social injustice and police brutality.”

Beijing—while waging a genocidal campaign against Tibetan and Uyghur people at home—issued a “human rights” report on the U.S. on Wednesday.

The Chinese propaganda report, laden with social justice lingo, was aimed at ethnic minorities in America. Blacks were subject to “unchecked police violence” and Asian Americans were targets of “racial bullying,” the document claimed.

“The ethnic minorities in the United States are devastated by racial discrimination, and racism exists in a comprehensive, systematic and continuous manner,” the Chinese state-run TV channel CGTN reported citing the report.

Opposition to Beijing’s policies are falsely equated by the CCP-controlled state media to Sinophobia, racial hatred towards people of Chinese ethnicity. The Chinese Communist mouthpiece newspaper Global Times recently wrote that the “US government’s increased hostility toward China and the continued festering legacy of former president Donald Trump, deep-seated hatred toward Asians will continue to loom over America and further tear it apart.”

The narrative is peddled on social media by Chinese officials and surrogates. This week, China’s state media and leading Chinese diplomats supported the #StopAsianHate on Twitter, portraying the U.S. as a hostile place for Asian and other minorities.

While the people of China are forbidden from using global social media platform like Twitter and Facebook, Chinese troll farms were amplifying the party-line and spewing anti-U.S. hate.

The tactics adopted by Beijing’s surrogates and the regime-run media are right out of the playbook written by Saul Alinsky in the early 1970s. Alinsky, a Chicago-based agitator in 1950s and 60s, was one of the first leftist theoreticians to argue the use of identity politics to achieve the left’s political aims. In his handbook ‘Rules for Radicals,’ Alinsky calls upon the leftist activists to recruit minorities and identity groups for their ideological warfare by stoking their grievances.

Alinsky’s notorious handbook, aptly dedicated to Lucifer for rebelling against the heavenly order, has shaped the minds of leading leftists politicians and activists of our age, including Democrat stalwarts like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In keeping with the teaching of Alinsky and other cultural Marxists of the 60s, the left in America abandoned the working class as preferred tool for their class warfare and focused on racial, gender, and other identities to wage an all-out cultural war against American society.

Many of the ideas adopted by the Alinsky-inspired New Left in the 60s and 70s came from the violent Cultural Revolution instigated by Mao Zedong in China between 1966-76. Thus ‘political correctness’ is not a woke concept developed by Western academics in Princeton or Harvard, but a notion rooted in the doctrine of Maoism. Today’s woke mob derives its intolerant instincts to ban ideas, cleanse the language, or purge its opponents from their ideology steeped on genocidal Marxism and Maoism.

As things come full circle, Maoist China is recruiting these woke useful idiots and weaponizing the language of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and social justice warriors to weaken the U.S. from within, the sole obstacle in Beijing’s quest for world domination.


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Social justice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Some, Select Black Lives Matter. #BabyLivesMatter(BLM)

So insidious. So progressive: one step forward, two steps backward. Clever, even.

That said, throw another baby on the barbie, cannibalize her profitable parts, and sequester her carbon pollutans. Hold a pride parade with lions, lionesses, and their [unPlanned] cubs playing in gay abandon.

Coexisting in a Rainbow of inclusive exclusion (i.e. black, brown, and shredded remains of white).

JusticeDelivered | March 28, 2021 at 2:36 pm

BLM leaders should be sent to China. I cannot believe that we are all still putting up with their racist crap.

    Race-baiting ideologues are destroying America and aiding our opponents (esp China & Russia). Why have our so-called “intelligence” agencies not seen this threat coming ? ? ?


I’m reminded of a strip from way back when Doonesbury was relevant and funny. A couple of Cambodian farmers find themselves in front of a congressional committee hearing, being questioned about the “secret bombings.”

(Paraphrasing from memory)

“What secret bombings? Everybody knew about them. I said, Look, here come the bombs.”

“Covert war” by China against the U.S.?

All’s fair in lust and abortion. Forward! and don’t spare the baby… “burden”.

Interestingly, Facebook is now rolling out a “Stop Asian Hate” campaign.
All our media sources are under China’s control.

In The Deep Rig ebook it’s believed much of the election fraud came from China, voting machines, fake ballots and cash to fund it.
Right out of the gate Sundowner declared calling the Covid anything Chinese was off the table.
Since his election he hasn’t done one act China wouldn’t approve of.
It’s nice to have a friend interested White House.

    Grrr8 American in reply to Skip. | March 28, 2021 at 7:40 pm

    Ditto on all counts.

    Let’s not forget that much of Silicon Valley and Hollywood and the media are also co-opted by the CCP and its money / markets.

    Oh, and did I mention the NBA?

    And did I mention Confucius Institutes at many universities?

Communist China is making war with us in our own nation by bribing our politicians into committing treason, and turning the monopoly of force the former American government against us.

Stay and take it, or begin talking secession. The latter is the safer choice.

Maybe China is the new colossus, offering to open their golden doors to the American huddled masses yearning to be free.

Or maybe China is the new Lord Haw Haw.

healthguyfsu | March 28, 2021 at 5:20 pm

China offer them refuge and SJWs please take their offer! This is a match made in heaven (just not ours)!

The problem is that they’re stupid, not that they’re Chinese-supported.

First, the off-message Antifa riots, and now this. I’m wondering if the self-anointed “kingmakers” in the DNC are worrying that control of their narrative is being taken out of their hands by actors bigger and stronger than they are, and that perhaps they will be first up against the wall after all.