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Biden Admin Prepares $3 Trillion Infrastructure Bill With Climate Measures, Universal Pre-K

Biden Admin Prepares $3 Trillion Infrastructure Bill With Climate Measures, Universal Pre-K

It includes spending money on human infrastructure. Yes. Human infrastructure.

Politicians can only accomplish anything by stuffing everything into one bill. The “Covid” relief bill was the latest example.

President Joe Biden’s administration is toying around with a $3 trillion infrastructure bill, including a handful of non-relevant items. Granted, Biden’s team described these as “human infrastructure.”

The first part of the plan includes a lot from Biden’s 2020 “Build Back Better” plan. Officials boast the investments “would create 5 million new jobs in manufacturing and advanced industries.”

From The Washington Post:

The infrastructure part of the plan includes hundreds of billions of dollars for repairing the nation’s roads, bridges, waterways and rails. It also includes funding for retrofitting buildings, safety improvements, schools infrastructure, and low-income and tribal groups, as well as $100 billion for schools and education infrastructure.

The infrastructure component of the proposal includes $400 billion in spending to combat climate change, including $60 billion for infrastructure related to green transit and $46 billion for climate-related research and development. The plan also would aim to make electric-vehicle charging stations available across the country. The measure would also include $200 billion for housing infrastructure, including $100 billion to expand the supply of housing for low-income Americans.

Human. Infrastructure. This is how the politicians get away with these junk bills:

The second plan under discussion is focused on what many progressives call the nation’s human infrastructure — students, workers and people left on the sidelines of the job market — according to documents and people familiar with the discussions. It would spend heavily on education and on programs meant to increase the participation of women in the labor force, by helping them balance work and caregiving. It includes free community college, universal pre-K education, a national paid leave program and efforts to reduce child care costs.

How do we pay for a $3 trillion infrastructure bill? Biden’s team suggested payment “through initiatives that would reduce spending by as much as $700 billion over a decade, like allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs with pharmaceutical companies.”

I doubt Biden’s team goes for that one because Democrats won’t reduce spending. They’ll likely go with this one: tax increases on the wealthy!

Oh, not just the wealthy individual. Wealthy households:

The officials have discussed further offsetting the spending increases by raising taxes on high-earning individuals and households, like raising the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6 percent from 37 percent.

Administration officials were still debating details of the tax increases late last week. One question is how, exactly, to apply Mr. Biden’s campaign promise that no one earning less than $400,000 a year would pay more in federal taxes under his plan. Currently, the top marginal income tax rate starts at just above $500,000 for individuals and above $600,000 for couples. Mr. Biden proposed raising that rate in the campaign.

Since when does society consider those people millionaires and billionaires? I thought all the rage was going after those who make at least $1,000,000,000 since we all pointed out Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is worth millions.

The bill will not receive 60 votes in the Senate, even if Biden tries to push it through with the budget reconciliation process. Republicans have no problem with actual infrastructure like “roads, bridges, water and sewer systems.” They have a problem with a lot of the tax increases.

Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) already told Biden to work with Republicans. I think Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema feels the same way.

Businesses already balked at higher corporate taxes:

Business groups have warned that corporate tax increases would scuttle their support for an infrastructure plan. “That’s the kind of thing that can just wreck the competitiveness in a country,” Aric Newhouse, senior vice president of policy and government relations at the National Association of Manufacturers, said last month.

Administration officials are considering offering to extend some 2017 tax breaks that are set to expire, like the ability to immediately deduct new investments, as part of their plans in order to win over business support.

No matter what we have to realize that the bill will end up close to $3 trillion because the government loves to spend.

Do you realize in a span of only a few months the Biden administration has brought up two bills worth almost $5 trillion?


We have four more years of Biden.


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“Human infrastructure”- why not? The liberals have succeeded in calling workers for a business “human resources”. By relabeling people, the politicians find it easier to control the narrative.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnd what percentage of this finds its way into the pockets of these disingenuous D-RAT-bastards? Remember, 1% of Three Trillion is $30,000,000,000… and that’s just their cut! This trough is going to feed a lot of piggies!! This is how they rob the nation blind right before we descend into a Venezuela-like depression!

stevewhitemd | March 23, 2021 at 9:06 am

At $3 trillion, it’s still not about the money. It’s about the control.

Think of the control you need to “retrofit buildings”, for “green transit”, “charging stations”, “high-speed rail”, and “human infrastructure”.

Think of the control you need to make everything “free”. Free college, free pre-K, free child care, free health care, free paid leave.

As AOC, Beto, and the rest have proposed with the NGD, the money is a lure. Control is the hook.

    NYBruin in reply to stevewhitemd. | March 23, 2021 at 10:38 am

    Politicians have learned how easily American voters are bribed. They got control of the Senate for just a promise of $1,400 additional dollars of unemployment payments.

Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) already told Biden to work with Republicans. I think Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema feels the same way.

Until they change their minds because [fill-in-the-blank].

The Dems will ram this through just as they rammed through the fake Covid-1984 bill.

Anyone who thinks they give a crap about the politics and ‘optics’ of anything they do anymore is living in the past. Wielding power without regard to ‘the people’ is who and what they now are.

They are essentially communists who will do whatever they have to do in order to win future elections. And they think they can get away with it. Because they just did. They may be wrong. But that’s the bet they are making.

They believe it’s now or never. They know there is growing opposition to their plan to create one party Democrat rule in America. They know that Trump began to erode their historic support in key demographic areas. They know need to move as quickly as they can. And they’re just getting started.

If only there was a Republican party that actually believed in something to fight for. This “lesser of two evils” party is a disaster.

start printing $100,000 bills like Zimbabwe. So sad what the steal has gotten us. Build back better is more like Steal US Blind.

    alaskabob in reply to r2468. | March 23, 2021 at 12:41 pm

    Back in 2005 I had a nice dinner in Victoria Falls. it cost around 150,000 Zim bucks…. BEFORE the real inflation set it. I gave my $50 Timex watch to one of the workers at the camp as a thank you and it was received like it was pure gold. As one white Zimbabwean noted… The land of no milk and no money… At least that some pleasure in knowing that all those Dem voters are going to be as poor and as hungry as you are ….. and they deserved it.

I could be mistaken, but I thought reconciliation was limited to one bill for each of three financial areas in a year, And didn’t they use reconciliation to pass the “Covid Relief Bill:”? So was that the “Spending” bill for reconciliation? That leaves taxes (revenue) and the Debt Limit,so which of those two will they try to make this one fit? I suspect Debt Limit will be a “bridge too far” for the Senate Parliamentarian. But if Tax increases makes up five percent of the bill, will that work? I suppose so, what do they care about accuracy or legality?

Think of the unPlanned children? The problem begins with the Pro-Choice religion, with policies of Every Child Left Behind (“equity”), and great societies measures that normalized dysfunctional families. Social progress. Social justice. One step forward, steps backward.

The prophecy and profits of [catastrophic] [anthropogenic] climate cooling… warming… change established with models (i.e. hypotheses) that have demonstrated no skill in hindsight nor prediction.

Redistributive change.

The goal isn’t to build anything.
The goal is to crash the economy and commence with the Western Cultural Revolution, errr, I mean the Great Reset. It all boils down to a boot on all of our throats.

“”We have four more years of Biden.””

Not a chance. But, we likely DO have 8 more years of Harris, if somebody doesn’t figure out a way to keep the Dems from instituting election fraud in all national elections.

Has Biden undergone a mental examine yet? Both sanity check as well dementia evaluation. Wouldn’t bother with an IQ test……. we already know the answer on that one.

So destroying the US with inflation is the plan?