America officially rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which means more trips for John Kerry on his private jet to Europe.

America has so much catching up to do because Lord knows she polluted Earth too much during President Donald Trump’s administration:

Starting Friday, the U.S. is back in the deal but with plenty of catching up to do to meet its emissions-cutting commitments and restore its diminished standing on the world stage.

U.S. emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases plunged last year, but that was an anomaly owing to the coronavirus pandemic, which put the brakes on large segments of the economy. As the country rebounds, emissions are expected to rise once again, and President Joe Biden’s administration is racing to find ways to put the U.S. on track to meet even more ambitious targets that scientists say are needed to avert the worst effects of global warming.

That’s especially true when it comes to building back U.S. credibility to persuade China, by far the world’s largest emitter, to move faster.

“We have to show we are not just talking the talk but walking the walk,” said Todd Stern, the lead U.S. negotiator for the Obama administration on the 2015 climate agreement. “Our capacity to be impactful will start at home. Everybody understands the United States has got to get a really revved-up effort.”

If you didn’t click on the linked article I’ll tell you it’s from NBC News. It’s not an opinion piece, but man, Josh Lederman’s lovefest with the climates makes one think it is an opinion piece!

World leaders are so happy to have us back in line with them, but according to Paris accord author Laurence Tubiana, this is no time to celebrate.

“The climate crisis is deepening, and this is the year we need all major polluters to step up and deliver strong plans to deliver a safe, clean and prosperous future for everyone,” Tubiana declared.

Did Tubiana just criticize America? Probably because America is the cause of all problems, of course.

Oh, it’s going to be a glorious Friday as the leaders mark this historic day while preparing for trips all around the world as they shame us little people who throw an aluminum can in the garbage:

The Biden administration is reentering the agreement with plenty of pomp. On Friday, John F. Kerry, Biden’s special climate envoy, will join the Italian and British ambassadors to discuss ways of working together. And the White House is planning to host a broader summit of presidents and prime ministers on April 22 to mark Earth Day.

All of that is prelude to a U.N. climate conference in Scotland in November, where world leaders will be expected to arrive with more ambitious climate pledges. Existing commitments to cut emissions are, according to many estimates, woefully inadequate to forestall dangerous warming that is already evident around the world in the form of wildfires, drought, melting glaciers, loss of species, coastal flooding and other extreme weather.


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