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Trump Appointee Joins Harvard as Fellow Despite Student Objections

Trump Appointee Joins Harvard as Fellow Despite Student Objections

“Trump Foreign Policy Success: What the Administration Got Right”

A few months ago, Harvard students petitioned to keep Trump officials off campus, but this is happening anyway. For now.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard hosts Trump appointee despite students’ protest

Some activists demanded Harvard University enact strict parameters — or avoid inviting — anyone who served under the Trump Administration as a scholar at the Ivy League school, but campus leaders did bring one such individual into the fold.

Harvard’s Kennedy School’s Spring 2021 Fellows include Bonnie Glick, former deputy administrator for the United States Agency for International Development under President Trump.

She is scheduled to discuss “Trump Foreign Policy Success: What the Administration Got Right,” according to the institute’s website.

In an interview with The College Fix, Glick said she is pleased to be an Institute of Politics fellow and hopes to advance academic discourse.

“The environment on so many college campuses is puzzling to me,” Glick said via email when asked about what it meant to be a voice for conservatives on campus.

“At a place like Harvard, the student body is very talented, worldly, and curious but at the same time, that same student body, often, is not interested in hearing dissenting voices from other students.”

Glick getting the nod for the fellowship came in the wake of a very tumultuous political time period, especially on Harvard’s campus. At Harvard Law School, a large number of students recently signed on to a petition to prevent Trump officials from having anything to do with the campus.

Ab Henry, president of the Harvard Law School Republicans, said he is “pleased to see Harvard continue its courageous commitment to the free exchange of ideas and to its engagement with leaders from a wide range of political perspectives. Diversity is powerful, and that includes ideological diversity.”


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I did a double-take at the final quote on “ideological diversity,” and had to backtrack to realize the quote was from the college Republican club, not any of the administration pantywaists.