Coca-Cola Company is barrelling full-steam ahead in the hopes of being crowned the most wokest woke company of uber-woke 2021.  Last month, Professor Jacobson wrote about “Coca-Cola Impos[ing] Racial Quotas On Outside Counsel Staffing.

This month, we learn that Coca-Cola is forcing its employees to attend a divisive, destructive online course designed to make them hate themselves because of the color of their skin.

Making white people hate themselves for the color of their skin is, of course, the goal of all this ridiculous, flagrantly racist ‘anti-racist’ training’ that has taken over our universities, our government, and our major (and not so major) businesses and corporations.

And Coca-Cola is apparently fully onboard with dehumanizing their staff, with instilling in them a sense of self-hatred and a paranoid, judgemental loathing of their entire race. What says stellar employee more than a suicidal, soul-destroyed, self- and race-hater who is required to be “less white”?

This is a monstrous evil inflicted on people who have done nothing wrong, who are good employees, and who have committed no crime .  . . beyond the new ‘crime’ of being born white.

Being white is bad, so be “less white,” goes the hate yourself racist orthodoxy, and implicit in this, is the unspoken, but deeply understood, threat: if you want to keep your job.

This is a genuinely evil ideology, and people are outraged.

Coca-Cola offered the following statement in response to the backlash:

Tearing people down, filling them with self-doubt and self-hate, is now how you build an “inclusive workplace,” according to Coca-Cola.  Targeting white people for reeducation about their ‘whiteness’ is vile, racist, and unconscionable.

That said, it is—objectively speaking—a great way to manufacture a compliant and complacent populace.  If you hate yourself and your entire race, you are not going to fight back.  Why would you?  You have learned that you are evil because of your skin color, you have been taught to recognize your evil as manifested in your skin color, and you have been coerced into shouting your evil whiteness from the rooftops.  You then feel that you deserve whatever horrors the left unleashes on you because, after all, you were born white.

Who needs reeducation camps when the job is being done in our K-12 schools, universities, cultural output, government, and businesses?

Reject it. Reject it because it flies in the face of your religious beliefs, because it does not comport with your understanding of America, because it does not make sense to hate yourself for something beyond your control, because it is unjust. Reject it because it is destructive, divisive, and at rock bottom, purely evil.


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