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New York University Launching ‘Center for Psychedelic Medicine’

New York University Launching ‘Center for Psychedelic Medicine’

“ensure that the momentum created by the modern psychedelic renaissance is sustained”

This is being done by the Department of Psychiatry. What could possibly go wrong?

The New York Post reports:

NYU launching $10M Center for Psychedelic Medicine in Manhattan

New York University wants to expand our minds — but in a trippy new way.

NYU Langone Health’s Department of Psychiatry plans to establish a Center for Psychedelic Medicine, a hallucinatory hub that will support research on treating addiction, chronic pain, opioid addiction and “existential distress” — among other physical and emotional maladies — using psychedelics. NYU researchers are already involved in studies on the treatment of alcoholism, anxiety and major depressive disorder with psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) and the treatment of severe PTSD with MDMA (also known as ecstasy and molly).

The program, announced Wednesday, will also be the home base for NYU’s new Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program, which will attempt to make psychedelic medicine more mainstream and increase the number of experts in the field.

The new facility is backed by $10 million from donors, including Dr. Bronner’s soaps and psychedelic medicine company MindMed.

The center is being created to “ensure that the momentum created by the modern psychedelic renaissance is sustained,” according to NYU psychiatry professor Michael P. Bogenschutz, who will be the center’s director.

Benefactors believe the program will not only advance psychedelic-inspired medicinal research, but also help those suffering from “some of the most prevalent issues in mental health for patients,” according to a press release, which added, “We are very excited about what the future holds.”


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This goes far towards explaining Doctor Bronner’s labels.

My exposure to those was in the early ’70s, when Bronner was apparently having a major bromance with Mark Spitz.

The field has been an orphan, suffering cultural prejudice and neglect for quite a long time — in fact ever since the Swiss medicinal chemist Albert Hoffmann, after synthesizing it serendipitously a few years earlier later discovered firsthand the extraordinary psychic effects of LSD in 1943.

In fact, indigenous peoples, particularly in South America, beat us to the expanded-mind experience much, much earlier. But in “the West,” many others, including, say, David E Nichols of Purdue, ran with the baton, delivered initially by Hoffmann, and have blazed exciting trails in neuro-medicinal chemistry and molecular neuropharmacology.

So the present, renewed initiative at NYU to enlarge the knowledge-field and its solid potential for clinical application may indeed lead yet to remarkable results, prudent practice, and a cartload of effective treatments where other, more orthodox and narrowly theoretical, traditional approaches have clearly “failed” — that’s to say, just didn’t apply.

I say, give this talented, rarified bunch a chance to find and share, but at the same time, BOLO for a climate-change-like, scientistic veneer to promote a neo-Huxleyan brave new world, reimagined by its stakeholders, ideological or otherwise.

In the end, this may be a template and roadmap for a less monochromatic — ie, effetely “normal” — sense of reality. I guess the analogy here of a — what, kaleidoscopic insight and vista? — might be apt.

Multiple-universe-based experiences, anyone? I mostly jest, respectfully, but you get the idea. Prepare, then, way down the road from this propitious rebeginning for a split-species kind of outlook. Why coexist, you see, on the same, unchemicalized page?

In the end, I guess its adherents will come to postulate that there are those with the right, new, chemically adjusted vision, and all the mere rest of us — the other billions of members of the older class, H sapiens.

H neovisio is, thus, is in the offing. Its ETA? Perhaps a century hence, more or less.

Hey, gotta keep up with Columbia in the Cray Cray Deptartment.

For me, I have seen enough anecdotal evidence on the sidewalks of Portland to believe that mental illness and mind altering (in the not good way) drugs are a bad combo. A dart gun and a jug of stelazine would go a lot further, IMHO.

Paging Timothy Leary….

Aren’t these guys 50+ years too late??

‘Shrooms, man.

At last the cause of liberal progressivism has been discovered.?