New York state legislators and other officials have demanded investigations into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s coverup of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

Cuomo warned them not to threaten him with subpoenas because, try not to laugh, it’s a crime. He also defended the policy.

Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s secretary, set off a firestorm last week when she “apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing home death toll.”

DeRosa said the administration “froze” because they feared President Donald Trump’s DOJ would use the numbers “against” them.

Democrats immediately called for a “full investigation” and threats to rescind his emergency powers.

Cuomo used his Monday press conference to play the victim and deflect blame.

Yes, the man who instilled a policy that led to old people dying in nursing homes chided those who want the truth.

“You can’t use a subpoena or the threat of investigation to leverage a person,” lectured Cuomo. “That’s a crime. It’s called abuse of power, it’s called extortion.”

Excuse me, sir.

Then Cuomo claimed visitors brought COVID-19 into the nursing homes, not the COVID-19 positive patients his administration forced into the homes.

Cuomo regurgitated the usual leftist talking points to distract from his failures.

So did this magical virus (it has to be magical since the way leftists talk about it, COVID-19 has critical thinking abilities) choose not to infect others if it came from an infected elderly person? The visitors and workers with COVID-19 only infected others?

Do these people have any idea how absurd they sound? That’s a rhetorical question.


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