One thing that stands out at this early stage about the violence on Capitol Hill is that the right—from Republican Congressmen to prominent media personalities—is calling with one voice for the violence to stop.

The contrast between the right’s immediate calls for an end to the violence and the months-long Democrat, media, and leftist sugar-coating (remember the antifa “summer of love”?), down-playing (mostly peaceful arson), and refusing to condemn antifa and BLM violence as it swept the nation’s cities in 2020 is stark.

President Trump issues a strong request that the violence stop. He reminds the rioters, if they turn out to be Trump supporters, that “WE are the Party of Law & Order.”

Vice President Mike Pence also called for the violence to stop. Now

Republican Congressmen also call for an immediate end to the violence.

As do prominent right and right-leaning figures.

And right Hollywood.


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