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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Now Threatens to Build More Nukes and Bring U.S. to Its ‘Knees’

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Now Threatens to Build More Nukes and Bring U.S. to Its ‘Knees’

North Korean leader’s sister demoted as China’s Xi praises NK dictator for “election” win.

Just as President Donald Trump prepares to leave office, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un now refers to the U.S. as an “arch-enemy” and threatens to expand its nuclear arsenal.

“Our external political activities must focus on our arch-enemy and the fundamental obstacle to our revolutionary development, the United States,” Kim told the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the state run Korean Central News Agency reported.

“The efforts will focus on overpowering and bringing them to their knees,” he added.

…In an apparent attempt to also apply pressure on the incoming administration of [Biden], Kim said: “Whoever takes office in the U.S., its basic nature and hostile policy will never change.”

Relations between North Korea and the U.S. would depend on “the U.S. withdrawing its hostile policy,” he added.

Biden, who will take office on Jan. 20, has previously called Kim a “thug” and criticized his summits with President Trump.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Kim for being elected as general secretary of the ruling Workers’ Party.

Kim was elected on Sunday, taking over the title from his late father. China is North Korea’s largest trade partner and closest ally.

North Korea, under the leadership of Kim, can achieve economic and social development goals and “attain greater success in socialist development”, Xi said, according to China’s Xinhua state news agency.

However, during the same conference, Kim’s powerful sister was demoted.

During the sixth-day session of the party’s eighth congress in Pyongyang on Sunday, Kim Yo-jong, the leader’s younger sister, was not listed as a member nor as an alternate member of the party’s politburo, according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Her absence on the politburo list drew a sharp contrast with South Korean intelligence authorities’ assessment that the younger Kim is “the de facto No. 2 leader” steering overall state affairs.

The National Intelligence Service made the assessment during a closed-door parliamentary briefing in August, with a prediction that she would be elevated to a higher party post in the rare congress, according to lawmakers.

Observers said that it is premature to determine where Kim Yo-jong stands in the top party echelons based on the recent reshuffle, given her pedigree and the great trust the leader places in her.

It may be recalled that Kim’s sister apparently took the reigns of government when Kim was rumored to be dead of COVID-19.

While Trump’s policies apparently enhanced peace in the Middle East, sadly, he leaves office with North Korea being an even more rogue nation than before.


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China Joe’s problem now ???

After 4 years of peace under President Trump, North Korea, China and Iran are all going bellicose on Faux President elect Biden. The next 4 years are certainly going to be entertaining.

He seems nice.


Kim Jong Un to his military commanders;
Here comes Slow Joe so we can push him all over the place and as long as we leave a quarter tip for him and Hunter he’ll tell the whole world how nice we are.

Porky Kim doesn’t yet realize that bringing America to its knees is what Democrats are for.

Connivin Caniff | January 14, 2021 at 10:30 am

Joe better remind Kim about how Joe handled Cornpop.

He’s looking for a payoff from the new administration and he’ll get it.

How about if we just send him the incoming vice president. She can get on her knees, and maybe that will satisfy him.

a blustering fool–were he dumb enough to attempt the use of a nuke on the pennisula(or japan) he’d experience the real meaning of ” fifteen minutes of fame “

DPK [pronounced “dork”] is controlled, in large part, by the PRC [pronounced “prick]. When Trump was in office, he provided some buffer between Kim and the PRC. With Trump gone and the PRC owned Biden coming into office, that buffer disappears. So, Kim has to suck up to the PRC again.

The internal politics in the DRK are split between the leadership who see their star tied to the coattails of the PRC and those who want greater independence. When Biden won the election, the advantage swung from the independence wing back to the PRC wing. Kim and the independence wing did not want to see Trump leave. His continuation, in office, was to their benefit. So, look for the DPRK to once again play the international bad boy, at China’s direction.

“While Trump’s policies apparently enhanced peace in the Middle East, sadly, he leaves office with North Korea being an even more rogue nation than before.”

You might want to refresh your memory of the situation in Korea in 2016.

    Milwaukee in reply to Rabel. | January 14, 2021 at 11:31 pm

    Thank you Rabel.
    I thought the wording here hinted that NK getting antsy was Trump’s fault, some how. Perhaps it isn’t the fault of Trump, rather they sense that Groper Joe is to mentally slow to effectively counter a threat. So they will push as hard as they can and The New President Biden will say “Come on man, that’s no way to behave.” in the hope of getting them to give up their occupation of South Korea.

    Rather peculiar wording for the author.

2smartforlibs | January 14, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Rocket mans going to do nothing if the CCP doesn’t tell him to. Since t4h control both countries now I see no point in an aggressive US stance from the CHICOMS.

Knees, huh. The CCP has evolved from the Great Leap to one-child to selective-child and social justification of concentration/reeducation camps for deplorables. Are the CCP and NK regimes consulting with Western leftists to unify their message?

We have just the VP for that knee job Kim is looking for.

Ironically, the election of Kim Jong Un was also far more fair than the election of Joe Biden.

No one would dare cheat and steal an election in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. North Korea is a world leader in democracy.


Now is the time for him to act. The incoming leadership will be the weakest since JFK. The bullies of the world are going to steal their lunch money and leave them hanging in their lockers.

But JFK did learn. Seems after the first encounter with Khrushchev he went home and decided to toughen up. Which Carter and 0bama never did.