Given the rapid deplatforming of Trump (who was permanently suspended from Twitter, his campaign store deplatformed, and his campaign email service cut) and his allies, and the suspension of Parler from Google’s App Store (Apple is threatening Parler similarly), now seems as good a time as any to ask you to join us (if you haven’t already) by signing up for our email list.

I know, I know — email lists are the worst. But as the official list manager, I promise we never spam nor sell your information. We hate when that happens to us, so we won’t do it to you. You can control your subscription in that you can sign up for Morning Insurrection (arrives in your inbox daily, Monday – Friday) or just keep it to general emails which means you’ll only get super important announcements from us.

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We saw the writing on the wall last year and began branching out into other social media platforms like Parler and MeWe. We remain on the larger platforms. For now.

We don’t know what the future holds, but it’s clear that we need a lifeline to you outside of social media platforms.

These are uncertain times. We are not afraid. We are not discouraged. But we are prepared. And we are all in this together. You are not alone.

Thank you for being part of the Legal Insurrection Community. You help make this a great spot of internet real estate. We are truly grateful for you.

Ephesians 6:12.

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