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Emergency Event: Surviving The Big Tech Purge (Sunday, January 17, 7 p.m. Eastern)

Emergency Event: Surviving The Big Tech Purge (Sunday, January 17, 7 p.m. Eastern)

Join Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff, Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson, and Security Enthusiast Michelle Ray as they how discuss how to navigate the big tech purge and improve personal internet security.

The Big Tech oligopoly is drunk with power, taking unto itself the decisions as to who gets to be heard on the internet and social media. In this panel discussion, we will discuss how to navigate the Big Tech purge, and strategies for maintaining personal privacy. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. You can SIGN UP HERE.


The swift takedown of Parler by Google, Apple, and Amazon Web Services, together with the deplatforming of Donald Trump, Trump supporters, and conservatives, should be a wake up call.

We have organized this virtual event on an emergency basis. Waiting for them to come for you no longer is an option.

The panelists are:

Amy Peikoff is Parler’s Chief Policy Officer, is a philosopher and lawyer whose academic research has focused on the proper legal protection for privacy, based on our common-law rights to property and contract. Experienced talk show host, writer and commentator.

William A. Jacobson is Clinical Professor of Law at Cornell Law School, founder of the Legal Insurrection website, and President of the Legal Insurrection Foundation.

Michelle Ray is a mom of 4, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of the civic engagement platform Clearvoter™, and 20 year veteran of the tech industry with a passion for free markets, innovation, data security, and the ordered chaos that results from climbing out of the box to solve problems.

Kemberlee Kaye has a background working in immigration law, and as a grassroots organizer, digital media strategist, campaign lackey, and muckraker. Over the years Kemberlee has worked with FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, and Senator John Cornyn’s campaign, among others. Kemberlee is the Senior Contributing Editor of Legal Insurrection website, where she has worked since 2014.

There will be question and answer after panelist presentations. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. You can SIGN UP HERE.



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Is there going to be an article or video follow up on the event? I cant make it but looks very interesting


While I don’t have anything useful to contribute, I do see you are meeting up with the right people.

I do remember this though…

They are back up and running just fine.
Reach out to them.

And, I joined up with which is under extreme traffic loads due to the membership explosion started by bigtech.

So, they are already out in the clear air, but are working on adding more servers and stuff.

Thanks for taking this seriously, and working to resolve potential interruption before it comes.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to snowshooze. | January 14, 2021 at 5:28 pm

    I sent a note to them about the upcoming Emergency Event: Surviving The Big Tech Purge. I pointed out that their actions are handing a victory to Dems.

Thanks for being proactive.

I avoided the worst pitfall of Big Tech by asking myself early on if I really needed in my life whatever it was that these platforms were offering, and deciding I could get along just fine exactly as I did before them. But of course I realize other unfortunates got sucked in.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to henrybowman. | January 17, 2021 at 6:01 am

    The ONLY one that tempted me was Facebook, so I could maybe locate Navy shipmates, but then I thought it over, and… naaah. Twitter? I didn’t even give it a second thought. Same for Pinterest and a few others. I briefly had a WhatsApp account for free texting to friends overseas. The very day it became a Facebook property I bailed.

I’d be more interested in this if you had anyone with any technical expertise whatsoever involved. Lawyering and marketing aren’t the skills you’re going to need to stay under the radar.

    Now more than ever, conservative IT engineers / developers are needed.

    One of the panelist bios states “…co-founder of the civic engagement platform Clearvoter™, and 20 year veteran of the tech industry..”

    JusticeDelivered in reply to daniel_ream. | January 14, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    I have extensive technical background, but I have not made any effort to stay current for at least five years. What that means is that I can help structure, but probably have a hard time implementing a system.

    In general, teams work best when they have some people who are battel hardened, bruised by mistakes, with younger un tempered people who are at the cutting edge.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to JusticeDelivered. | January 17, 2021 at 6:10 am

      I wish I could help, but, I can barely figure out how to set up a Plex server here at the house. I start that little adventure today.

on this note- has parler found a hosting solution?

Would be good to have a thread live as that progresses. When they come back up- I’m going to do my best to get my “tribe” connecting over there. My life is not interesting, but I think it’s important that they survive and thrive as a platform.

I am personally going to keep my own FB profile live and just post about once or twice a month saying – I’ve been posting about recent travels/adventures over in parler.

Right before it went down a bunch of my contacts had started connecting over there.

I’m unclear on how another “video conference” is going to change anything.

Comment fron TGP:
Kevin Cowlishaw • 13 minutes ago
messenger apps like Viber & Telegram are surging also now Whatsapp has gone Titsup

More getting taken out.

I sent Breitbart the link.
They are now again accepting comments without going through approval.
I believe they feared De-Platforming too.

Scary when your whole game is subject to the whims of others.

    We didn’t get here in a month and we won’t get out of it in a month.

    I am thankful the gloves are off, because instead of apathy, conservatives are taking action. This goes beyond big tech- the banking industry is also looking to cut off the air supply of conservatives as well- they are on the list that has gone after Parler and they are also going after the firearms industry.

    And the Liberty Dailey..

Just noticed the name Amy Peikoff. She is the ex-wife of Ayn Rand acolyte Leonard Peikoff. I recommend his book The Cause of Hitler’s Germany as, at this time, a most interesting read.

Diverso, ma uguale?! | January 14, 2021 at 5:40 am

purple hair

You guys are doing beautiful work, and the Zoomer that you’re planning for Sunday evening is commendable and potentially invaluable…But are you seriously scheduling that for a time that will conflict not only with PlayOff FootBall, but with the epic Brady versus Brees showdown?? My friends, I would highly recommend that you reschedule! You’d make a lot of friends!:)

    Not so many of us watch woke football, so it’s not a consideration. 😛

      For me, quitting football was like cutting liver out of my diet.

        Brackula in reply to Andy. | January 15, 2021 at 3:50 am

        Heh. Y’all gave up FootBall as a political statement? LOL.

        Good luck with that.

          guyjones in reply to Brackula. | January 15, 2021 at 9:27 am

          It’s not a “statement;” it’s action. The pro sports leagues are advertising-funded and dollar-driven. When ratings decline, markedly, ad revenue declines. The only thing that the team owners give a damn about is their bottom line. When revenues decline, this “social justice” posturing and obeisance will be history.

          If I had followed it in the first place.

          NFL/NBA/MLB: A bunch of overpaid morons chasing each other up and down the field/court…like watching paint dry.

          I’ll watch a combat sport if it’s on, but since I get no benefit from the outcome, it’s not a good use of my time.

          Keep in mind- I was a 3X all american athlete in college on full scholarship, but honestly I could give 2 shits about a contest I’m not in.

          Brackula in reply to Brackula. | January 15, 2021 at 8:35 pm

          I’m hoping that it’s some sort of built-in thread-limiting nonsense that explains why I’m not seeing a “response” option to the rebuttals to my rebuttals, as opposed to some Twitteresque censorship, just because I dare to offer a dissenting opinion, and a kindly-made suggestion?

          I grow weary of this debate.

          FootBall is awesome.

          If you want to BOYCOTT every operation that lamely caters to the pressure of Big Brother and Friends…go on with your baddest selves. But I stand by my original point, that forcing people to choose between FootBall and Zooming, considering the multitudinous options, is foolish.

          Have a lovely meeting. I’ll be rooting for you.

          Yeah, no. Conservatives don’t tend to pick times based on whatever X factor (but football, but my White Fragility class, but my How My Being White Harms The Planet lecture), so if you can’t be there, no problem. You can view it later when it is posted, or not if you find that scheduling a time to view an archived Zoom meeting is impossible due to your full football watching schedule. We understand and cerainly won’t hold it against you.

        The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Andy. | January 17, 2021 at 6:13 am

        Thanks for the chuckle. I needed it.

      Hi Fuzzy;
      Hey, you know one thing that I’d like if there is a big change around here is the ability to go back in and edit my comments.
      I get all swept up, fire away and launch.
      And then see something dumb… like half-way through I am in all caps.
      So, I mean to say keep an eye on features.
      Of course I understand, beggers are not choosers, and it does appear a bit thin out there on selections.

        This is something that we recognize as a key request of LI readers, and I do believe that it is being addressed (i.e. some limited editing function will likely be available) in the upcoming new site launch. I’m not sure what such a comment editing feature will include, but I do know that the Professor is eager to meet this reader request (so maybe a 30 minute limit to fix typos or something? I really don’t know as I’m not privy to the big decisions, but I can say that I did share that our readers really really really want a way to edit comments for typos, as did many other LI authors and editors).

GUYS! This is TOTES UNNECESSARY. Jack Dorsey said “I do not believe this was coordinated.” So there ISN’T a coordinated Big Tech Purge. Because Jack wouldn’t lie.

Unless of course the discovery indicates otherwise. In which, “I said I didn’t ‘BELIEVE’ there was coordination, so that saves my hiney, right?”

American Thinker just removed its user comment feature, as a defensive, pre-emptive move. Following the Federalist’s move, last year, after a Leftist set-up that falsely slandered Federalist users and their comments.

We are reaching the point where the Dhimmi-crats’/Leftists’ totalitarianism is so brazen, so gleefully imposed upon others and so pervasive, that conservatives are being prevented from making comments and engaging in free debate, ON OUR OWN WEBSITES!!! These thuggish antics must be opposed, at every turn.

    I saw this coming years ago.
    With the advent of the internet that allowed us to freely speak, man-to-man, across the globe…

    It couldn’t be tolerated.

    What I didn’t expect is that the providers themselves would be the ones to de-rail it.

    My expectation was it would all be at National levels.
    Which certainly has occured… but what I am seeing now is just nuts.

    Is it just me, or is it crazier out today?

    I reached out to them.
    For some reason, they seem to know me.
    I think they are gonna show up to the meetin’

I’d love to register but Sundays are reserved for the kids/grandkids. I hope to catch the rerun…

If you want this to be useful, it will be 3/4 tech-talk and 1/4 political yammering. You should explain the technical structure of web hosting and access in terms that an intelligent non-specialist can understand.

The one-way media have abandoned the fact-seeking mode that arose during the Civil War and reached its apogee in the 1950s and ’60s, and have devolved into the kind of partisan auxiliaries that newspapers were in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Social media are now doing the same thing, but there’s a twist: control over the publishing infrastructure. If your “emergency event” is mainly or exclusively an opportunity for various wingers to complain about Big Bad Zuckerberg, et al., it will be mostly a waste of time.

If you really want this to matter, you will spend most of your time talking about the infrastructure of the internet with an eye toward protecting the ability to publish anything, anywhere, at all.

    My take on it is that it is a Management level work session where the primary topic will be discussing alternative hosting platforms.

    That is all quite beyond me.

    Everybody listed there is up-to-speed, I would only inhibit progress by injecting myself into the conversation and slowing things up. I’d have to study up first.

    My only advice would be to pre-select contributors in the registration period to keep people like me from gumming up the works.

    However, I may well be inclined to observe.

    DSHornet in reply to RandomCrank. | January 16, 2021 at 9:35 am

    Agreed. Tell me where I can go (no, not the land of perpetual midsummer, please) to express myself without thinking I’m making myself a target. Not that anyone would be threatened by a retiree in a state mostly overlooked by almost everybody.

    I have active but rarely used Twitter and Farcebook accounts mainly to keep up with family and friends. There is no desire to be a part of the drama that was fun years ago but is just a lot of noise now.

    When the alternatives can get their capacity increased so their experience runs smoothly, I’ll be on there. Growing pains are not fun.

Let’s get back on track, shall we?

Pelosi’s entire family has generational corruption, tied to 4 families that have run CA for 80+ years like Game of Thrones:


DaniBenGolani | January 15, 2021 at 6:52 pm


There is some good news on this front:

After Trump bans, Facebook and Twitter see combined $51 billion in losses:

Given our resolve and our options, we’re going to punish them very, very hard.

    Amusing site you have there.
    I’ll be certain to check in regularly.
    See you at the meeting.

    Could I have a column over there?

    Only if everyone gets off (before being forced off anyway). As long as the right clings to Twitter, Twitter will thrive, and they are counting on it.

    At this point, it’s absolutely insane to have an active Twitter account if you have any lingering belief that being able to defend anothers’ speech is at least as important as his/her/its right to authentically express themselves. I may not like what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it. That is America; this twisted, woke mirage of America is just that, a mirage, a fake, an illusion. America is not about hate, division into neat little demographic boxes, a separation of our shared values, a diminution and even callous disregard for Americans’ many faiths, yet that is exactly what the Democrats are feeding and feeding on. There is nothing more repulsive, more deserving of contempt, more amoral and despicable than a power-hungry party working against our great nation, working against our countrymen/women/its, working to destroy all that makes America America.

    But at least, thank all that is Holy, we were not smited with a GOP majority in either House of Congress or in the White House. That would be so much worse and just the same and also so much worse. And stuff because uniparty. And stuff. Grrrr.

      Hi Fuzzy;
      I just joined up with yesterday. Or the day before.
      And they are absolutely overwhelmed with new users, so until they get up to speed, it is going to be a mess over there.
      Still have twitter, but follow nobody but Trump.
      Guess what. Pretty quiet over there the last few days.

    I hope Drudge is feeling it too.
    I used to start my morning with coffee and Drudge.
    No more.

I had a message deleted in another post simply because I was blunt in how I think the next insurrection will happen. All I have to say is that when we let anyone else dictate what we can discuss and if posts are deleted to appease our masters,,,,, well then that pretty much spells it out we are already slaves. We just cant admit it.

I couldn’t get in, I’m bummed! Oh, well, I’m sure it’ll be a great session, I’ll look forward to the rebroadcast wherever it gets posted.

Trump is the most effective, influential and important leader we have ever had in modern times.

Many knew it from the beginning. It has taken time for others to realize it and accept it.

The Left’s fear of him thus, fear of MAGA voters/supporters, is what is driving the Left to this insanity.

Trump and his supporters triggered the Left into exposing their true evil nature and their evil intentions & tactics for all the world to see.

If we did not have innate power, the Left would not fear us. In a sick twisted way, their fear of us is a compliment.

I, for one, am not intimidated and laud efforts to circumvent the Left’s attempts at political censorship.

Since Election night, over 45,000 of my Twitter followers have been banned. But… they are all still staunch Conservative Trump supporters, nonetheless.