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Chinese Nuclear-Capable Bombers, Fighter Jets Stage ‘Large Incursion’ Into Taiwan Airspace

Chinese Nuclear-Capable Bombers, Fighter Jets Stage ‘Large Incursion’ Into Taiwan Airspace

Hong Kong daily: “China’s military ‘prepares for war’ with joint operations, cross-training.”

As Joe Biden enters the White House as the 46th U.S. president, Communist China has intensified military tensions with Taiwan, carrying out a large scale incursion into the country’s airspace.

China’s unprovoked aggression against Taiwan, a trusted U.S. ally, is surprising in the light of President Xi Jinping’s promise of a “win-win cooperation” with the incoming Biden administration. Since November, China and Biden’s team have been in ‘backchannel’ talks towards a ‘reset’ in U.S.-China relations after four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, Chinese media reports say.

Several Chinese nuclear-capable bombers and fighter jets violated Taiwan’s airspace over the weekend. On Saturday, Beijing sent “eight bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons and four fighter jets,” into Taiwan, The Associated Press reported. On Sunday, “another 16 military aircraft of various types” carried out the aerial breach, the AP added.

The news agency Reuters, on Sunday, reported the major Chinese incursion:

Chinese air force planes including 12 fighter jets entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone for a second day on Sunday, Taiwan said, as tensions rise near the island just days into U.S. President Joe Biden’s new administration.

China views democratically ruled Taiwan as its own territory, and has in the past few months increased military activity near the island.

But China’s activities over the weekend mark a ratcheting up with fighters and bombers being dispatched rather than reconnaissance aircraft as had generally been the case in recent weeks.

After eight Chinese bomber planes and four fighter jets flew into Taiwan’s defence zone on Saturday, between mainland Taiwan and the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea, a further 15 flew into the same air space on Sunday, Taiwan said.

Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said China sent six J-10 fighters, four J-16s, two SU-30s, a Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft and two Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft.

In recent months, Communist China has repeatedly threatened to invade Taiwan, an independent country which Beijing considers a breakaway province.

The Taiwan incursion comes as Beijing authorized its coastguards to fire on foreign ships detected in “disputed waters.” Chinese Communist Party delegates passed a new law that allows the country’s “coastguards to launch pre-emptive strikes without prior warning,” Chinese media reported on Saturday.

The Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), is “preparing for war” with Taiwan with its ongoing war games involving multiple branches of the armed forces, Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post disclosed on Sunday.

“Improving joint operation capabilities necessary for the most likely combat scenarios for the PLA, such as a campaign against Taiwan,” the newspaper reported citing Chinese sources.

The South China Morning Post covered the details of the PLA war games.

China’s military is increasing its use of joint operations and officer cross-training to boost its readiness for war, according to insiders quoted in a newspaper report.

A five-year overhaul of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which ended last year, saw the restructuring of the command chain to make cross-service combat a basic approach for future operations.

To help develop commanders and staff for joint operations, the PLA began its 2021 training programme by deploying army officers on naval vessels and seconding air force officers to the army’s rocket units, PLA Daily reported on Tuesday.

Weeks after congratulating President Biden on his election victory, Xi Jinping ordered the Chinese armed forces to maintain “full-time combat readiness.” The Chinese military must be ready to “act at any second,” he told the troops in early January.

These are not empty threats. In June 2020, China invaded Indian territory, occupying a strategic valley along the Himalayan border. Chinese military continues to build and fortify illegal artificial islands in the South China Sea, creating a formidable defensive wall and a launchpad for offensive operations.

With President Trump out of office, and the West reeling from the Wuhan virus pandemic, Communist China believes that time has come to rise as the world’s number one superpower. The “changes of the international landscape are in our favour,” declared Chen Yixin, a senior Chinese Communist Party official and Xi Jinping’s likely successor, earlier this month.


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Taiwanese Lady | January 25, 2021 at 11:13 am

We’re not fooling ourselves. We know Joe won’t honor the treaty protecting Taiwan.

    According to public broadcasting, and CFR specifically, Biden will oversee reestablishing old alliances. China is an ideological partner and a friend with “benefits”.

And just like that, the world knows a puppet is running DC.

Sooner or later we’ll hear that the Usurper has withdrawn all American naval forces from the S. China Sea.

The Chinese Communists are testing the strings attached to their new bought and paid for puppet. AKA, China “I don’t know what I’m signing” Joe.

BTW, China Joe, that order you just signed probably gave the Chinese Communists access to our power grid.

But all is well in Amerika. We’re on day 6 of no annoying tweets from POTUS.

Xi can see the weakness at 1600 PA Ave

No worries, Chicago say, Slow Joe asks, how high?

What a difference a weak American President makes.

Biden has already composed his strongly-worded protest in response to the CCP occupation of Taiwan.

China has been prepared for war for 30 years. But, the CCP realize that war is a last resort.

China has been seeking global domination for the last three decades through economic warfare. They have been expanding their influence through economic channels and agreements. Their aggressive military actions serve three main purposes.

The first purpose is to instill a certain amount of fear in the world community. If the world is afraid that the PRC may engage in aggressive military action against major nations, which it never really does,they are more likely to acquiesce to their economic desires.

The second purpose is misdirection. Provocative military action distracts the world and allows China to move more freely io the economic and diplomatic scenes.

Third, such military action assuages the military class. It is done to placate them and maintain their support for the CCP, domestically.

With the current administration in Washington, China is emboldened. The danger here, is that a reaction from Taiwan or another country being threatened by China, may actually trigger a war that no one wants.

I believe the Chinese when they say they want “win-win cooperation” with the Biden administration. The mainland Chinese get to take over Taiwan, and they continue to pay off members of the Biden family. As long as you’re not living in Taiwan, it looks like everyone wins.

The Chinese communist leadership is both flexing muscle and celebrating its successful installation of tottering, feeble, emasculated, corrupt, dim-witted, self-enriching, avaricious, mendacious, Chinese communist puppet/vassal/dotard/marionette, Chairman “Big Guy” Xi-den.

This makes me wonder what the military would do if Slow Joe tells them to stand down if Taiwan is attacked. Have they been infiltrated sufficiently (as is the intelligence community)to follow or would they revolt? I fear that the Swamp has swallowed up everything.

    If they dont obey, they’ll face a tribunal of men wearing dresses.

    Our military has its guns pointed in the wrong direction.

    One fake election is all it took.- that and the treasonous cooperation of the GOP.

With the current administration in Washington, China is emboldened. The danger here, is that a reaction from Taiwan or another country being threatened by China, may actually trigger a war that no one wants.
agree to an extent except the CCP now knows well that Biden will do NOTHING to prevent China’s adventures–would not be surprised at an outright invasion of taiwan and, should that occur(more like when), the prospects of china joe doing anything are virtually zero–the world knows we have a bought/paid for idiot in the WH–and the CCP will simply isolate taiwan

    It’s worse. China isn’t ’emboldened’ – it knows it won the game.

    With a traitor in its pocket in the White House – and a simple, corruptable whore right behind him – this is China’s time to dominate the world.

Taiwan, Japan, Australia, S. Korea now have no choicw but to build a nuclear arsenel and form a dwfense pact independent of the Xi-controlled Junta running the former US. With Austin-fauci tasked with hunting down Christian scum in the military – and biden bringing back transvestites to the military – no free nation can depend on the former US ever again. In fact, they would do well to look upon the Junta here as an enemy, allied with Xi.

    TheOldZombie in reply to | January 26, 2021 at 1:09 pm

    Yep. Those countries should already be looking at making nuclear weapons. It’s the only thing that will keep China at bay if the US under Biden refuses to act.

Please stop identifying flights in a country’s air defense identification zone as incursions or violations of airspace. An air defense identification zone (ADIZ) is airspace over land or water in which the identification, location, and control of aircraft is performed in the interest of national security. They may EXTEND BEYOND A COUNTRIES TERRITORY to give the country more time to respond to possibly hostile aircraft. The concept of an ADIZ is NOT DEFINED IN ANY INTERNATIONAL TREATY AND IT IS NOT REGULATED BY ANY INTERNATIONAL BODY. On the other hand, Airspace is the portion of the atmosphere controlled by a country above ITS territory, including ITS territorial waters. By international law, a state “has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory”, which corresponds with the maritime definition of territorial waters as being 12 nautical miles out from a nation’s coastline. Airspace not within any country’s territorial limit is considered international, analogous to the “high seas” in maritime law. Intrusion into an ADIZ is legal. Intrusion into airspace by “hostile aircraft” isn’t.