The new Congress convened Sunday at noon, and the House held its Speakership vote.

With only a razor-thin majority, Democrats could not afford to indulge 15 members voting against Nancy Pelosi as happened two years ago, nor did AOC or the rest of the ‘Squad’ defect despite pressure from the left not to “sell out.”

Just before the floor vote to reelect Pelosi Speaker:

New Squad member, Jamaal Bowman, officially sells out.

There was a little drama as first Cori Bush and then AOC appeared to abstain.

Only to come back later, fall in line, and sell out to the Pelosi establishment.

The Bernie left kept the pressure on right up to the vote.

The socialist left is not happy with the ‘Pelosi Squad.’

Because Pelosi couldn’t afford to lose any votes, she urged at least one member who tested positive and is still in quarantine to drag herself to the House to vote.

Some surprises.

Final vote tally:


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