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OC Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Newsom’s Latest Draconian Lockdown Order

OC Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Newsom’s Latest Draconian Lockdown Order

“Compliance with health orders is a matter of personal responsibility and not a matter of law enforcement”

California governor and lockdown scofflaw Gavin Newsom recently instituted nonsensical and draconian new lockdown measures for his state.

This latest order makes little sense given that much of California has been in various stages of lockdown and under ongoing mask mandates since the beginning of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic yet is experiencing the same spike in cases the rest of the country is experiencing.

The Los Angeles Times notes that “California has set new highs for COVID-19 hospitalizations for seven consecutive days, with 9,430 patients in hospitals Saturday — that’s more than quadruple the number on Oct. 24, when 2,254 COVID-19 patients were in hospitals.”

Rather than coming to the more reasonable conclusion that perhaps lockdowns and mask mandates aren’t working, Newsom doubled down (sort of).

OC Sheriff Don Barnes is having none of it.

The National Review reports:

Orange County, Calif. Sheriff Don Barnes said Saturday his deputies would not enforce Governor Gavin Newsom’s new restrictive stay-at-home order which takes effect Sunday in parts of the state that have fallen below 15 percent intensive care unit capacity availability in hospitals.

The order, which bans indoor dining at restaurants, closes bars, hair salons, movie theaters and playgrounds, and also limits retail stores and shopping centers to 20 percent customer capacity, will take effect in the southern part of the state as well as the San Joaquin Valley on Sunday.

The restrictions, which also prohibit gatherings of any size and require people to wear masks and practice physical distancing in public, will stay in place for at least three weeks once triggered.

“Compliance with health orders is a matter of personal responsibility and not a matter of law enforcement,” Barnes said in a statement shared on Twitter. “The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will remain consistent in our approach.”

Deputies will not respond to calls only to enforce mask-wearing, social distancing, or social gathering restrictions, Barnes said. Instead, they will “respond to calls for potential criminal behavior and for the protection of life and property.”

“To put the onus on law enforcement to enforce these orders against law-abiding citizens who are already struggling through difficult circumstances, while at the same time criticizing law enforcement and taking away our tools to do our jobs is both contradictory and disingenuous,” he said.

He encouraged residents to follow health guidance to mitigate the spread of the virus, but said policymakers shouldn’t “penalize residents for earning a livelihood, safeguarding their mental health, or enjoying our most cherished freedoms.”


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“Compliance with health orders is a matter of personal responsibility and not a matter of law enforcement,” Barnes said.

Oh, oh.

Barnes said a naughty. Personal responsibility is veboten to Woke America.

Newsom blew it with his own arrogance: flaunting his own ‘rules’, just like pelosi, and the rest of the trash of the left in leadership positions in this country.

California’s San Bernardino Sheriff’s “f.u.” to Newsom is just great. This man has a future in national politics:

George_Kaplan | December 6, 2020 at 7:58 pm

Elsewhere someone pointed out those demanding the police be defunded are getting what they want – the police aren’t being funded to play health inspector. Or is it that the Left want law enforcement eliminated, and only thought crimes and health ‘crimes’ enforced?

Meanwhile, one measly county down in San Diego County where the current Sheriff is a former FBI commander and was the FBI Special Agent In Charge at the Ruby Ridge massacre -AND- was FBI Special Agent In Charge in San Diego when several of the 9/11 hijackers lived there and popped up on his FBI radar…..

San Diego County sheriff’s deputies will join COVID-19 enforcement as state enacts curfew

San Diego’s sheriff will start sending deputies along on health order investigations … San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore announced at a news conference that he will allocate eight full-time deputies to help investigate health order complaints and quickly issue citations in cases where residents refuse to comply.

    Brave Sir Robbin in reply to FlatFoot. | December 7, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    This is why it is extremely important to maintain control of local law enforcement. The rebellion I see against overreaching dictates and illegitimate stolen elections if for local governments and law enforcement to simply not comply and ignore. The decision point will be what to do when the federal or state officials attempt to compel enforcement either indirectly by withholding funds, or directly by sending in enforcement personnel. What happens when the Blues step out and try to enforce their will on the Red which is simply trying to ignore the oppressive overreach. Then what? What happens when a federal police agent, say someone from the HHS or a marshal sent by the same, tries to arrest someone? Do they declare such an arrest attempt as assault, or kidnapping? What about the forwarding of fines with expectation of payment or, in failure, imprisonment? Is that then deemed as extortion? We Back the Blue, but in return, we expect the Blue to Back Us! When does a passive rebellion go hot? Inquiring minds may like to know prior to arrival so it can be avoided. I do not think the liberals are content to live and let live, however. You must comply and obey, or you are cancelled. I see no truce here.

“I will not comply” topples totalitarians… even moreso when their very subordinates say it.

Lockdowns to a single person, right? The transmission vectors are correlated in both time and space, not merely diversity (i.e. individuals), and certainly not diversity dogma (e.g. racism), although cultural behavioral differences matter.

Worse, there is no scientific basis (i.e. unbiased studies, signal diversity, replication) for the restrictions. The mask mandate, for one, is intended to relieve pressure from institutions and businesses, which were burdened to physically separate individuals with different risk profiles. The masks in a controlled environment, and especially in a general environment, are known (i.e. controlled studies, signal diversity) to have no effect or minimal effect including increasing the rate of infection (e.g. viral contagion, bacterial petri dishes). Furthermore, infections happen, obstructing and delaying development of community immunity, sustains vectors and prolongs exposure of the most vulnerable individuals. Planned Parent (i.e. accelerated deaths through elective choices) was an anomaly but responsible for the early spike in deaths. The observations in Planned Parent facilities, medical facilities, cruise ship, construction sites, warm and humid climates, etc. is that the primary mode of transmission is not aerosol or droplets (which evaporate then the material is either ingested or ejected) but fecal. Be aware of symptomatic cases. Wash your hands with soap (the virus fat soluable and deconstructed in solution) and water to mitigate contamination and cross-contamination.

Covid-19 — A White Paper – To @RealDonaldTrump and @CDC*

Denninger does a good job of summarizing where we were, are, and are likely to be.