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Trump Accountability Project Claims it’s Calling off the Purge… For Now

Trump Accountability Project Claims it’s Calling off the Purge… For Now

“Accordingly, in the spirit of the President-elect’s call to build a more united country, this project will no longer be active”

Our fascist-wannabe friends on the left have decided to call off their efforts to target Trump supporters. It seems the purge didn’t poll well with members of the public, who have been told for four years by these same people that Trump is an authoritarian.

Isn’t it nice of them to allow half of the American public to exist?

Mia Cathell writes at the Post Millennial:

Anti-Trump group abandons blacklist project after public backlash

The Trump Accountability Project, which blacklists supporters of President Donald Trump, is “no longer active.” The announcement came after the mainstream media’s projected winner of the presidential election Joe Biden called for unity in America.

“Accordingly, in the spirit of the President-elect’s call to build a more united country, this project will no longer be active,” organizers wrote in a statement on the project’s website.

Admins noted that the project was purportedly started, because “restoring democratic norms are vital to protecting America’s future.”

However, a “critical part of making sure the nation never finds itself in this position again” is to ensure that those members of the Trump administration are held “responsible for loosening the guardrails of our democracy” and not “rewarded with book deals, TV contracts, or six-figure salaries in the private sector based on that experience.”

See their official statement below:

A more united country? That’s rich.

We’ve decided not to destroy you in the name of unity. What a winning message.

Of course, the left has already been activated in some areas and damage has already been done.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from a recent letter to the editor at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

How is this unifying?

Joe Biden says he wants to unify Americans. A very worthy ambition, and I will pray for his success. My opinion, however, is too many of his leftist followers in America believe that can only be done by some form of punishment or force. I base this opinion on actions and comments from notable leftists.

The Trump Accountability Project has been formed to produce a black list of individuals who enabled Trump’s election, staffed his government, and contributed to his campaign. A visit to the ProPublica maintained Columbia University website called Trump Town touts a post-graduate investigations group that built a database of Trump administration advisers or appointees (3,858). Links are provided to every major federal government department listing employees by name and job title. What could possibly be the need for this? A cynical opinion would be harassment, even retribution. Officially it’s a source for “journalists.”…

Is this what the Democratic Party represents now?


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No point in prematurely tipping their hand, but make nok mistake it’s coming.

The only thing that changes is the lists are going to be secret.

So the fascist left is scared that Trump supporters might get the same book and TV deals that the fascist left got when trying to take down Trump…….. that’s rich.

Give these peopke power, and we’ll see genocide: ours.

Oh, yeah. I believe this. It’s not like they’d lie to us, right?

How about a BIG F-U

Colonel Travis | November 13, 2020 at 3:47 pm

Long ago I used to think the (D) party was just wrong on policy and it just ended there. They thought we were evil on policy. I still think they are wrong on policy, but it is they who are truly evil in how they want to carry it out. They cannot persuade by argument, it is only by force.

Leftists cannot restrain their own power. Given enough time, the road ends the same everywhere, every time.

They love Mao.
Freedom, for them, grows out of the barrel of a gun….the guns they will confiscate from us.

“Accordingly, in the spirit of the President-elect’s call to build a more united country, this project will no longer be active.”

Nice try, Pinocchio. Of course the blacklisting goes on unabated. It’s just that some of their fellow Communists pointed out to them that blacklisting will be more effective if you don’t publicly announce that you are doing it.

Barring the Federal courts doing the right thing and tossing the fake ballots (not likely) the Communists will have the power of life or death over all of us after January 20 (a Republican-controlled Senate will be no barrier at all, assuming the Communists fail to steal both Senate elections in Georgia). At that point the blacklists will acquire the force of law, as Trump, officials in his administration, and anyone else who might make trouble will find themselves the targets of lawfare, fired from jobs, and even arrested on vague, unsubstantiated charges.

What I think is, they’re starting to doubt whether their coup will succeed.

Trump ended Obama’s legacy of social justice adventurism, including: saved and progressed wars, elective coups, catastrophic anthropogenic immigration reform, “Springs”. Trump exposed Obamacares and progressive prices, education and progressive prices. Trump is not so green to go Green and shared/shifted/obfuscated environmental blight. Trump stood up to diversity (i.e. color judgment) and exclusion. Trump stood for civil rights, while Pro-Choicers backed establishment of a rape… rape-rape culture in order to morally, socially, and legally justify the wicked solution a.k.a. “planned parenthood”. Trump is all-American: Pro-Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Nearly half of Covid-19 classified deaths can be traced to Planned Parent. 80 to 90% of Covid-19 classified deaths can be attributed to denying and stigmatizing early treatments. The recurring spikes after reaching peak exponential spread can be attributed to restrictive mandates that perpetuate a false sense of safety and delayed, prolonged exposure of at-risk individuals. That said, cases: past, probably, possible, and present. The persistent spread of social contagion is a leading cause of excess deaths and collateral damage.

Doncha just love it when she opens her mouth and Uncle Xi comes out!

    B__2 in reply to TRF. | November 13, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    Uncle Xi is still better than his brother Uncle Pol Pot, but not very much better. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. ” – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, who understood the ultimate result of communism.

The other side didn’t call off making sure fewer liberals ever get elected.

Wait a minute. This move to unilaterally call off the purge is violating the right of everyday Citizens to participate in the decisions made. Every Citizen denied meaningful participation in this decision should form the basis for a class action suit.

These Citizens have allocated funds to purchase firearms, ammunition and other supplies in preparation for the previously scheduled purge. One side should not be allowed to unilaterally and prematurely cancel the purge.


WWAD- what would Alinsky do?

May she die a horrible death so that we may survive. And as soon as possible.

Speaking of human sh*t, this rests squarely in AG Barr’s filthy lap:

Media’s hiding of Hunter Biden scandal robbed Trump of clear win: Poll:

Someone ought to draw up articles of impeachment against AOC and the Squad for perjury–swearing to uphold the Constitution while at the same time seeking to gut the First Amendment. Even if we lose, it will call attention to worms and weasels in high places.

I think maybe they called off their “Trump Accountability Project” because someone on Parler posted the name, address, telephone number, and email address of every single person who had signed on the project. The post stated “see, we can do everything to you that you’ve done to us.” Maybe it scared them off because people were posting that they had called and emailed people and let them know that WE KNOW where you live.

Oren Hirschberger | November 15, 2020 at 12:29 am

The AOC junior fascists’ list is separate from the Trump Accountability Project, so they’re still is a list.