The major networks have declared Joe Biden the winner of the national election. The Iranian Mullahs and their terrorist progeny, and the Chinese Communist Party, are thrilled. Other world leaders are falling in line, and Biden is acting as if he’s President already. But believe it or not, there are several swing states where the votes have not yet been fully counted and where there may be legal challenges. There is enormous pressure on Trump to concede.

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NOEM 2024?





More shrinkage but still may not be enough





Florida is now a red state, and will pick up a couple of congressional districts and electoral college votes after 2020 census.

Megyn Kelly gets it, unlike so many of her former Fox News colleagues.

To Concede or Not?

Mark Steyn: Fox News Has Moved On

Even in a country with a ludicrous, anachronistic three-month “transition period”, power drains very quickly, as it has drained, remorselessly, in the twenty-four hours since the networks pronounced the election over. It will drain further over the next day, until various courthouses from Philadelphia to Vegas open on Monday morning. The President better have a very strong case when he lays his complaints before them, and not the usual amateur-hour crap from Jared, who should be nowhere near the post-election “legal strategy”, never mind in charge of it.

One of the notable features of the last five days is that Rupert Murdoch, in particular, is so over Trump: Having declared Arizona early on Tuesday night, the Murdoch properties have moved on to call for the President to “stop the ‘stolen election’ rhetoric” and “concede gracefully“. His loudest voices on Fox have been relegated to Cameo, and those still on air are strangely muted or – what’s the word? – “pivoting”, as daintily as they can.

This isn’t anything to do with Murdoch’s “liberal daughters-in-law”; this is Rupert himself, whom Trump declined to court and whose network he insulted on air even on election morning. That night, after the Arizona decision, Jared Kushner called Murdoch to complain. Rupert took the call; he would not take a call from Jared today.




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