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Rogue States, Terrorist-Sponsors Cheer As Mainstream Media Announces Biden Presidency

Rogue States, Terrorist-Sponsors Cheer As Mainstream Media Announces Biden Presidency

“An evil has distanced itself from us,” says terrorist group Hamas; The “coward left,” declares Iranian regime.

With mainstream news outlets tripping over themselves to declare Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner of the U.S. presidential election, rogue states, terrorists, and hostile foreign powers are breathing a sigh of relief. Ignoring President Donald Trump’s legal challenge in several battleground states, they cheered the media-orchestrated coronation of the Biden-Harris ticket.  

China’s official mouthpiece Global Times welcomed the prospect of a Biden-Harris presidency. A Democrat-run White House offers “an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust between the two countries,” the Chinese Communist newspaper declared

People’s Daily, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party, mocked President Trump’s tweet on Saturday claiming an electoral victory. The regime-run newspaper commented “Ha Ha” and added a grinning emoji. That tweet was apparently deleted after few hours. 

Iran, the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism, also chose to attack President Trump while welcoming news reports claiming Biden’s victory. The regime and its proxies “stood their ground bravely until that coward left,” an aide to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted in response to the media coverage.

Iran’s Vice-President Eshagh Jahangiri slammed “destructive U.S. policies” under the current president, which include Washington’s withdrawal from the Obama-Biden nuclear deal and imposition of stiff sanctions on the terror-supporting regime. “I hope we will see a change in the destructive policies of the United States,” he added

Palestinian politicians and terrorists were also among the first to rejoice. “The Trump era was the worst and salvation from him is an achievement,” a spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said in a statement. Abbas’s comments expressing relief comes weeks after his Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh cautioned against President Trump winning the re-election. “God help us, the God help you [European Union] and the whole world if there are four more years of Trump,” the Palestinian leader warned a group of EU lawmakers last month.

A leading member of Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, welcomed the news. “An evil has distanced itself from us with the end of the Trump administration,” the terrorist leader said who headed the jihadi group between 1996 and 2017.

The European Union and European leaders were not far behind. “I warmly congratulate Mr Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election and look forward to meeting him at the earliest possible opportunity,” European Commission President  Ursula von der Leyen said in a statement. “The European Union and the United States are friends and allies, our citizens share the deepest of links.”

European powers, namely the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, are looking forward to the U.S. under Biden’s reign to join the Paris Climate Accord and endorse the climate change agenda, as well as the revival of the Iran nuclear deal, which opens up big investment opportunities for European companies in Iran’s regime-controlled oil and gas sectors.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was among the first European leaders to welcome the prospect of a Biden-Harris presidency. “Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States of America. I sincerely wish him the best of luck and every success and I would also like to congratulate Kamala Harris, the first female vice president-elect in the history of your country,” Merkel said in a statement. “I look forward to working with President Biden. Our trans-Atlantic friendship is indispensable if we are to deal with the major challenges of our time.” 

France and the UK also joined Germany in congratulating the Biden-Harris ticket. “The Americans have chosen their President. Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! We have a lot to do to overcome today’s challenges. Let’s work together!” Macron tweeted.

“Congratulations to Joe Biden on his election as President of the United States and to Kamala Harris on her historic achievement,” the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted. “The U.S. is our most important ally and I look forward to working closely together on our shared priorities, from climate change to trade and security.”

The UK opposition politician, Nigel Farage, reminded Prime Minister Johnson what a Biden presidency could mean for the country. “If Biden wins, look, he is strongly anti-Brexit,” Farage said. “I would even argue he’s anti-Britain.”

“The prospects of a trade deal between the UK and the US under a Biden presidency are very low,” the former Brexit campaigner added.” More than four years after the Brexit referendum, the UK has failed to finalize the terms of its exit from the EU, a prerequisite for an independent trade deal with the U.S. and other nations. 

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, another leading advocate of the globalist agenda, also issued a congratulatory statement, vowing to “advance peace and inclusion, economic prosperity, and climate action around the world.”

The EU and European political class is thrilled at the prospect of a Biden-Harris presidency undoing President Trump’s legacy and signing up to their internationalist agenda at the cost of U.S. national interests. This would mean the resumption of billion of dollars in annual payments to the United Nations and allied bodies, including the scandal-mired World Health Organisation (WHO) and Palestinian ‘refugee’ agency UNRWA. 

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This is the same gaslighting you get from RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.

He and his leftist cadre will do incalculable damage to the USA and its allies, particularly Israel.
It will be Obama’s third term, only more radical.
I have no illusion that he will have anything other than a figurehead role, until they decide to get rid of him in favor of Kamala, one of the most repellant public figures I have ever observed.

After a 4 year pause, Rome on the Potomac returns in full. The USA rejoins the global community of nations. The electorate may have spoken; the living , the dead,and the virtual can recline and decline in comfort. This truly marks a hinge-point in history. The cost of removing Trump only required giving away one bothersome thing… The Republic.

The globalisation cabal at home and abroad haven’t thought this through. They may, if election results hold, be able to push a Biden Admin to move around the edges with EO, but I doubt that the Senate is going to muster the votes to ratify the treaties and international agreements they desire.

One last little hiccup. The US military is still largely drawn from the Jacksonian yoemanry. If they decline to enlist or reenlist then the ability of the globalists to engage in new adventures overseas will be diminished. This did occur in the latter years of the Clinton administration; enlistment and reenlistment rates dropped a good bit.

Additionally the appetite nationally among the populace to support new adventures after Iraq and Afghanistan is lessened to put it mildly. Voters may have been turned off by PDJT style of communication but surveys show that they supported his trade and foreign policy agenda. IMO, it will prove more difficult than the d believe to undo many of these policies.

    alaskabob in reply to CommoChief. | November 8, 2020 at 11:58 am

    Projecting ahead… what would/could the US under Biden/Harris do if Russia annexed Poland and China annexed Taiwan? NATO without US would be toothless (especially Gremany). My guess is nothing. That this won’t happen is that like the anaconda approach to strangling the South in the Civil War. Sun Tzu would recommend the long path of slow assimilation. This can be hastened by your point about the attrition of forces and the purge of non-prog officers. The biological attack by China is old forgotten to keep those flat screen TV prices low.

      CommoChief in reply to alaskabob. | November 8, 2020 at 1:01 pm


      The Poles have a first class military. The Russians don’t.

      Mass aside, the Russians would be foolish to risk a military defeat. Asymmetric attacks sure that’s what the Russians have been doing since the end of the cold war to punch above their weight.

      China….ok maybe. Still, why not continue to use their belt and road economic and diplomatic path to further isolate Taiwan?

      These are the arguments of big bad external enemies that the very much excess to need Flag / General officers in the Pentagon use to argue for more toys and the chance to use them. Then they go work for defense contractors.

        JusticeDelivered in reply to CommoChief. | November 8, 2020 at 5:51 pm

        A fundamental principle in business is to never allow a single supplier or customer to represent too much of your business.

        That is what has happened with China. Diversifying does not have to cost you more, not taking such precautions will always cost dearly over the long run.

I want an audit. The only thing that will settle this mess is an audit.

Too many DJT voters look at the anomalies that went unreported by the Democrat Party news media, and they have reasonable suspicion of fraud.

The path to reconciliation of this nation is through the truth. We all know this.

    alaskabob in reply to Valerie. | November 8, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    Time has begun to wash away the evidence and fingerprints. They may have vote counters with IQs of 85 but not the planners. The “untruth” is now being fashioned by the media.

    In Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Atlanta there is a new form of Black on Black violence. Blacks stealing voting rights from Blacks.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Valerie. | November 8, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    They are incapable of truth, what has to happen to to make them wish they had not done this. I have often felt that when dealing with Ghetto dwellers that one often has to join them in the gutter long enough to make them sorry. Gloves have to come off.

    I am old now, most of the piss and vinegar is gone, but in my prime I was one formidable SOB.

    What needs to happen now is to start canceling the people behind this, they need to see their world come crashing down around them.

Fox News does not get to determine who is the President of the United States.

Prepare yourselves to experience a resurrection of the full-blown, nauseating dhimmitude, jihadist-coddling/enabling/rationalizing/excusing, despicable anti-Israel venom, Iran-footsie-playing, and, general feckless, naive, vanity-driven, incompetent and flat-out dangerous foreign policy of the Obama years. “Leading from behind,” and all that, with all of the predictable danger, death and destruction that that attitude entails. No wonder the Europeans are happy to have Biden — they know they can rely on him to keep the U.S. emasculated, compliant and impotent via any number of destructive treaties and agreements; just another face in the Globalist crowd at the League of Nations.

One thing I observe going unmentioned, in all the pundits’ commentary — how China’s vicious, calculated, intentional release of Wuhan virus was almost certainly planned by the communist leadership as an admittedly bold and brazen operation to weaken the U.S./global economy, to damage POTUS Trump’s political standing and re-election prospects, and, to help elect corrupt, avaricious, mendacious, dim-witted, China-coddling, dotard-marionette, “Big Guy” Biden.

We will now potentially have a weak, feckless, easily manipulated/exploited dotard-marionette President who over decades has received, in all likelihood, millions of dollars in Chinese and other foreign money in his bank account (no doubt unreported to the IRS, with no taxes paid on those funds), laundered via his sociopath, cokehead son. Unprecedented corruption, rewarded by foolish voters, and, a glaring compromising of our national security. Biden the tottering fool is on record repeatedly and foolishly downplaying and dismissing the notion of China as our top adversary and largest national security threat.

And, this operation — which probably cost China a few million dollars, at most, to implement — now appears to have succeeded, thanks to the mainstream media’s ceaseless, four-year-long vilification of POTUS Trump, the Dhimmi-crats’ predictable ballot shenanigans, and, the abject stupidity/gullibility of ~70 million Americans. What a stupendous return-on-investment for the communist Chinese leadership — to install a weak, tottering, compliant, mentally and physically-compromised puppet, in the White House, for a couple of million bucks.

I am old now, most of the piss and vinegar is gone, but in my prime I was one formidable SOB.

myself, brother–through all the background noise from the media/dems/fascists et al, can hear the calm, steady voice of edmund burke: “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

we must support PDJT and, if necessary, step into the gutter ourselves to defeat these bastards