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Philadelphia Lawyer Representing Trump Placed Under Protection After ‘Threats of Harm’

Philadelphia Lawyer Representing Trump Placed Under Protection After ‘Threats of Harm’

Maybe The Lincoln Project and others should stop encouraging bad behavior. Leave these people alone.

Court papers revealed that Philadelphia lawyer Linda Kerns has received official protection after people sent her “threats of harm.”

Kerns is one of the lawyers representing President Donald Trump’s campaign, “which is challenging his projected loss to Joe Biden in the crucial Keystone State.”

The threats came “in the form of abusive emails, phone calls, physical and economic threats, and even accusations of treason – all for representing the President of the United States’ campaign in this litigation.”

The official protection comes from “police and US Marshals.”

This poor lady also claimed a lawyer from the firm representing Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Bock left her an “abusive voicemail” only two days ago.

Kerns described the phone call as something that “falls afoul of standards of professional conduct.”

The harassment is so bad that “Kerns sought permission to quit the case” last Monday.

The Lincoln Project has been all over the lawyers and firms representing Trump.

Look, Trump has every right to challenge the loss. In my opinion, he will still lose, but he has a right to challenge the results.

You do not have a right to doxx people or encourage others to harass them for simply doing their job.

The harassment brought on by The Lincoln Project’s disgusting behavior already forced the Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur law firm to withdraw from the case.


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They’re going after anyone representing Trump – playing hardball and it’s very ugly:

The move came after Williamsport, Pa., federal Judge Matthew Brann on Friday allowed the firm of Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur to withdraw from the case after the firm came under attack by the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project.

Brann also let two Texas lawyers who were subsequently hired by Trump’s campaign withdraw on Monday, just hours after they officially joined the case.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to DuxRedux. | November 19, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    The Lincoln project is a terrorist organization with ties to the Communist Chinese party and no doubt Mass funding from the same.

    So again and Lincoln project is a terrorist organization and should be treated exactly as the same.

Welcome to Obama’s America

Brian Trascher, of the Trump Recount Committee, just referenced seeing data coming from the Dominion Servers seized in Germany. Still think that may be a fairy tale. But, if true, the rioting is going to come back to every major city. so, get ready.

    Yeah, that ‘Dominion servers seized in Germany’ story has so many blinking red lights on it that I can’t take it seriously. (Of course if it was an anti-Trump story with the same shaky credibility, the NYT would be running banner headlines all week, so…)

    If the election officers in the four key cities really believed they did a good job without any fraud or cheating, they would be right out in front of the cameras showing every single vote being counted with the Republican and Democrat observers giving every sheet of paper a stern examination. They aren’t. That says a lot about our expectations on fraud.

It’s happening in Michigan too. The two Republicans canvassers who mysteriously changed their votes regarding certification from no to yes, have now switched back to no revealing that they and their families have been threatened with physical harm and with being labeled as racists by Democrats.

These fascists are literally waging war against us. This is no time to “good losers”. (Bad optics.)

Connivin Caniff | November 19, 2020 at 10:56 am

Both the extortionate lawyers who are issuing the threats and the cowardly lawyers withdrawing from the case at a such a critical time should be disbarred, They both are disgraces that we don’t want or need.

Where is Barr?

“In my opinion, he will still lose.”

If so, the left better buckle the F up, because the next 4 years are going to be a very bumpy ride for them. They’re screwing with forces they can’t even begin to understand.

    Voyager in reply to UJ. | November 19, 2020 at 12:31 pm


    They’re already fantasizing about going door to door “disarming” everyone who ever disagreed with them. And they’ve already blocked every alarm that might want them what will happen when they do.

Two things.

First, the people opposing Trump’s lawsuits, especially the lawyers involved, know that huge amounts of election fraud occurred. It was so egregious in certain places, that it can not be overlooked, if even aa lackluster case is presented. You have well documented cases of actual criminal violations of both state and federal election laws. In every case, the sole reasonable explanation was to facilitate ballot fraud. And, this establishes more than sufficient grounds to suspend certification of the votes in those locales pending investigation to determine the extent of the fraud engaged in. So, a program is underway to keep these suits out of court.

Second, the anti-Trump forces have learned that they have no legal means, at their disposal, which will allow them to stop Trump. So, they have resorted to extra-legal means. We saw it for four years during the Russian Collusion nonsense. We have seen it for the last year in the riots and civil uprisings. It has now become the norm, for liberals and Dems. And, it is not going to go away, on its own. Even after all of the personal attacks on Trump, he still has a favorable popular rating of 51%. So, the threats of violence will continue. And, no matter which way the election foes, there will be violence in the streets. The Progressive liberals and Democrats will use it to impose their will upon the people. And, the deplorables will have no choice but to respond in kind. The Establishment has pushed things too far.

Donovan also asked that Kerns’ motion be dismissed, describing the lawyer who left the voicemail as an unidentified associate “who is not part of the Firm’s litigation group, has never worked on this case, and was not aware of Kirkland’s role in the case.”

“That associate was acting unilaterally, in his personal capacity, without the knowledge or authorization of undersigned counsel or the Firm,” he added.

Has the associate been terminated for a serious breach of legal decorum and ethics? If not, why not?

And how is it that this was the first question I thought of, and the reporter apparently didn’t ask?

    OwenKellogg-Engineer in reply to stevewhitemd. | November 19, 2020 at 7:55 pm

    I would assume the legal profession has ethics protocols that need to be followed like every other profession. Why should they get a pass? They need to police their own.

So glad to see the one’s fighting back. We’ll have a good picture of who are the Patriots and who are not when this is all over. Trump has some great people on his team. I’ll be watching.

Why is this not being prosecuted?

And, if it’s fine now, then doxxing and hounding and harassing the Deep Staters for the next four years is perfectly ok, right? Tar, feathers, stocks, all that is perfectly fine, right?

Yeah, I’m not expecting balance, either.

bad behavior- bully a child
good behavior- bully an adult,
it is completely acceptable and in fact openly encouraged

    The appropriate response to an adult bully is the same one your mom/dad/grandparents taught you about childhood bullies.

Democrats of today wants America to be Venezuel

If Trump’s legal challenges don’t prevail, we’re doomed.

We pray we’re victorious and next election, no more electronic voting, nationwide government issued photo ID required for everyone to be verified vs registration.

The Democrats sure don’t sound like they believe they won fair and square.

I am as positive as can be beforehand that if Trump doesn’t win the country as we knew it would be in the Socialists hands, yet if Trump is victorious as he should have been the Leftists will tear up as much of the country they can.
It was pointed out by a Philadelphia morning talk show host to notice there is no gloating by the Democrats, just some hurry up it’s over and that’s it.

Progressives and liberals who diverge over generations, factions, are historically, notoriously intolerant.

Trump will lose, but not because of a lack of evidence. He will lose because our judiciary places more weight on maintaining the fiction that US elections are fair than they do on creating fairness in fact by punishing election malfeasance.

Trump will not lose.