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Mexico’s President Still Refuses to Recognize Biden Win

Mexico’s President Still Refuses to Recognize Biden Win

Mexican President Obrador: “We do not agree with offering congratulations in advance.”

Despite the mainstream media clamoring for Democratic candidate Joe Biden to be declared the winner of the U.S. presidential race and world leaders lining up to recognize him as ‘President-Elect,’ Mexican President Andres Obrador has again refused to congratulate the Biden-Harris camp.

“We do not agree with offering congratulations in advance,” President Obradord told reporters on Wednesday. “What’s the best thing? For us to wait.”

President Obrador has held out so far despite mounting media criticism and pressure from the U.S. Democrats. As the world congratulates Biden, “Mexico’s president opts to wait,” the LA Times noted earlier this month. “Critics call it a diplomatic blunder,” the daily commented.

Democrat Congressman from Illinois, Jesús García, wrote to the Mexican president telling him that “President Elect” Biden “won fair and square. Don’t miss the boat.” His fellow Congressman Joaquin Castro for Texas, slammed the “diplomatic failure on the part of Andrés Manuel López Obrador” for failing to congratulate Biden.

Reuters reported:

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Wednesday again declined to congratulate Joe Biden for winning the U.S. presidential election, making him stand out increasingly among world leaders who have withheld their recognition.

Speaking shortly after China’s President Xi Jinping congratulated Biden for his victory, Lopez Obrador reiterated that it would be wrong to offer congratulations until the electoral process has been formally concluded.

“We do not agree with offering congratulations in advance,” Lopez Obrador told reporters at a regular government news conference. “What’s the best thing? For us to wait.”

While the mainstream media has used every opportunity to smear President Donald Trump as an ‘anti-Mexican” figure since the day he announced his candidacy five years ago, the U.S. forged a strong relationship with its southern neighbor under his leadership. “President Trump has been very respectful of us, and we have reached very good agreements, and we thank him because he has not interfered and has respected us,” President Obrador admitted.

Unlike neighboring Mexico, Communist China has been more than forthcoming in recognizing the Biden team’s victory claim.

More than a week after the Chinese Foreign Ministry recognized Biden as the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, country’s President Xi Jinping on Wednesday congratulated Biden on the “win.” Communist China has already opened “backchannel” with the Biden team, Chinese media sources say.

The Biden camp is keen to reverse President Trump’s policy towards China. According to the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post,several people closely associated with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had recently contacted China and talked to Chinese think tanks about how to reset the relationship.”

The Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post reported:

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message congratulating Joe Biden on his election win on Wednesday night, marking Beijing’s formal recognition of the result after Washington officially started the power transition days ago.

Xi said it was in the interests of both countries to promote not only the healthy and stable development of China-US relations, but also shared expectations around the world, according to official news agency Xinhua.

“We hope both countries uphold the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, focus on cooperation, manage and control conflict, to promote China-US relations towards a healthy and stable path, and advance the noble course of global peace and development jointly with every country and the global community,” Xi said.

Vice-President Wang Qishan also sent congratulations to US vice-president-elect Kamala Harris on Wednesday.

Since the initial U.S. voting results came out, Chinese Communist party-run newspapers, the Global Times and the People’s Daily, have been mocking President Trump and welcoming the prospect of Biden-Harris White House. A Democrat-run White House offers “an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust between the two countries,” regime-run Global Times declared on November 8.

China is not alone, rogue states and terrorists groups have been cheering the media narrative of Biden victory.

“An evil has distanced itself from us,” the Palestinian Islamic terrorist group Hamas declared referring to President Trump. “The Trump era was the worst and salvation from him is an achievement,” a spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said in a statement. “Trump’s era was a very negative one, a period of demolition,” a spokesman for the leading Iran-sponsored Iraqi terrorist group Kataeb Hezbollah said.

Iran, world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism, was equally upbeat over the prospect of a Biden-Harris White House. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, encouraged after a senior Biden advisor suggested a possible return to Obama-era nuclear agreement, called on the Democratic hopeful to “compensate” for President Trump’s “mistakes” and return to the deal.

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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 26, 2020 at 7:05 pm

God bless him and Mexico!

The Friendly Grizzly | November 26, 2020 at 7:19 pm

Neither is Putin.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 26, 2020 at 7:21 pm

This is for our brave Mexican president ALLY and all real adults and Real Americans who won’t be put off by adult language in this very straightforward forthright explanation of what the Democrats now have falling down on top of them with no Escape.


Satisfying Rant About the Corporate Con Artists Who’ve Been Trying to Lose the Presidency Since 2016
—Ace of Spades

Good rant from Razorfist.

    I’m surprised that no one has noted that AMLO (as he’s known in Mexico) could not have done otherwise without being excoriated as an utter hypocrite. After losing to Felipe Calderón in Mexico’s 2006 election, he continued to call himself Mexico’s “legitimate President”, even though he’d been granted the “vote-by-vote and ballot-box by ballot-box” recount that he demanded.

Thank you Mr. President of Mexico. Thank you for your country’s assistance in keeping the hordes in check. I hope a 2nd Trump administration can be helpful to your people.

No point in making a decision before you have to, Sundowner will sell himself soon enough if given the opportunity.
And besides he probably has seen a few bogus elections around him.

Is China a rogue state? It seems happy to act like one.

    henrybowman in reply to Dusty Pitts. | November 27, 2020 at 1:00 am

    I bet Xi wishes now that he had listened when AMLO told him not to write the check in pesos.

    (I’m sorry. I’m such a damn cynic.)

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 26, 2020 at 8:34 pm

Thanksgiving night Kraken Snackin’…..

SmartMatic software was designed to manipulate election outcomes

Proof of the Dems’ Election Steal
The obvious — and overwhelming — evidence.

“Mexican President Obrador: ‘We do not agree with offering congratulations in advance.’”

That’s treason! He must be one of the white supremacist evangelical xtofascist disloyal Hispanics Obama is raging against.

Given the leftist orientation of AMLO, this shows that Trump has been a skilled negotiator.

Interesting. Maybe Obrador and Putin know a little bit about rigging elections, especially what you can and cannot get away with, and prefer to take a wait and see attitude.

Biden hasn’t won so there’s that…

An adult! As such he understands the impact illegal immigration has on his people. And as we have seen, Democrats are the party of illegal immigration.

My Spanish isn’t that great, but I believe he should be referred to as “President Lopez”, not “President Obrador.”

Lopez is his family name. Obrador is his matronym.

Perhaps someone more fluent Spanish can explain this better, or correct me if I’m wrong.