The media has been protecting Democrat presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden and treating him with kid gloves.  Among other stories, they colluded to smother the New York Post bombshell report on Biden family influence peddling, and they acted like it was perfectly acceptable to ask a presidential candidate what flavor milkshake he ordered on the rare occasions he left his basement to campaign.

While I doubt we’ll be seeing any magazine covers with Biden sporting a halo as we did of Barack ‘Teh Won’ Obama, it seems that the media intends to drop the anti-Trump conspiracy theories, falsehoods, daily doses of outraged outrage, and general alarmism that have, for four years, undermined their already shaky credibility with the American people.

Instead of fake news, it appears we will be treated to countless fluff pieces from “journalists” who would be right at home donning a goofy hat and doing yoga on morning television.  Let the media slobberfest over Biden begin.

Biden, the Boston Globe gushes, is a “devout Catholic” who “always carries a rosary in his pocket and laces speeches with scripture.

What they fail to mention, however, is that Biden apparently particularly likes the Book of Palms written, he imagines, by the Palmists.

On Saturday, we were treated to a fascinating interview with a pet psychic who got the skinny on what a “great president” Biden will be . . . from his dogs.

And the hard-hitting reporting doesn’t stop there!  Sit down for this one.  Should Biden be installed in the White House, he’ll be taking a cat along with his two dogs.

This latter, mind you, is a CBS “exclusive.”

Meanwhile, top “journalists” are doing the hard work of reporting the color of the socks Biden wears on his whittle footsies.

All that’s missing is the segment article in which journalists share Biden’s favorite recipe for chicken pot pie, a “Biden family favorite,” we are breathlessly told by the Washington Post.


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