The New York Post‘s story on Hunter Biden took off on social media right before the election. It received more attention than failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails during the home stretch of the 2016 election.

But Joe Biden’s campaign team noticed that it did not persuade many people to vote against Biden. They discovered it’s because the mainstream media didn’t pick it up.

We all knew the MSM wouldn’t touch the stories coming from The New York Post. Twitter and Facebook tried to stop people from sharing it, but that only made people talk about it even more on the platforms. They eventually caved.

The Daily Beast did itself no favors with its post. I think the fact that the Hunter Biden story never resonated with voters because of MSM suppression is newsworthy. The Daily Beast made the article about the Democratic Party losing the social media war.

George Stephanopoulos did not ask Joe Biden about Hunter’s laptop and emails during an ABC town hall on October 16.

NPR confirmed on October 22 it refused to cover the Hunter Biden story because it didn’t “want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories” or waste their audience’s “time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

On October 30, NBC News decided to debunk an old Hunter Biden non-story as a way to distract from the actual story. If you could make it past the headline and beginning of the story you would get confirmation from NBC News that the story did not have any connection to Biden’s laptop.

Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept, which he co-founded, because the editors did not want to run his story on Hunter Biden:

The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.

The censored article, based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony, raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct. Not content to simply prevent publication of this article at the media outlet I co-founded, these Intercept editors also demanded that I refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication.

Greenwald recently criticized CNN for allowing Rep. Adam Schiff to lie on national TV:

“[Wolf Blitzer] asked him a rhetorical question embedded with baseless assumptions: ‘does it surprise you at all that this information Rudy Giuliani is peddling very well could be connected to some sort of Russian government disinformation campaign?'” Greenwald wrote Thursday. “Schiff stated definitively that it is: ‘we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin,’ adding: ‘clearly, the origins of this whole smear are from the Kremlin, and the President is only too happy to have Kremlin help in amplifying it… ‘there it is in the Oval Office: another wonderful propaganda coup for Vladimir Putin, seeing the President of the United States holding up a newspaper promoting Kremlin propaganda.”

He continued, “Schiff, as he usually does when he moves his mouth, was lying: exploiting CNN’s notorious willingness to allow Democratic officials to spread disinformation over its airwaves without the slightest challenge. Schiff claimed certainty about something for which there was and still is no evidence: that the Russians played a role in the procurement and publication of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Greenwald ended his latest post with a great mic drop:

“Yet again we find that the most prolific propagators of Fake News and disinformation are not the enemies of the mainstream U.S. media. It is the mainstream U.S. media itself that deceives, propagandizes and spreads disinformation on behalf of the coalition of the intelligence community and the Democratic Party far more than any other faction or entity.”

But this also shows that old media has not fully died out yet. We all think print is dead and online media is the king right now.

It doesn’t happen overnight. I remember the right being convinced in 2012 that Mitt Romney was going to win because they won the social media war that year.


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