On Saturday, supporters of President Trump gathered in Washington DC to protest an election that certainly looks suspect and to support the candidate they believe lawfully won.

While we don’t yet have an official attendance tally for the #MillionMAGAMarch, it is abundantly clear that thousands, perhaps tens—or even hundreds—of thousands, rallied to support Trump and his efforts to have every legal vote counted.

President Trump, as he did outside Walter Reed, thanked his supporters with a motorcade visit.

Needless to say, the leftist activist media is downplaying the numbers, making false claims and insinuations about MAGA violence, and downplaying the impressive rally at every turn.  And of course, antifa and BLM were on hand to assault Trump supporters as they were leaving the event. Like a roving pack of animal predators, they attacked those they found isolated from the MAGA crowd.

The crowds of Trump supporters gathered quickly, and it wasn’t long before the massive nature of the event was felt among them.  Indeed, jokes were reportedly flying about how the media would downplay the numbers.

Right on cue, Politico “reported” that ‘hundreds’ were in attendance (via Twitchy); the article title even says “thousands.”

It sure looks like far more than ‘hundreds’ to me, but you be the judge.

Apparently, the activist media was “reporting” from blocks away from the actual rally in their ongoing effort to gaslight the American people.

The Trump rally included the gathered patriots singing the national anthem.

President Trump had signaled Friday that he might make a surprise visit to the rally on Saturday.

And sure enough he did:

While the MAGA rally was taking place, MAGA patriots vastly outnumbered the antifa/BLM horde, who cowered behind a line of police for fear the actually peaceful MAGA gathering would become violent and they would be harmed.

The irony of faux anarchists and radical socialists who want the police abolished/defunded sniveling behind these very police officers is rich (via Twitchy).

When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

As the enormous pro-Trump, pro-America crowd dispersed, antifa and BLM targeted families, young couples, women, and other patriots who were isolated from the crowd.

Later, antifa/BLM thugs accosted Trump supporters at DC restaurants.

Yes, these antifa/BLM cowards are ‘fearless’ when they’ve identified a vulnerable person or family to victimize en masse, but they were happy to huddle behind riot police for protection when they were outnumbered.

The event itself was a huge success.


Reports are circulating that DC police are, in one form or another, standing down and that various pro-Trump groups, including the Proud Boys are attempting to restore order in DC and to stop antifa/BLM thugs from assaulting Trump supporters.

As the MAGA crowds dispersed, the antifa/BLM mobs preyed upon the vulnerable who were separated from their fellow Trump supporters.  If the DC police were not willing to protect the defenseless, it’s no wonder that Trump supporters welcomed whatever protection they got.

President Trump is outraged by the events.

As is their MO, the antifa/BLM cowards sucker punch or hide behind police from grown men but are happy to attack women, children, and the elderly.



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