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TONIGHT: I’m Moderating Online Panel To Educate Jewish High School Students On The Hostility They Will Face At College

TONIGHT: I’m Moderating Online Panel To Educate Jewish High School Students On The Hostility They Will Face At College

Open to the public, you can sign up and attend.

I’m moderating an online panel this Sunday, October 18, at 7 p.m. Eastern, to help prepare for Jewish high school students for the hostile environment they will face on many college campuses. The program is sponsored by The Israel Group:

This is the first webinar in a speaker series that is being presented throughout the school year. The main goal of the series is to help educate Jewish high school students before they go to colleges and universities where they will most likely face an abundance of coordinated antisemitism and anti-Zionism. This webinar will feature students who have witnessed BDS first-hand at major universities as part of CAMERA on CAMPUS, AEPi, and Students Supporting Israel.

You can sign up here.


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It’s hard to believe that America is at this point. But we are. We know a young couple who have twin boys who are high school seniors and about to attend college. Their parents are trying to cope with and explain what they will face in college simply because they are white males. And they are not even Jewish, but Methodists.

It’s hard to imagine how kids can survive all the kinds of hatred they are likely to face in college. They will be branded as racists if they are white. They will be accused of homophobia if they are heterosexual. They will be treated like sexist scum if they are male. And if they are Jewish, they will constantly be pressured to turn against Israel.

These kinds of pressure and intimidation amount to psychological torture, directed toward forcing students to succumb to the prevailing groupthink. No wonder most of them come out of college full of self-hatred and disavowing their own race, sex, and religion.

My white, male son experienced it at UCSD. It exponentially got worse each year (2016-2020) and it was appalling. Most folks don’t realize how bad it is, and I’m so glad, Professor, you’re doing this for young people who are looking to head off to the college campus. They need to know what they’re in for!

JackinSilverSpring | October 18, 2020 at 11:43 am

I’ve advised all my grandchildren to go to Yeshivah University.

Panelists should be more selective in their headline published biographies.

Waxelbaum’s states affiliation with College Republicans means my pitch of this event to friends with TDS fails.

I agree that Waxelbaum should not have to hide his affiliation. If it is not specifically relevant, maybe soft pedal it for this venue.

It’s a sorry truth that to reach an important audience, one needs to avoid triggers. Some might be persuadable, if only you could get them in the door.

My first suggestion to them would be to demand their parents STOP voting for the Democrat Party that’s normalising the hatred of Jews.

The Maggies Farm website has been hacked. Does anyone have a way of emailing those in charge of the site, to inform them? Could be they already know, I admit.

We have reached a stage where devout people are being persecuted for their faith. Amy Coney Barrett is under fire for being a devout Catholic. Joe Biden is praised for being a lousy Catholic.