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Susan Collins will vote NO when Amy Coney Barrett vote comes to Senate floor

Susan Collins will vote NO when Amy Coney Barrett vote comes to Senate floor

Before you go all hatin’ on her, remember that when her vote actually mattered, she voted Yes for Kavanaugh.

Lisa Murkowski has been voting not on procedural votes regarding the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, because she objects to the nomination so close to the election, but announced yesterday that when the vote comes to the floor on Monday, she will vote Yes on the merits.

Not so Susan Collins, who announced today that she will be a No vote.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, took a veiled shot at her party’s leadership in the Senate on Sunday when she announced that she would be voting against the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

“Prior to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, I stated that, should a vacancy on the Supreme Court arise, the Senate should follow the precedent set four years ago and not vote on a nominee prior to the presidential election.,” Collins said in a statement.

She added: “Because this vote is occurring prior to the election, I will vote against the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.”

Collins noted in her statement that her vote against confirming Coney Barrett to the nation’s highest court is not meant as a slight against the jurist but instead is a matter of “being fair and consistent.”

This is a reversal from the Kavanaugh nomination, where Murkowski was a No, and Collins was a Yes. Before you go all hatin’ on Collins, remember her vote is meaningless on Barrett, Republicans have the votes even without Murkowski. Remember also that Collins was the key Yes for Kavanaugh, as we reported on October 5, 2008, Sen. Susan Collins is a YES on Kavanaugh.

She’s in a tough reelection bid, may even lose because of her Kavanaugh vote. Her reelection may be the difference between Republicans holding the Senate or not. And I think she believes what she’s saying about the reason for her No vote.

So don’t go hatin’ on her, he says as he shouts into the abyss.


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Maine has ranked choice voting in place. She may indeed lose her Senate seat. I don’t always agree with Collins but she has an R by her name which matters in the election cycle particularly.

    I do not hate Susan Collins, but she is going to go out not liked by most of the GOP and never to be accepted by the Democrats. She can always lobby though, so she has that going for her.

      jmccandles in reply to EBL. | October 26, 2020 at 11:08 am

      As a DemoCommie,er make that RINO,she will find herself the music stops without a chair, a more deserving Witch I can’t think of.

        The only choice now is between this ignorant, leftist witch, and a Democrat version that’s even worse. Collins needs to go, but she should be replaced in a primary by a better Republican, not in a general election by a Democrat. She’s worse than worthless as a senator, but needed for the R to prevent Democrat control of the Senate.

    artichoke in reply to technerd. | October 26, 2020 at 12:40 am

    Ranked choice voting could save her. By being “squishy” here, some people will hate her less than the 2 oddball candidates in the race, and so she’ll get more “partial credit” in a system where partial credit matters.

    henrybowman in reply to technerd. | October 27, 2020 at 1:46 am

    Before you go all hatin’ on her? Way too late.
    Bint actually hit me up for money from way across the continent.
    I was happy to give her my 2¢.
    This is the only few weeks every four years when you get to hold these traitors’ feet to the fire because they want something from YOU, so make good use of them!

If Collins loses in Maine which from what I can read may be a reality, she will have lost twice within a ten day period. We are in a war and “fair and consistent” is beside the point. If the political shoe was on the other foot, Schumer wouldn’t give a damn about fair or anything else and neither would his media. You get what is at hand.

    Owego in reply to Whitewall. | October 26, 2020 at 7:53 am

    And apparently there’s nothing either unfair or inconsistent here; it has happened a half dozen other times or so in our history. I get the R part and her soft constituency, but one of the things emerging from the Trump years is that you can have a position, substance, fight for it, and win. You don’t have to be a softy squish and hope for the best against a flimsy demagogue, which is what her D opponent is. (Aren’t they all?) You actually can fight. Six years is a long time. You have to hope she wins…then someone with backbone comes along to take her place.

Who will vote for her for the sloppiness of this decision?

Is weak. At least go out like a wise woman, having protected religious rights and the like.

Her speech for Kavanaugh was beautiful.

Is bad news; and it tells us that Maine is likely lost for the Presidential and Senate votes.

    jb4 in reply to benm. | October 25, 2020 at 11:21 pm

    She missed an opportunity to make a classy speech about advice and consent, that ACB is supremely qualified and Collins will not “slight” her for political gain, as are the Democrats, while referencing the near unanimous vote RBG got.

      Collins gets far to much credit for her “lecture” before voting for Kavanaugh. The only reason for the lecture was that she knew her career would be over should she vote “no” and needed to soften the blow back from home.

      Collins could be educating her voters as part of a continuing career strategy but in this case (again), being a person of no convictions, she chooses to simply do the safer thing. It’s never ever about doing the right thing. Just plodding through a pointless career chalking up the years.

The Dems will claim “bi-partisan opposition” and put an asterisk by Amy’s name as long as she’s on the bench. Collins should reconsider.

    Miles in reply to MrE. | October 26, 2020 at 12:47 am

    The dems can put all the asterisks by her name they want.
    It means not one damn thing.
    They can call 1-800-CRY-BABY & whine all day long for all I care.

    What matters is which way she decides on the cases SCOTUS takes.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 25, 2020 at 10:14 pm

This is the end of Lil’ Suzie.

Big Tech Panicking –

Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army

Working Around Platform Controls…

She deserves to lose for being a dope.

Her only chance at retaining the seat is to vote to confirm. Those that are going to vote against her will do do either way, but many are going to say not to their senator that can’t vote to confirm when it counts.

We trade Maine for Alabama. We’ll see what happens with the rest. I for one despise the dope from Maine. Good riddance.

So don’t go hatin’ on her, he says as he shouts into the abyss.

FWIW, I agree with you. If her voting no derailed the confirmation that would be one thing, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t even put it in jeopardy. She’s got a lot of mushy moderates in her state and apparently feels she can pick up more of them than she loses of base purists who pout and stay home. Is she right? I don’t know. I do know she’s won four more elections in her state than I have anywhere at all, so I figure she’s probably got a better handle on the math than I do.

Hopefully there is a large enough group of Pro-Trump voters who will also consider voting in other Republicans.

I don’t see her as a major loss, though it will mean one less R in the Senate column. I think Lindsey Graham could lose his seat as well. While neither of these two are great shakes when it comes to doing things, nor for standing for our Country, it is tough to keep the Senate with these two losses.

Her vote for Kavanaugh was weak, she was squishy about it, even though ultimately she voted for him. It shouldn’t have been a question at all, given the way the left comported themselves and dragged him through the slime and mud in their attempt to destroy his life. A child should have seen through the Democrats game with that, which explains why the leftist supporters still don’t see the lies and deceptions they used in setting him up at the last minute.

She has rarely been on the right side of things. Principles matter. I know I couldn’t pull the lever for her, even with holding my nose.

    Handing over the Senate to Chuck Schumer is “a major loss”, especially since the 2022 Senate map is not good for the GOP and we face the prospect of Democrats gerrymandering themselves into a decade long House majority.

    A vote against Collins is a vote for Chuck Schumer.

The case with Amy Coney Barrett is not at all like what happened with Merrick Garland. Garland did not go through the committee, did not answer questions, did jump through the hoops, did not pass with flying colors. But Barrett did. She went through all of that and is now being brought up for floor vote and deserves a vote based on her qualifications.

    Owego in reply to UserP. | October 26, 2020 at 3:50 am

    Exactly right, nor was it the case in something like a half dozen other cases through the years over the history of the country. Collins’ motives are consistently shallow and just a little bit self serving IMHO. If I recall correctly, she voted for Obamacare because she wanted to be “on the right side of history.“ She may well have voted for Kavanaugh simply because she didn’t want the stink of Democrats on her after their disgraceful performance there, itself an acceptable notion, but the wrong reason for voting in favor of a qualified nominee. No, don’t hate her, but be disgusted that so much effort is necessary to satisfy her in important matters. She (and Murkowski) is not thoughtful and cautious, she’s needy. But, that’s just me.

Handing over the Senate to Chuck Schumer is “a major loss”, especially since the 2022 Senate map is not good for the GOP and we face the prospect of Democrats gerrymandering themselves into a decade long House majority.

A vote against Collins is a vote for Chuck Schumer.

I can’t stand her but she is a Republican in a deep purple state

Idiots all

Letting her vote no to save her seat is the right move.

They have the votes, why lose the senate running up the score?

That is the best we could expect from her State.

Collins deserves to lose just because of the political calculation in everything she does. She has no conscience, no principles, and no credibility. Good riddance.

Eastwood Ravine | October 26, 2020 at 1:20 am

I agree with the professor’s logic, don’t blame her at what she has to do to hold her seat. If control of the chamber comes down to 51/49 (or 50/50 with a re-elected Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie) Republicans Senate majority, it won’t matter for much, with Collins, Murkowski, etc… being unreliable votes.

    A 50-50 Senate means Trump’s judicial nominations will grind to a halt.

    A 51-49 Dem Senate means two new states, a packed Supreme Court, and a second Impeachment, where the Senate trial will go on for months and months.

    Not a small difference.

The Drill SGT | October 26, 2020 at 3:30 am

It’s in the GOP interest for her to win reelection, rather than add an extra vote and lose the Senate and all the judges for the next 4 years…

When her vote mattered – lol.. What a pathetic epitaph. She couldn’t win as a dimowit so rino it is!

God, I hope that whiny b!tch loses. I can’t stand her shaky voice and sniveling attitude. She is really just a Dim.

Government is not a debate society. Were the Commiecrats ever to achieve total control and abolish the electoral college, Maine voters would agonize over having been one of the states who surrendered their constitutional protections to the big states. Metaphorically, national voting will be akin to two wolves and one lamb voting on what’s for dinner. You get what you vote for. The electoral college is there specifically to protect states like Maine and their ignorant voters.

The Susan Collins, John McCains, Mitt Romneys are vile, loathsome creatures and deserve the hate. Squishy polymorphs are the bane of the free world, the most corruptible of the corrupt. They are NEVER there when the really big votes count. It’s always solely about them and their ambitions. Maine needs a Devin Nunes but how of those are there? And would Maine vote for him?

She is up against a very heavily financed opponent. She will get the Republican vote either way. This may give her some democrats. Every decision is based on politics.

The Senate and the House both vote on and pass legislation that no elected official has actually read. It’s doubtful that any bill’s final language has even been written at the time of its passage. As Speaker Pelosi pointed out: ‘We have to pass it to find out what’s in it’.

Both chambers of congress have organized their rules to secure their member’s terms in office rather than to enhance the chambers’ performance on behalf of the nation. In the instant case, a young woman has exposed herself to close examination by the entire nation and her examiners will make their choices based not upon her qualifications, but upon how her appointment will affect their own electability.

As legislators enhance the importance of their own career over the abilities of those they are they charged with vetting, we lose the benefits that many remarkable individuals might have brought us in exchange for a mediocre legislature.

This results in bad laws, bad courts and overall bad government. Career politicians mark the death of freedom, liberty and even the nation itself.

Appeasing one’s critics is not the path to re-election

Senator Collins is in a tough spot. She represents Maine which isn’t a hot bed of conservative/ libertarian ideology. Her State isn’t conservative in terms of r party affiliation.

If her vote was needed to get to a 50/50 tie so that VP Pence could break it then I would be more upset. That isn’t the case here. That said, I believe that she is making a mistake electorally. The base of r voters, small as they are, could stay home and that would hurt PDJT in potentially winning the 2nd district; Maine splits it’s votes by District with only 2 votes being winner take all.

Personally I think the PDJT voters still show up at the polls to pull the lever for Trump. Will they also vote for Collins? Collins can’t win without them. So she knows she is likely to lose based on her decision. Credit Collins for the fortitude to take a stand based on, misguided IMO, principle which puts her decision immediately before the voters.

We all need to keep in mind that Maine isn’t Mississippi in terms of political affiliation. From my foxhole no one from a state without at least one r Senator should be casting stones. You can hardly castigate Collins when your state hasn’t elected even one r Senator.

If Susan does not get reelect, then the Maine people are idiots to understand what role she plays on committees. Her defeat will impact money that goes to Maine.

It is what it is. I am guessing they are playing the game to the max to make sure she get reelected. Hopefully it plays out in her favor. The Soros backed dem is an evil person.

All Collins will succeed in doing is alienating independents and Republicans without attracting Communist voters.

I would ask every conservative voter from Maine to listen to Sen. Collins on Kavanaugh again, before rejecting her outright.

“Before you go all hatin’ on her, remember that when her vote actually mattered, she voted Yes for Kavanaugh.”

A Republican senator is supposed to receive special accolades for standing behind and supporting a Republican President?


JFK could’ve included her as a profile in courage.

pablo panadero | October 26, 2020 at 10:40 am

When you bow to the mob, the mob get stronger. This election is all about making the Democrats suffer horribly due to their support of the mob. Only with a huge election loss will the Democrats finally reign in their violent fascist intimidation wing.

If we had a Democrat President and a Democrat majority in the Senate, RGB’s replacement would have been sworn in two weeks ago. I don’t know who Sen. Collins thinks she’s kidding.

What on earth is she thinking? She is earning the enmity of Republicans, and will not win any Democrat votes.

MoeHowardwasright | October 26, 2020 at 11:44 am

Sen Collins should look at the “use by date” sticker on her desk pad that date has long passed. If not term limits, then at least age limits. Why the hell these gas bags on both sides of the aisle are allowed to stay by the voters is an indictment of both parties. Please, over the next 3 election cycles let’s get these fossils out Washington and into the natural history museum where they belong!

I don’t know Maine politics, but I have to think that the number of undecided Maine voters who can be persuaded by Collins’ “Barrett is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court but we shouldn’t vote in an election year” reasoning could fit comfortably in a hall closet with room to spare.

Communists think Barrett represents “The Handmaiden’s Tale” in the flesh, while Republicans and independents will throw up their hands in disgust at the obvious pandering to the most vicious and intolerant part of the electorate that will never in a billion years vote for her.

i wonder if she has made a deal with Trump on this and the polls favor her sitting out the confirmation vote?
just askin

I don’t live in Maine. I live in Maryland, for now. I will be moving soon. Voting with my feet.

The problem that I have with Collins is not that she needs to be able to vote how she votes to win an election.

It’s that I don’t see how her idiotic approach to this process DOES help her win the election.

It was just bad politics to do what she did.

So long as we hold the Senate, I’d prefer Collins be voted out.

Better to run a real R next time around than be saddled with a RINO yet again.

Given her age, she could stick around screwing us for decades yet.