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Parents and Students at U. Mississippi Feel They’re Not Getting Their Money’s Worth

Parents and Students at U. Mississippi Feel They’re Not Getting Their Money’s Worth

“I absolutely do feel like I”m being ripped off.”

People all over the country have a right to feel this way. The coronavirus pandemic is exposing higher education for the financial scam it has become.

WMC News reports:

Some parents and students who attend Mississippi universities, including the University of Mississippi, say they’re not getting their money’s worth

Some in-person classes have been moved online, and some fear the quality of their education is in jeopardy.

A private Facebook group created just over a week ago, is making a push to get all college classrooms open in the magnolia state.

The Facebook group is called “Keep Mississippi Universities Open,” and it has over 4,500 members.

Our fellow Gray station WLBT in Jackson, MS spoke to a parent, Dr. Patrick Tucker, who sent a letter to the University of Mississippi chancellor questioning the level of instruction his son is getting.

“I absolutely do feel like I”m being ripped off. If I’m going to pay for my child to come to Ole Miss to learn and to be instructed in class, he needs to be instructed,” Tucker said.

University leaders tell WMC-TV that due to the pandemic, they were forced to offer classes in both in-person and remote formats.

A university spokesperson directed us to a letter sent Tuesday from Chancellor Glenn Boyce addressed to parents and families saying in part, “The reliance on remote delivery is presenting challenges to some of our students, particularly those who perform best in a face-to-face environment.”


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What’s the problem, can’t do classes in white oppression and “wokeness” by remote?

nordic_prince | October 7, 2020 at 12:32 pm

Why should students be paying in-person pricing for what is essentially a certificate-offering MOOC?

This is perhaps one of the single biggest bright spots of the COVID farce – bursting the Higher Ed bubble and getting the normies to see what a scam “getting a college degree” has become.

To the contrary, they are absolutely getting their money’s worth and a veritable education at the same time.

Someone paying in-state tuition at State U, not a particularly expensive one, is complaining. Imagine what the people paying out-of-state tuition or private college tuition are feeling.

I would recommend looking at how the University of South Carolina has handled it. My soon has 4 100% in person classes , 1 50/50 and one totally online (although that one has always been online). Most dorms are open and while some of their measures are annoying, at least he is getting some semblance of college life.