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Ohio State Students Angry After School Reports Hate Crime by Blacks Against Whites

Ohio State Students Angry After School Reports Hate Crime by Blacks Against Whites

“They’re blatantly making campus more uncomfortable and dangerous for us and POC.”

Why is it a problem to state the facts of a case? Are people supposed to just ignore this if and when it happens?

Law Officer reports:

Ohio State students furious after university reports hate crime by Blacks against Whites

Students at Ohio State University gathered early last month to protest the school’s handling of a hate crime involving Black perpetrators and White victims.

OSU is required by the Clery Act to report crimes that occur on and around campus and sent a Public Safety Notice to the community explaining that on September 2, two related hate crimes “occurred in the campus area.”

“At approximately 11 p.m., officers responded to W. 12th Avenue and College Road on the report of a fight in progress. Officers arrived on scene and located the victim, an Ohio State student. The victim reported that he was walking along High Street on the west sidewalk when an unknown Black male standing across the street yelled a racial slur. The two exchanged words and the suspect that initiated the altercation ran toward the victim punching him in the face. The victim left the area before seeking help for his injuries,” the notice said, according to Daily Wire.

Two other students approached police to “report a similar incident from around the same time.” These two students said a Black female in the off-campus area pulled up next to the victims in her car and yelled the same racial slur at them. The students ignored the driver but she either followed them or came across them again, this time getting out of her car and attacking the female OSU student while a Black male – which police believe to be the same man who attacked the other student – attacked the male OSU student.

The race of the victims was not identified until days later when two follow-up emails sent from OSU’s Department of Public Safety, reported Campus Reform.

On September 8, the outlet reported, “roughly 100 students gathered outside of the school’s administrative offices in order to protest the ‘error and confusion in the handling of’ the public safety notices.”

Some students tweeted that the initial report, which omitted the victims’ races, meant the university was “mocking their entire Black student body right now.” The student added: “They’re blatantly making campus more uncomfortable and dangerous for us and POC.”


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Clearly, these students have no interest in truth or in common sense. All they care about is that The Narrative Must Be Maintained. That’s the narrative that black people can only be victims, white people can only be oppressors, and anything that runs counter to this narrative is inherently racist and wrong.

Also, they like protesting.

    Barry Soetoro in reply to irv. | October 6, 2020 at 2:12 am

    The false concepts that minorities are incapable of being racists or of committing hate crimes must be extirpated by legislation, even though these falsities are self evident. (This will undoubtedly happen soon after Europoids become a minority.)

    Gotta give credit to OSU for appropriately calling these incidents hate crimes, as most jurisdictions refuse to do so.

If they are making the campus more dangerous for PoC, it is through the mechanism of now empowering PoC to commit crimes by giving the impression that they will not suffer consequences. And then, when it gets out of control and a PoC gets shot due to their asocial behavior, it will be the cops fault for not reporting what they were discouraged from reporting in the first place. Classic damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Wait, there was a hate crime committed by blacks against whites, but reporting it makes blacks feel unsafe?!?

If anyone should feel unsafe on this campus, it’s the whites who aren’t even allowed to complain when they’re attacked.

    healthguyfsu in reply to CorkyAgain. | October 5, 2020 at 6:45 pm

    And the biggest irony is that POC SJWs try to push all of the resistance to their ridiculous into a box called “white fragility”.

The big-picture solution is for universities to admit only those students who have demonstrated the ability to do college level work and an interest in doing it.

    If PoC desire it, let them go to an HBCU where they’d fit in better, same goes for white students who sympathize w/ PoC. I wouldn’t be sorry to see them go. As for athletes who are serious abt going to the next level, come on down, but they have to adjust & assimilate

      healthguyfsu in reply to 90A. | October 5, 2020 at 10:33 pm

      This sounds a bit segregationist for my taste, but honestly if it’s voluntary, it is becoming a viable option. No president has done a better job at improving HBCU status and investing in them than Trump.

Go full Princeton on the University. Make them decide whether or not they want to stop this behavior and receive US government funding or let the behavior continue and lose that funding.

It should not be a hard decision for Ohio State University administrators.

Antifundamentalist | October 5, 2020 at 12:18 pm

One of the best things this country can do is completely eliminate the term “hate crime” from the lexicon, both legally and socially. A crime is a crime is a crime. The fact that you committed the crime out of hate is really irrelevant. We don’t need to list race or class when reporting crimes either. We may know, but from a legal/justice perspective, it should not matter.

Barry Soetoro | October 6, 2020 at 2:06 am

POCs are the only ones who make life uncomfortable and dangerous for POCs. Whites have bent over backward for a half century to imbue POCs with unconstitutional privileges.

Take-home lessons:

• always carry on and near campus, and

• always keep your car doors locked and windows rolled up when on safari.