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Northwestern U President Slams Destruction by Anti-Police Protesters

Northwestern U President Slams Destruction by Anti-Police Protesters

“It is an abomination and you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

This week, students and outsiders at Northwestern University in Chicago staged an anti-police protest that left the campus covered in graffiti.

The rhetoric included messages like “more dead pigs” and worse. To his credit, Northwestern President Morton Schapiro strongly denounced the protests, and called out the left for thinking they’re more important than others on campus.

Guy Benson writes at Townhall:

Bravo: In Blistering Statement, University President Rips Anti-Police Agitators Over Menacing ‘Protests’

From time to time, I write about the wild excesses of the woke Left at my alma mater, Northwestern University. Recent examples include this embarrassing episode, which was infuriating to many fellow alumni of the journalism program (the school somewhat redeemed itself), and this crazy manifesto from NU’s Panhellenic Association calling for the abolishment of Greek life on campus.

The latest episode involves a group of left-wing students and outside agitators engaging in destructive and appalling “protests” across campus and the wider community last weekend, which included intimidation, threats, and criminal acts:

Take a look at the scene the protesters left behind:

One of the groups responsible even bragged with photos on Twitter:

All too often, we see college and university administrations excuse bad behavior like this. At Northwestern, Morton Schapiro deserves credit for his response. Via the Northwestern website:

Weekend Protests in Evanston

Dear members of the Northwestern community,

Over the weekend I received many messages of concern about protests organized by some of our students, among others, who are demanding the abolition of the Northwestern University Police Department.

We, as a University, recognize the many injustices faced by Black and other marginalized groups. We also acknowledge that the policing and criminal justice system in our country is too often stacked against those same communities. Your concerns are valid and necessary, and we encourage and, in fact, rely on your active engagement with us to make your school and our society equitable and safe for everyone. That said, while the University has every intention to continue improving NUPD, we have absolutely no intention to abolish it.

Northwestern firmly supports vigorous debate and the free expression of ideas — abiding principles that are fundamental for our University. We encourage members of our community to find meaningful ways to get involved and advocate for causes they believe in — and to do so safely and peacefully. The University protects the right to protest, but we do not condone breaking the law…

I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the overstepping of the protesters. They have no right to menace members of our academic and surrounding communities. When students and other participants are vandalizing property, lighting fires and spray-painting phrases such as “kill the pigs,” we have moved well past legitimate forms of free speech.

I want to offer a personal illustration of the pain these protesters have caused. Many gathered outside my home this weekend into the early hours of the morning, chanting “f— you Morty” and “piggy Morty.” The latter comes dangerously close to a longstanding trope against observant Jews like myself. Whether it was done out of ignorance or out of anti-Semitism, it is completely unacceptable, and I ask them to consider how their parents and siblings would feel if a group came to their homes in the middle of the night to wake up their families with such vile and personal attacks. To those protesters and their supporters who justify such actions, I ask you to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize that this isn’t actually “speaking truth to power” or furthering your cause. It is an abomination and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Schapiro should take this a step further and expel anyone found guilty in this case.

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May his statement give pause to idiot college presidents everywhere.

Seriously, these “protestors” demean and trivialize people that are actually fighting for their rights. Nihilism.

    trivialize people that are actually fighting for their rights

    They’re not people, but black, white, brown, yellow, albino, male, female, transgender, person, fetus… People trivializes their diverse cause(s). Color [judgments] matter.

I’m not even an alumna and I want to donate to this university.

Bravo! for standing up, especially with such clarity.

If only President Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania would have an iota of the courage and dignity that President Schapiro possesses. But she’s too busy angling for the US Secretary of Education position in the Harris cabinet.

“you should be ashamed of yourselves…”

It’s nice that he said it. But a bit too little too late. But then, maybe it’s a start.

Hey, what’s that tub of lard AG Barr doing these days? Fiddling while America burns? If this bastard thinks he’s going to get support by suddenly doing his job after PDJT is re-elected, he’s got an empty fatburger coming.

First order of business upon PDTJ’s re-election: fire Barr and fire Wray – on the same day.

The “moderate” left called up the storm and then complain when rain falls.

Wait, he’s a University President. Who gave him a spinal implant?

Motto in English: Whatsoever things are true (Philippians 4:8 AV), The word full of grace and truth (Gospel of John 1:14)
Undergraduates 8,327 (Fall 2019)
Postgraduates 13,619 (Fall 2019)
Location: Evanston, IL (of yore)

Here’s how this works. There is a relatively small group of committed radical leftist students, faculty, and outside agitators. If the university administration doesn’t capitulate to their demands, they engage in obnoxious, disruptive behavior. If any consequences are imposed, they scream bloody murder in an attempt to convince more students of the righteousness of their cause and the horror of their oppression. If they are lucky, some well meaning fool will injure one or more of them. Out of the more than 20K students at Northwestern, they have to convince only about 500 or 1,000, who then proceed to take over buildings, disrupt classes, etc. There are undoubtedly more than that many sufficiently foolish adolescents there.

There are only two possible resolutions to this situation: the administration capitulates, or it sends the children home. By some great irony, The Virus has made the second resolution much more possible, but it’s still an economically devastating choice.

We should pray for Morton Schapiro.

Did they leave any statues left stranding? If so what else do could they want In the year of riots?

“I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the overstepping of the protesters.”

Well whoop-de-do …

So what are you gonna do about it Mr. Shapiro? Are you going to identify the students who vandalized their/your campus and kick ’em out and prosecute ’em … or sit on your ass and do nothing?

I think everyone here knows the answer …

His words, all of them, mean a lot, and good for him, the university he leads, and our society overall. A line of humane but firm, order-preserving decency — for the benefit of all — has been verbally expressed at last.

But it would be his actions, or the lack of any, which may follow and reify what he’s so adroitly articulated, that will, in the end, mean everything in this — another iteration in our unforgettable year of civil unrest, allegedly related to the police-managed, unmalicious but avoidable homicide — better, rather, because the available evidence supports, a not uncommon fentanyl-overdose-related, accidental suicide — of George Floyd.

It may be that yet another in a long line of university presidents, here Dr Morton Shapiro, is all bark, no bite. On the other hand, his may be the first response to such riotous violence by taking up the gauntlet to signal his socially stunted adversaries that he, unlike his mealy-mouthed predecessors in these situations, means business against the misconduct he unequivocally condemns occurring on the university’s campus.

Accordingly, we’ll look for tough, tangible, real consequences for wrongdoers — active or violative, and passive or negligent actors alike. Such a loud and clear, much realer message, might finally begin to turn the tide, beginning at that campus and catching on at other campuses nationwide and, perhaps, in our idealized civil society at large.

(The fact that President Shapiro said, among other things, what he did in this time of a wholly weakened, less economically robust campus life due to COVID-19 in the concomitant presence of a substantially strengthened, more virulent and inhibitory, offensive/aggressive miasma of campus-based anti-Semitism/Israelism, is not lost on this observer.)

Such an initial cry, followed by concrete and thus real, related disciplinary consequences against the riotous, violent, vandalizing, destructive, and security-disturbing misfeasors on campus, which is private property in the city of Evanston and in the state of Illinois, within our nation’s borders, would be historic and long-needed, welcome and most just.

    herm2416 in reply to GatorGuy. | October 25, 2020 at 7:15 am

    All bark. He began with acknowledging the cause of the day, BLM, et al.
    NW is my alma mater, sadly enough. It isn the school it used to be. While he writes a wonderful piece, it is but lip service. Doubtful he would have written so eloquently if the protestors hadn’t been in front of his house. He made it personal with the “piggy” comment. What anarchists HAVEN’T called police pigs?

      GatorGuy in reply to herm2416. | October 25, 2020 at 12:20 pm

      I’m inclined to agree with you. I suspect (for several, solid reasons, including his own specialty area of scholarship, the economics of higher ed) his website-address has the u’s financial concerns as the heart of the entire piece; and your mention about his being harassed at his home is undeniably intriguing, if not dispositive.

      In sum, I don’t expect anything concrete, such as deserved, serious discipline to follow his eloquent, written statement; but I’d like to be pleasantly surprised and amazed for a change. Welcoming a law enforcement agency’s vigorous investigation with jurisdiction in the matter might be a practical alternative.

      Maybe, then, it might behoove the governor, himself a NU Law grad, to set that process in motion; but while on its face it certainly seems to do so, such an official inquest is not likely to ensue for reasons involving — who would have thought? — local, state, national and globalist-looking politics. Insurrection and coup against our country — at its heart, our nation’s constitution — are at hand.

      Anyway, all this fawning over the purported merit and mission of BLM is entirely treacherous to our pluralistic society’s working principles, signs, and values, and wholly disgusting — not to mention irrational in as soon as the short run.

      I’m really fast losing any real basis for optimism; yet, I persevere in the hope for a major, miraculous breakthrough-event.

      Maybe exposure of The Biden Crime Family might just seal it.

    gibbie in reply to GatorGuy. | October 25, 2020 at 10:09 am

    Well said! I hope he follows through.

Please scratch “misfeasors” and sub w/wrongdoers

    GatorGuy in reply to GatorGuy. | October 25, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    Also, but most trivially, nonetheless accurately, it’s properly Schapiro, rather than (the more commonly seen, de-Germanized) “Shapiro”.