If you watched NBC’s town hall event featuring President Trump on Thursday night, you probably noticed a woman in the background who at certain points nodded in approval at the answers Trump gave to the questions that were asked, including the ones from combative town hall moderator/Biden stand-in Savannah Guthrie.

For those who missed it, here is the “nodding woman” at one point giving a nod and a thumbs up to an answer Trump gave on the economy:

Here’s another clip where she nodded approvingly at Trump denouncing white supremacy and Antifa:

At the beginning of the town hall, Guthrie noted that the voters in attendance were a mixture of Biden supporters, Trump supporters, and undecided voters. With that in mind, you wouldn’t think it’d be a big deal to those watching at home to see the occasional positive reaction from the woman to Trump’s responses.

But Democrats, the mainstream media, and Never Trumpers were so angered by the woman’s reactions and apparent support for Trump that they set out on social media in droves to find out who she was in an attempt to shame her.

“Principled” Never Trumper Tom Nichols, a self-styled “expert” on political matters, led the way in wanting to find out “who put her there,” as though she wasn’t there by choice:

A few minutes later, he demanded his friends in the media find out who the nodding woman at the “undecided” voter town hall was, apparently unaware of what Guthrie said at the beginning about how there were a mixture of voters in attendance – including Trump and Biden supporters:

NBC News “journalist” Howard Fineman was not pleased with the woman in the background either and suggested she was planted by Trump:

“View” co-host and unhinged liberal Joy Behar declared on the program Friday that she wanted to make the “human bobblehead famous”:

Yale psychiatry professor Bandy Lee, who in the past has actually briefed Democratic members of Congress on her (uninformed) opinions regarding Trump’s mental health, said the black woman was being used for “visual manipulation” as part of a “mind-controlling technique”:

Liberal comedian Sarah Cooper thought she hit one out of the park with this sizzling hot take about the woman’s appearance:

CNN’s Brianna Keilar huffed about the “nodding woman,” revealing her name (Mayra Joli) and reporting that she is a former Congressional candidate and Trump supporter. The big issue, Keilar seemed to be suggesting, was that the woman had been invited to a town hall Keiler falsely claimed was “billed as an audience of undecided voters”:

In spite of all the protestations about how Ms. Joli shouldn’t have been there because she wasn’t an undecided voter (even though in reality the town hall was billed as having a mixture of voters in attendance), I think it’s pretty obvious what their real issue was with her being in the background and expressing her support for Trump:

How dare a black woman think differently, right? Even worse, how dare she do it in front of an audience of millions, some of whom might be influenced by her show of support?

The best thing about all of this? Despite attempts by the Usual Suspects to shame her, silence her, and make her go away, Ms. Joli was not quiet on Friday. Instead, she did interviews. In the below clip, she alleged NBC may have deliberately sat her where they did under the assumption she did not support him and would disagree with him:

Ms. Joli is the Democrat party’s worst nightmare come true: A minority voter who doesn’t toe the liberal line. There are many more black and Latino voters out there like her in key battleground states like Florida, enough to give Democrats big headaches on election night – and beyond.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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