The party in question happened before the current semester even began, so kudos to the judge. This is getting out of hand.

The College Fix reports:

Judge blocks NYU from suspending students for hosting maskless party before semester started

Can New York University micromanage its students’ lives wherever they are, any time of the year?

The issue isn’t settled, but for now a trial judge has blocked the private institution from punishing three students who attended a party sans masks before the semester started.

The New York Post reports that Elnaz “Elle” Pourasgari, Marc Santonocito (with cigar, below) and Ashley Storino sued NYU for suspending them for the semester despite their compliance with state and local COVID-19 guidelines.

Eleven students from the party, all track-and-field athletes, have been suspended, put on academic probation for spring semester and must write a “research and reflection paper,” said Karen Edler, the lawyer for the three.

She told Judge Carol Edmead that their COVID-19 tests were negative before school started Sept. 2:

“NYU believes it has the right to control its students’ actions anywhere in the universe during the students’ break,” plaintiff lawyer Karen Edler said during Manhattan Supreme Court oral arguments held via video Thursday. [“Supreme Court” in New York refers to a trial court.] …

“They don’t have any evidence … that the petitioners endangered anyone,” Edler said.

“The failure to have a mask on in a picture in your home doesn’t endanger anybody,” Edler said. “None of these students were sick. None of these students became sick.”


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