This is one of the most encouraging reports of the year. Kudos to the students running this paper for standing their ground.

The College Fix reports:

Student newspaper rejects mob demands to hide protesters’ identities

Last fall Northwestern University’s student newspaper published photos of student protesters at a public protest and asked them for comment. Activists cried foul, claiming this basic journalism was a threat to their safety, and the editors caved.

Middlebury College’s student newspaper didn’t wait for activists to claim that basic journalism is racist. Its editors simply decreed earlier this summer that it would no longer publish photos from “Black Lives Matter and related protests,” in order to shield the identities of people protesting in public.

Activists tried the same tack with Loyola University Chicago’s student paper. In one of the few good pieces of news from 2020, The Loyola Phoenix stood its ground.

Editor-in-Chief Mary Chappell explained in a column last week why it covered the recent arrests of several students for blocking traffic after more than a week of Black Lives Matter protests, which were intended to convince the Catholic university to cut ties with the Chicago Police Department.

Not only did it publish the names and charges of students taken into custody, but the Phoenix also tweeted videos (screenshot, above) of the arrests. Chappell said the paper received “dozens” of demands to remove the videos, with some claiming it caused “unnecessary trauma” to the arrested students. When it refused, activists called for a boycott on interviews with the Phoenix.


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